Randoms - London Bike Show 2019

Mar 29, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

London Bicycle Show 2019

BY: Ed Spratt
Orange have one of the biggest collections at the show this year.

The London Bicycle Show is the largest cycling expo in the UK and runs this weekend from March 29 through the 31st. The venue announces the beginning of the cycling season, so all the big players are on hand, as well as a sizable contingent of both new and established smaller builders, many of whom are on the vanguard of new-school mountain bike geometry and design. Orange spans the space between the two extremes, and had one of the biggest collections of mountain bikes at the show, as most stands were dominated by road and gravel bikes. We'll start there.

The new Alpine 6 and Five are different, even if they look the same.

Ribble HT 650 TI

Ribble have a history of making UK designed road bikes, but have not released a mountain bike until now. As you can see below, their new Titanium hardtail has lots of intricate detailing on the frame.

Ribble adorned their new bike in some top spec components, including a Hope carbon bar.

New Cotic Flare 27.5

Cotic was not at the show, but their new 27.5" Flare was on display at the Hunt wheels stand. It's a mix between their 29" bikes and the enduro-focused Rocket.

Calibre Bikes

Calibre's Sentry is one of the most affordable performance level enduro/all-mountain bikes available. They sell direct to customers.

Sick Bicycles

Sick Bicycles Sesh

This UK based company had a large stall at the show - bigger than some of the world's leading brands - and their collection of long and slack bikes also stood out from the crowd. The Sesh has one of the nicest paint jobs of the whole show.

Hope HB130

The HB130 looks even better in person

Announced at Core Bike earlier this year, Hope brought their 29" 130mm custom carbon bike. It was covered in their own products, including the new Fortus wheels.


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 Really PB. You should probably also mention Sick’s ‘awesome’ customer service. lol
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 @sickbicycleco probably used the money they owe customers on unfulfilled orders to rent that large stall. They should be issuing refunds instead.
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 A stand of borrowed bikes as theirs are all stuck in transit / stuck at the fabricator / on the moon / imaginary, choose today’s untruth.
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 @longmover45: Spot on. what an embarrassment.
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 I've missed the gossip here? What's the beef with Sickbikes?
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 @tomhoward379: Ooooooh, 19 pages in 40 days of forum posts with pissed customers.

Wow, that's bad!
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 @IllestT: tbf, a lot of that is people pilling on (myself included)

Could be something to do with them winding folk up the wrong way from the beginning, who knows...

Still, I reckon I could name a dozen folk in similar situations
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 @tomhoward379: Yikes! Another one for the books. Right behind Karpiel and Lahar.
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 Even if you get one of the few existing bikes, you might not like it- www.pinkbike.com/buysell/2528759
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 @Tom00Harrison: I sold my Wülf on, absolute piece of shit, wrong colour for a start, customer services didn’t care, on closer inspection there were gaps in the welds. Glad I sold it on.
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 @Tom00Harrison: hahaha that's brilliant.
"buy my bike! I never liked it, but you might have better luck"
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 @tomhoward379: Just read the entire thread. Wow. Sick is totally fked.

Reminiscent of the documentary I saw recently: Fyre...The Greatest Party That Never Happened.
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 It's disappointing how PB appears to be a little random and inconsistent in reporting on things it feels it has a journalistic obligation to report on (including some things that are right on the fringe of being biking-related), and yet ignore what appear to be rank atrocities (in matters which could not be MORE biking-related).
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 @Tom00Harrison: The bad news is that with that very candid write up, that bike will never sell. The good news is that the seller has earned a place in heaven with his honesty.
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 I asked for a refund after two dozens emails and 3+ months late and so many excuses playing the victim just keep dishing out the hang in there BS. I knew it was never coming after the first few emails. Even after this Sick saying it was in the box ready to go I said if you ship it tomorrow I wont ask for refund. What do you know that didn't happen.


Ignoring the legality of the refund for a second.

Your bike is in a box, done and finished, and is on the process of shipping.

If I give you an exact date and it misses it by a day or so then we will have ‘built up hopes and dreams again’

The delay was in the manufacturing process of the bike. Buts that’s now done, and finished. I would wager it will be with you before the one you have ordered. We originally quoted 30 days as that’s what we were told it would be.

We don’t manufacture bikes ourselves. So we are at the mercy of our suppliers.

You only need to check our IG to see that customers are taking delivery of frames in the same batch as yours, we just need to process all the frames.

You are of course entitled to persue a refund through PayPal: they will open a case for you and we will have X amount of days to respond with our side of the story. But your goods will be shipping very, very soon and probably be with you long before PayPal have resolved it

I would be as frustrated as you, absolutely. But I have to stand by the decision to not refund a custom built, frame we have supplied and paid our suppliers for, purely based on it ending so close to delivery.

Kind regards


Customer Service
Sick! Bicycle Co

Steer clear and stop funding these a*sholes scheme and taking people hard earned money for no product. They need to be called out on their BS.
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 @woffa04: ‘Ignoring the legality of the refund for a second.‘

Wow. That right there is what folk are dealing with. Please ignore the law to suit us.

As stated previously. ‘F*ck Sick Bikes
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 @woffa04: This is what baffles me.. How can you say to a customer, sorry lie, that something is in the box ready to go knowing it isn't. I've asked Jordan about my frame numerous times over IG live feed and he told me it's in the hub ready to go very soon. That went on for months. Same bs as here really. Luckily, you've paid through PayPal, so they were very kind to take time and respond you as couldn't take another PayPal claim.
This is Insane! Just makes you angry knowing they still trading after ripping so many people off! Playing with people's emotions on their IG with never-ending "sorry" and "thank you".
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 I’m currently saving to buy my first house, working overtime etc. I’m considering sacking that off and starting a non existent bike company, let all these mugs raise the deposit for me! Seems to be totally acceptable within the bike industry.. @dinde:
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 @dinde: Hold on a moment

This hub warehouse bollocks, they're a tin pot org in a room in a house where the f*ck is this hub distro delusion centre.

I only wonder because nearly every complainant mentions it.
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 @PHILXX1975: I bet they tried to outsource frame building (to make more ££) and had quality issues
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 @richard01: they’ve always outsourced everything they make. Even the T-shirt’s come from Latvia.
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 @PHILXX1975: They refer to a "hub" being their distribution point either their bedroom, tatoo parlour or a new place they've moved to. It's where the goods are packed and shipped to some customers. So, according to Jordan the frame I ordered was in their hub for about 3 months. Could still be there there, who knows, I stopped asking about it. According to James (Cs) the frame in its final QC and getting ready to be shipped to them (the hub) from very far east.
..I really don't know what is going on..
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 @tomhoward379: my bad, thanks.
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 @dinde: The supply chain I used to operate in had a “Hub” that was a very large building situated on the border that acted as a intermediary warehouse/customs inspection point for numerous international companies bringing product into the US by land. There were many different reasons these good would be stopped there for months. Sometimes it was simple reasons like production backup or worse like lawsuits preventing shipping conditions from being honored.

Not saying this is the case. But if it were in the auto industry, this is how it would be interpreted. Bad news no matter how you look at it and excuses should not be made.
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 @elpsstoffo: sounds like a pyramid scam Big Grin
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 @HurricaneCycles: That is absolutely understandable. In many these cases customers were extremely patient and tolerant I've no doubt. A lot of people waited for many many months. Customers should not soak up suppliers issues and, as you said, no excuses should be made.
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 @dinde: fyi, on the PB ig post, Sick are saying the no-one has waited for a year for a bike which may be true, given that most people are talking about not receiving a frame, rather than a bike. Care to set them straight?

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 @tomhoward379: Don't see any Sick responses, probably because they blocked me when I made an enquiry about demo bikes (didn't get any response to the query unfortunately). Wonder and would like to know how many people actually bought a Bike of sick?
Just in case they were referring to the frame then technically it has been over a year. They should check the last email they sent to me.
Sad,... When all of this is going on all you hear is that they defend themselves by saying that no one has waited for a product a year... Clearly missing something more important here.
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 @abgs87: ...... works with other items too Big Grin
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 Fuck sick bikes.
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 Angry to see Sick still pretending they’re a real bike company. Pay back people what they’re owed, make descent frames and stop using the general public for your r&d. How anyone wants to buy the crap they make is unreal!!
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 Are they really that bad?
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 @OneTrustMan: the frames that exist are ok (Marino make them, or did) what’s crap is that they promise delivery in x days, then 6months-a year later, nothing turns up (or if it does, it’s the wrong size/colour). So you ask for a refund and.... nothing, just get fobbed off or flat out lied to, it’s only when you raise a PayPal claim or cc charge back do you get anywhere.

All the while blaming everyone but themselves.
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flag elhuron (Mar 30, 2019 at 1:53) (Below Threshold)
 @font style="vertical-align: inherit;">font style="vertical-align: inherit;">OneTrustMan /font>/font>: me order sick froty deathwish frame 5-6 moth waiting and hier the frame the brand no big with i phone bike brand with speci alized santacruz or trek is no problem the brand Tim and Jorden full correct Tim say the size no good is shipping bigger every pinkbike ovner say sick biycile is shint and mor troll comment why ,,is human no robot and the diffrent no made in china frame Big Grin
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 @1atom: yes
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 @OneTrustMan: When you place an order for a 2k frame and told it's 40 day lead time and check on things 2 months later and receive generic response blaming everyone else.. Then, check where's your frame who knows how many months later and get same generic answer that you don't believe anymore but before that been told by Jordan that your frame is in the hub and asking me have I not got it yet?.. Another 6 mln months later not a word from them, so almost a f***in Year! later you request a refund but being ignored and blocked!
.. So, after personal and countless other people experiences - YES, they are that bad. This is criminal in my view
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You know, when they first were interviewed a year ago on the german MTB-News website,
I was like......
"God damned, what a bunch of hipsters! Now way I will buy their stuff!"
But the bikes they make look good so I was at least considering it since I am looking for a nice hardtail with more focus on downhill.
Well I guess my intuition was right back than.
Hipster just can't run a business properly.
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 @1atom: Google translate?
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 @OneTrustMan: they don’t make anything. It’s all made by other framebuilders. Downland, Marino, FTW, and others. All businesses you could go to yourself and have something made, without giving a margin to sick, for the privilege of having to wait ages.
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 @1atom: I couldn't have said it any better
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Thanks, good to know.
Maybe they they should change their name to Suck Bicycles, lol
My favorite right now is the Pole Taival or a Mondraker Vantage anyway.
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 @OneTrustMan: they look like the biggest wannabe hipsters w@£ !ers going. I wouldn't want to be buying from those types.
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 What happened to the whole grizzly gnarcissist saga on insta I saw some of it but then they deleted their account?
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flag elhuron (Mar 30, 2019 at 12:59) (Below Threshold)
 go Pole or Mondraker ......no problem Sick brand Tim and Jordan is full correct...
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flag PHILXX1975 (Mar 30, 2019 at 13:01) (Below Threshold)
 @dea7hadder: turned out to just be a sulky knob throwing a tantrum.
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 @PHILXX1975: who didn’t get what he ordered for months, then when got something, wasn’t what he ordered. It was only after a huge social media campaign that he got anywhere, as he couldn’t very well pop in for a chat, as he was on the other side of the world. Fair play to him for kicking up a fuss, I say.
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 @PHILXX1975: doubt it, more likely sick bargained with him to take it down in return for actually giving him his refund...perhaps. worked the angles well..possibly.
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 @jonnyboy: the ig page is back up now.
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 @tomhoward379: guess they couldn't deliver on that theorised promise?
What's his story on the IG removal I wonder?
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 Wonder if sick were giving out customer refunds at the show to screwed up people they robbed! Scammers!
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 You can collect ypur sick bikes at london bike show! What a treat! *first come first serve, limited stock as usual!!! Hurry up!!!
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 i truly hope that the people that are owed a frame and/or refund turn up and confront them. They cant ignore or block someone face to face! Absolute crooks.
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 Does anyone remember when sick used to get a bit fighty over the #haterz? I do, where are they now, cowering in their extra large stand paid for by customerst who will never receive a frame, where are your answers? Don’t blame everyone else, own your cock ups, admit it, grow from it, if you don’t everyone will know you as the hipster pricks who fleeced a load of riders from their hard earned cash. We understand that running a small business is hard but don’t take everyone for a mug and own it otherwise you will always be known as those wankers who stole from legitimate riders amid that will never be forgotten. Do the right thing!

First rule of life, don’t be dick.
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 I soooooooo wish they would come back right now, fighty AF, to respond to all these comments. It would be a beautiful thing to watch them get their asses handed to them. And quite cathartic I suspect for all the victims to be able to unload on them.
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 @mtnbkrmike i’m well up for it, but they won’t. They realise that when they try to defend themselves they look like a 3 year old having a tantrum over being gunmen the wrong colour plate. They screwed up my order and then didn’t give a shit. I was a fan, I was patient then I was burned. I’m six pints in and well up for it.
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 @jonathansixtysix:.. Remember well.. They were young, arrogant and naive.. but life thought them pretty quickly.. They've piled so much sh**t on their heads that soon realised they gonna have to start swimming or they'll sink very quickly.
Recent IG post: "... We've always been about the rider, now we want to make sure we can take care of our customers. We're one big family. Thank you for your trust..."
"... An unusual side effect of this weekend has been how determined it's made me to do better, to grow and to make things better. "

.. What do you make of this?.. How do you think it makes ripped off people feel?! You Took Their Money! Hard Earnd Money! Coward.
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 They used to challenge their critics to fist fights, knowing that they'd never actually meet anyone in real life. Now they only operate on Facebook and Instagram where they can instantly delete negative comments.
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 To be fair..... You can't exactly be ''Cowering'' when at a large public event on one of the largest stands there can you.
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 don’t forget the closed the cartel group because it became a customer service bitching ground. I really want them to come out onto a forum where they can’t delete or manage the comments but they won’t do that. They cam out as internet hard men but now they owe money they are nowhere to be found.
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 @mgolder I wonder how many fist fights they’ve got into with the people they owe money/frames to, probably too busy chatting shit on other stands and let their lackies take the grief.
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 @Tom00Harrison: "They used to challenge their critics to fist fights..."

Imagine how many takers there would be right now? They should do it and sell tickets. The proceeds raised would be more than enough to reimburse all the victims.
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 People shouldn’t have to go the the event and confront them in the first place. The fact that we’re even talking about that shows how wrong this whole mess is! @mgolder:
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 @abgs87: I agree, we shouldn’t be talking about fighting bike companies l, it takes a lot to rile up the MTB community but they have and they need too know, I really hope that the legal system hands them their arses. Don’t forget they have form with previous companies.
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 @abgs87: True, but there is no way the front guys are in the booth in any event. Or if they are, I bet they are rolling under some fked up alias. By the sounds of it, they wouldn't last an afternoon without losing their teeth.
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 100%, hopefully now it’s all over the comments of this post, on arguably the biggest MTB site there is, they might actually have to answer to someone. I’m sure pinkbike monitor the comments? How about an interview asking them about what’s really going on? If you look at their insta they just put all this kinda stuff down to ‘hate’ and never actually address what’s being said and just allude to it being personal insults etc. when the reality is, it’s not hate as such, but more some very damning reviews that surely any company would want to put an end too and answer the questions and doubts existing and potential customers may have? How about it pinkbike? Get in touch with them! And if they decline then make sure everyone knows. At the moment they look like conmen, so they’ve really got nothing to lose! People have laid out some serious money and are getting completely ignored by them while the MTB industry continues to promote them. @longmover45:
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 Totally, I’m no longer financially invested in the farce as I sold my frame when it arrived after 2 months of being ignored over the issues I had with it. They need to be called out by one the magazines or websites, they aren’t such a big player that you can’t take them to task over it. A journalist needs to grow a pair and ask them and Sick need the humility to respond. I bet it’s the latter that doesn’t happen. @abgs87:
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 @abgs87: sounds reasonable and I think they have a lot to answer for.
Lots of decent mtb’s have handed over money and for that they have received nothing but stress and worry. And in the end, after countless wasted hours and lost energy, have ended up with nothing other than their money back or a dodgy product. Why are they being portrayed in the positive after everything they have done absolutely baffles me!!
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 You know that will be the case, and if so as long as that’s reported it’ll kinda confirm what we’re all suspecting anyway! But at least they’ll not be able to delete it and modify what people see a la Instagram etc. It’s insane the amount of people that will comment encouraging things on their posts, it’s like a cult! Wtf is wrong with these people, they are literally mugging people off without a hint of remorse and theyre all blowing smoke up their arse, get a grip ya dickheads! The sooner everyone knows what’s going on (this is where you step up, pinkbike!) the sooner they won’t be able to relieve people of their hard earned, for nothing in return. @longmover45:
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 @abgs87: no they're just changing the name if the company so it looks like all this shit was someone elses
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 @abgs87: Oh and a lot of those rad gnarr followers are possibly 10 year olds
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 When someone puts Spengles on a bike here and no one mentions it, you know whatever story there is is juicy.
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 The Ribble looks amazing.
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 Lovely looking frame. The rear end looks remarkably similar to the Sick frame.
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 @tremeer023: at least you can get a Allen key in and do you brakes up on the Ribble. Back to the design stage for you sesh ..
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 My kind of bike that ribble. Looks sweet.
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 Yep, that Ribble sure looks pretty.
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 Came to say the same thing.
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 @latheboy: And at least the Dribble exists. Can the sesh go back to a stage it hasn't really left? Wink
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 Hey @pinkbike?!?! How can you still advertise for Sick, with everything that is going on in the background? Check your own U.K. forum!?
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 "Had a large stall, bigger than some of the world's leading brands" ......sick bluff.
  • 12 3
 It pains me to say this but that HB130 is my least favourite amongst that line up, that Ribble is a beauty
  • 14 1
 That Ribble is so clean.
  • 7 1
 "The new ****** and ****** are different, even if they look the same."
Isn't this the strap line for every Orange release ever?
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 Pinkbike - Reports on Nathan having a few, not on a bike company scamming people out of their money and then goes on to promote their stand at a bike show. Journalism...because we have to.
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 Loving the Cotic Flare. They make some Rad hardtails too..
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 Yeah, so apparently they have a new Flare (which isn't a Flare Max). Good news, the bike looks fun.
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 Oh hey, they do actually have a new Flare. Last week I checked their website and the regular (not Max) Flare was gone, now they actually have a new one and it really is a beauty! It also sets you back the same kind of money as the Orange Four frame does so that's some tough competition right there! And Cotic brought more production back to the UK. They're having the front triangle welded in the UK (rear triangle in Taiwan) and Superstarcomponents in the UK does the CNC machining. Good stuff!
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 Hope, let’s place a black cluttered frame in front of a plain black back drop. Smooth.
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 ‘The Sesh has one of the nicest paint jobs of the whole show.‘

What, even with the scratches on the seat/chainstay?
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 Haha that’ll be because they had to borrow it back from person who owns the only one that actually exists!
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 and the paint shop they use uses paint that falls off in a light breeze
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 "The Sesh has one of the nicest paint jobs of the whole show."

This has to be a joke, right? Maybe sarcasm? Looks like somebody dragged the thing behind a truck.They even have a close up shot of the carnage.
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 @mtnbkrmike: no this is the state of bicycle journalism , The type of 'Bro' in my pocket shite that comes up on Singletrack world, Barney Marsh , Andi Sykes, Hannah Dobson , really !! The minute I see their names now I just click next.
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flag Gackt (Mar 31, 2019 at 5:48) (Below Threshold)
 @mtnbkrmike: Calm down. A couple of chips and light scratches doesn't constitute "dragged behind a truck" and "carnage". Customers who are waiting on orders and refunds have good reason to be annoyed with Sick, but excessive embellishment doesn't help anything. Haters are just as bad as fanboys/girls; they had the most amount of noise and bullshit to a conversation and the least amount of useful information.
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 i thought only Taylor Swift actually used the word “haters”
  • 3 3
 @scottishmark: f*ck, is she?! I thought it was public domain. Maybe I should've applied for permission of use, first.
  • 2 0
 @Gackt: I think you may be right. I got a little carried away on this. Apologies to all. I do think it's a little fkd up to show up at an exposition with a used bike or one that is a bit beaten up (which to me seems to be an obvious red flag, and completely consistent with the stories of the victims), but that's a different issue from whether the paint job is otherwise nice. I have a lot of sympathy for those who appear to be waiting for a bike or a refund, and I think that coloured my response.
  • 1 0
 @Gackt: Not convinced you actually read my post properly, but your response is beautifully ironic given the "Sick changing name" thing thats also going on
  • 1 2
 @mtnbkrmike: it's all good. I personally like it when companies show up to expos with used, muddy bikes and kit; I don't think an item is "real" or has fulfilled it's purpose until it's got some wear and tear. That said, I do appreciate shiny new kit, and in this case it's definitely because they didn't have enough stock on hand.
Full disclosure, I'm waiting on a frame from them that I ordered just before Christmas, so I sympathize with everyone's anger, and I've been been a fan for nearly a couple of years, now. I honestly don't believe that they're a pyramid scheme or a scam, or that they've done this through malice or for a laugh. I think they really do care about the customers and didn't want any of this to happen. I think what they're mainly guilty of is drastically underestimating the logistics of a lot of stuff, causing the delays (which they freely admit), and the lack of communication.
People are right to be angry over the late deliveries and refunds and such, but comments sections like this become echo chambers of bitching and shitty behaviour.
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 @scottishmark: maybe I misinterpreted it, then, and the irony was wholly unintentional. Good spot.
  • 1 0
 @Gackt: when was your delivery promised? Have they been in regular contact, specific to your order?
  • 2 0
 @Gackt: I'm not sure but maybe you are missing something here.. Not sure if you fully understand what is going here..
  • 1 0
 @tomhoward379: I wasn't given a delivery date at all. They've only been in touch two or three times, and only because I've emailed them. The most recent reply was this morning. I'd emailed them with a number of questions, but the reply was none specific and simply said that they've been extremely busy and that they'd get back to me with more info ASAP.
  • 1 0
 @dinde: It's very possible. Who knows what's going on with anything anymore!
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 So from the general feedback i should get a sick! bike. It won't take long and it will have the right axle. Perfect.
  • 4 0
 Chances are, it will be the right colour too.
  • 3 1
 SHOW WAS WORTH! The most disappointing show I've ever been to, went to Bike99 back in well, 1999 and it was buzzing 24,000 people each day, awesome demos from pros, pro riders at the stalls, quality products available at good prices etc.

This show lacked any kind of atmosphere, felt like it was pretty dead, almost half the hall was dedicated to triathlon/road but without anything even remotely inspirational or impressive to accompany, there were huge areas left empty, many of the main players were not even there (it's almost like they knew it would be (s***).

Parking was a flat fee of £20 on top of entry tickets which seemed outrageous given there was less than 2 hours of show to get through.

The saving grace was Atherton Bikes and the entire Atherton crew being there, siblings, engineers, team manager for the 3 days all in person to discuss their new brand, never shying away from technical questions, happy for goons (like me) to ask for a photos while genuinely caring about chatting to punters. Very exciting to discuss their new Enduro/trail bike and the colour ways of the bike sound like an interesting idea. Those guys definitely have direction!

In contrast: We had no idea about Sick before the show, very cool paint jobs, nice ideas but they did say there was currently backorders from Taiwan, which created some instant doubts and caution on my part. Technical knowledge/any helpful input appeared to sit with only one person, the owner/designer who was constantly chatting to an entourage while there was a second guy that had actually ridden a bike before who couldn't really answer many questions either but at least admitted when he wasn't sure. There were a couple of young lads BS-ing their way through questions, really not sure why they were there. This all now makes more sense having read the comments surrounding them on PB.

In short, show was crap Atherton Bikes are awesome.
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 I don`t know why but I always love the british bikes. The Brits have a real talent to create classy machines.... Even Orange bikes are starting to get sexy, finally!
My british dreambike: an all-terrain Brompton with `boosted` hubs and knobby tyres in association with Hope and Renthal for the components Smile
  • 3 0
 guess the hipster frauds at sick are still at it. but just looked like one bike.. wheres ftw gnarpoons? or are those as common as a real life unicorn?
  • 2 2
 Been to the Birmingham show, always disappointed there's never really anything to buy. Also some big names never show up i.e Specialized. A lot of money to park, and entry etc; Gonna spend my time more wisely next time it comes round, that's it moan over;
  • 2 0
 @b4uwereborn,if you go to the NEC park in the train station car park,costs less than the main one for the show,and also a lot less distance to the show halls,and also inside,it's where i park when i go to MCN live for the motorcycle show
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 @future-primitive: Cheers for the imfo', nice one;
  • 4 0
 @pinkbike really aren’t bothered, promo for sick on their ig now...
  • 1 12
flag hippykilla (Mar 31, 2019 at 12:39) (Below Threshold)
 Pinkbike aren't going to listen to a whining little bitchy troll like you.
  • 4 1
 @joecantello84: what have I posted that amounts to trolling? Hell, I’ve even defended the quality of the frames with their stickers on! Do you think what they are doing is acceptable? How long did you have to wait for your frame?
  • 1 11
flag hippykilla (Mar 31, 2019 at 12:58) (Below Threshold)
 @tomhoward379: I had too wait 6 months for my Ti frame. A lot less shorter than the wait for my custom road bike frame (10 months). I have patients. GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE THAT WAIT.
  • 7 1
 @joecantello84: patients? Are they sick?
  • 7 1
 I feel it may be the lying and BS that sets this aside from your normal wait! @joecantello84:
  • 6 1
 @joecantello84: I don’t have a problem with the time. (I’ve been waiting 6 months for some brakes, and 4 months for some custom carbon cranks). I was even interested in the sleipnir (due to backers in Feb...) What is sh*t is the non communication, the lies, the non deliveries and telling people to ignore the law to suit sick, all the while blocking (rather than answering) any critics. I genuinely didn’t think this was a scam, but it’s a fine line between incompetence and malice. You can’t think this is a good way to run a business, surely?
  • 5 1
 @joecantello84: better things come to those who don’t buy a Dick bike!!
  • 1 4
 @Caprabizness: here come the trolls.
  • 2 1
 @justanotherusername: looks good, Shame the admin is too hard for them to make it...

  • 3 1
 @joecantello84: nope, just personal experience!!
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flag hippykilla (Mar 31, 2019 at 14:18) (Below Threshold)
 @justanotherusername: well done. Have a medal.
  • 3 1
 @joecantello84: I’m staying well away from any kind of ‘trolling’ here I have said my piece about Sick in the past when Jordan responded on here to me and I tried to be constructive not just an ass.

I only posted the link as I think it shows you have a bit more of a ‘connection’ to Sick than a typical customer, thanks all.

If what some are saying is true though, despite some unconnected people in here baying for blood how can you defend some situation? You have your bike, you could ride this weekend.
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flag hippykilla (Mar 31, 2019 at 15:14) (Below Threshold)
 No I have a lot more money than your typical customer
  • 3 1
 @joecantello84: I’m not sure your personal finances have any bearing on other individuals being without either their money or the product promised but thank you for making the unlikely assumption anyway.
  • 3 1
Well done. Have a medal.
  • 6 1
 @justanotherusername: Ah, hadn't picked up that it was actually @joecantello84 in the article. The article that mentions a 45 day wait. Even though Joe waited 6 months.

Curious as to why he went cheap on some of the spec though, given how much money he has. Perhaps he spunked it all on the fork?
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flag hippykilla (Apr 1, 2019 at 0:25) (Below Threshold)
 @tomhoward379: Firstly get your facts right, my hardtail took 6 months to make. My full sus a hell of a lot less.

In terms of components on the full sus in the article I was still waiting on my carbon wheels at this point so slapped some Spank wheels on so I could ride
  • 4 1
 @joecantello84: : id be ok waiting a few months on a frame order but when its promised in one month and giving them the benefit of the doubt leads to 9 months something has to be said for how shitty these hipsters deal with their customer base. im not alone in being screwed over by their lies. after enough backlash they did refund my order but when i tell it like it is they couldnt take it and blocked me for telling people the truth. strung along all that time with no shipping or dispatch info just their bullshit lies on and on. I get it demand is higher than they anticipated but i dont see them lasting long with their attitude and shitty customer service. besides their gnarpoon crowdfund fell short of that us hub so guess many gnarpoons will be lost in shipping.. haha oh well..
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 All Orange needed to do was take one bike and then tell everyone that they all look like that .
  • 2 1
 Orange bikes... One of the biggest stands, but only a couple pictures for comparison, cause you only need to see one pic. "if you've seen one, you've seen em all" Big Grin Wink
  • 2 0
 Nice photos, wish I could have gone looks a good show
  • 3 1
 The gussets on that ribble are sick but I severely dislike the seat stays
  • 1 0
 Wonder if it was only to fit the disc brake inside or if the softtail effect was intended as well?
  • 2 1
 I used to think the hope bikes looked amazing but now they just look a bit outdated.
  • 2 0
 Nice looking hope
  • 1 0
 That Hope bike looks so good- I love English engineering
  • 2 1
 I'm sure orange bikes have lovely personality...
  • 1 0
 Need some Atherton Bike pics plzzz
  • 3 1
 feck sick bikes
  • 2 1
 Maybe its the wheels, but that "Sick" is Gopping.
  • 4 4
 Sick paint is sick Ribble makes my dribble
  • 1 2
 I want to like, "Orange" so bad. There was recently a news story about a boy, and his friends nailing a board to his head.
  • 1 2
 I'd take a Bond Bug over any of the new Chevy's.
  • 3 3
 Look like sesh!
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