Rapha Announces Plans to Launch MTB Collection in 2021

Jan 28, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

Rapha CEO Simon Mottram announced in an Open Letter to mark the start of 2020 that the renowned brand in road cycling will be entering the mountain bike apparel space in 2021.

bigquotesBack in 2004, Rapha started out with a small exhibition in East London where every photograph was taken on the tarmac. Since then, we have grown into something much greater with a mission to support cycling in all its forms. Though the cycling world seems at times to be divided into tribes, we believe we can have a legitimate place in each of them.

In 2021, Rapha will launch its first collection of mountain bike clothing, making the most of our design expertise and a new office in a mountain biking mecca, to take the brand somewhere entirely new. More specific details will follow over the course of the year before this exciting new chapter gets fully underway in 2021.
Simon Mottram, Founder & CEO of Rapha

NICA was among the initial grantees of the Rapha Foundation last year and when we inquired about plans for mountain bike product to go alongside the advocacy efforts, Rapha stated that they have "a mission to help make cycling the most popular sport in the world and taking that into account mountain biking is incredibly important but we’re a long way from product."

They also said that, although the brand has always been inspired by mountain biking, the investment from Tom Walton and Steuart Walton (RZC Investments), both of whom are avid mountain bikers, played a role in the decision to enter the mountain bike apparel market.

"Mountain biking has always been a source of inspiration for us: from the technical innovation that road bikes have co-opted to Mountain Biking's open-minded approach to developing new formats. Steuart and Tom Walton’s manifest passion and support for mountain-biking has certainly brought MTB into sharper focus for us."

We look forward to seeing Rapha's first mountain bike apparel collection.


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 I rarely come across many people when I ride the forests. Why would I wear Rapha MTB gear if I can't make anyone else feel inferior?
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 insta, bro!
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flag dj100procentenduro (Jan 28, 2020 at 13:25) (Below Threshold)
 Funny thing to say since Rapha is not really even the most expensive brand. Plus they have ‘core’ series which is not expensive.
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 @dj100procentenduro: Heard the core series is rubbish for the money though. Better to buy the pro team things, but I don't have personal experience.
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 You kidding me? Rapha is the perfect compliment to your Yeti or Unno!!!

Even better, you couldn't ride your NAHBS one-of-a-kind-yet-similar-to-all-the-rest-steel-lugged-singlespeed wearing nothing else!!!
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 Rapha MTB kit is a good idea for the same reason brightly colored allen keys are a good idea: It's easy to spot the tools when you drop them.
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 I thought that only applies of you're kitted out in Assos?
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 I think they spelled Ralph wrong.
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 This is the worst News... Having Down Country Background I just got into Trail(R) riding, and decided that wearing roadie clothing to mid travel bikes will make an impact on group rides. Now someone else may do the same...
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 @dj100procentenduro: Let the haters hate. If some people like it and wanna wear it, fine for me. If they behave arrogantly, why should I care about them and even more of what they wear??
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 I own one of the first merino t shirts (the one with the pocket on the back), it's the best fabric I ever saw. 6 years old and still going strong. The later versions were not of that quality.
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 @EnduroManiac: it's like it used to be with BMWs... and now is with Audis. You see a white Audi S Line A or Q - douchebag inside. Rapha? - he's a pretentious snob. Doesn't matter if he's on Madone 9.9 Sega Fredo edition or a Surly. Yes it's prejudice and some may be unjustly judged but also, yes there's a lot to it. It's pure likelyhood. A girl with huge Dolce Gabban shades, leopard jacket, golden Iphone with no case and LV bag - she's a snob. And she probably waits for a geled out dude to pick her up. If she's 25-35 - it's Audi or Merc sedan/hatchback an he's in tight shirt and can smell his cologne from a mile, if she's 40-50 - he's fat and it's a SUV or a saloon - You may think, oh that's too many details to fall into place - no not really...

And no there's not much emotional baggage to carry when looking at the world like that. Not at all. Quick reaction: "douche" and you move on forgetting you met them.
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 Maybe they can make ebike specific gear
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 @EnduroManiac: yeah. let me give one example: we had a local CX race here in Wrocław recently. It was done by anti UCI bandits crew (like fck the formal rules, just fun kind of thing). And it was also a benefit for a child strugling with some weird illness. One of main organizers (super nice, funny guy) had a rapha jacket - WHAT A DOUCHE
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 You sir, win the comments.
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 It's all about flexing in the parking lot as you grab your Yeti off your BlueTec Sprinter Van before you head into the woods.
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 @dj100procentenduro: first of all, it’s a light hearted poking. Second of all according to your logic, we shouldn’t judge a bloke with a giant golden chain and rings because he may actually be a modest student of Philosophy... third: who said that EEVERYONE wearing Rapha is a Douche? I don’t care if one of my favorite work mates wears Rapha. That person actually exist. I will still laugh at people wearing Rapha. Because it’s funny!
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 fuck rapha. I don't know why or have a reason but its a thing in my bike shop.
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 owned by Walmart if I am not mistaken?
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 It is way to early to be thinking about what clothes i am going to wear in 2021
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 @Motoracer31: oh look at me, the big spender.. .

.. i know i'll be waiting for 2021 after-xmas sales....
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 @Luis-Sc: precisely.

Rapha at retail? Hell f*ckin' No.

Rapha core series on closeout for some merino bits? Ya sure.
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 @twhart20: Absolutely mistaken. Acquired by private equity funded by Walton grandkids, but not 'owned by Walmart'.


Also interesting to research is how much the Walton family has done for MTB in AR. Not gonna make this one as easy for you with a link and would exhort you to look it up yourself.

You can hate Walmart all you want for whatever you want, but this association is ignorant.
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flag bubbrubb (Jan 28, 2020 at 14:09) (Below Threshold)
 @pdelbusto: not owned by Walmart but still part of the Evil Empire. F(-)CK those guys
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 @bubbrubb: like I said, you can hate Walmart all you want for whatever reasons you want...

Interesting to get downvoted on a completely factual statement where I intentionally did not provide opinion. People don't like my opinion - I am completely OK with that. People don't like facts - troubling and all too real in the world today.
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 @superbarnes65 So you're basically saying you just going along with whatever the crowd says? Isn't that the exact same reason why people *wear* Rapha?

Seriously, look at a brand like Santa Cruz, people still think they're buying into a boutique bike brand when literally every other person and his uncle has one.
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 @pdelbusto: welllll, i wouldn't say ABSOLUTELY mistaken. But mistaken none the less. Wink
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 @twhart20: Fair point, sorry for the harsh language. Will fix....

can't fix, but concede the point.
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 LOL, at least it's not ASSOS. Takes me 4 months just to save up for an Assos jersey! Wink
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 @pdelbusto: "Hobbywashing" I don't care if they fund thousands of miles of public trails. Can't overlook the Waltons and the harm that warped wealth has for society. But thankfully, lot of other brands to choose from, some are even made in democratic countries.

Here is some perspective from Bloomberg Aug 19:

The numbers are mind-boggling: $70,000 per minute, $4 million per hour, $100 million per day.
That’s how quickly the fortune of the Waltons, the clan behind Walmart Inc., has been growing since last year’s Bloomberg ranking of the world’s richest families.
At that rate, their wealth would’ve expanded about $23,000 since you began reading this. A new Walmart associate in the U.S. would’ve made about 6 cents in that time, on the way to an $11 hourly minimum.
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 @pdelbusto: Misinformation and the Currency
of Democratic Citizenship
James H. Kuklinski, Paul J. Quirk, Jennifer Jerit,
David Schwieder, and Robert F. Rich
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Scholars have documented the deficiencies in political knowledge among American citizens. An-
other problem, misinformation, has received less attention. People are misinformed when they con-
fidently hold wrong beliefs. We present evidence of misinformation about welfare and show that
this misinformation acts as an obstacle to educating the public with correct facts. Moreover, wide-
spread misinformation can lead to collective preferences that are far different from those that would
exist if people were correctly informed. The misinformation phenomenon has implications for two
currently influential scholarly literatures: the study of political heuristics and the study of elite per-
suasion and issue framing.
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flag SLBIKES (Jan 28, 2020 at 18:22) (Below Threshold)

How about YOU contribute to mountain biking as much as they do? You cant? Why not? They earned their money, you can do the same, why don't you. It is not a crime to be rich, people who complain are just jealous then like to wave a SJW attitude to hide their jealousy.
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 @twhart20: you're mistaken
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 @shapethings: like I said, forget those guys! But yeah downvote me all you want.
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 @blackthorne: three things. Take a chill pill . second, yes i am saying that... I respect my co workers opinions and I also make it point to purchase brands i believe in such as brands that give back and that are home grown (i ride geuirilla gravity frame, push and pnw components) Third, please relax and laugh every now and then... its a bike forum and bikes are fun
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 @pdelbusto: Bentonville is the most overrated mountain bike destination in the world. If only they took money allocated to “fancy piles of junk to stand around next to in the woods” and allocated it to trails it might be something. There is a reason you see the same two drops in every picture of the place. Miles and miles of boring trail.

The art museum is pretty cool though.
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 @wibblywobbly: I’d hardly say it’s overrated. When viewed as a whole, NWA boasts a concentration of cycling facilities unlike any other place I’ve been.
  • 1 0
 @wibblywobbly: so you've been here three or more times?
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 @wibblywobbly: ...if you live anywhere with access to year-round badass trails. I would suspect that locals and those within a reasonable drive disagree with your assessment. I live in CO and have considered driving there when we are snowed in. I would be a fool to assume the trails are going to be at parity with Whistler. Maybe not as 'enduro' as some would like, but I bet they are fun.
  • 2 0
 @pdelbusto: That's the thing that lets us locals know if a person has been here or not or if they took the time to properly explore. The driving force behind the expansion is to make the sport accessible to anyone so yeah, there are some tame trails. However, there are definitely trails here that will keep almost anyone entertained. We actually have a Colorado builder building some stuff in Eureka Springs and while we don't have the terrain of Windrock the trails there approximate to high level blues, low level blacks. There are big jump lines sprinkled in and some are in the most random of places. The tourism videos on Youtube by no means do the place justice.
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 @shapethings: While all this is true, what if they didn’t invest at all in the community that facilitated their start? What if they simply built mansions on private islands and swam in their money all Scrooge McDuck style? They’d definitely be easier to hate then.

But they didn’t do that. They reinvested in their community, and with the help of other local Fortune 500 companies, they redeveloped it as a destination-far from what it was just 20 years ago.

What’s unique about this? My city is home to four or five fortune 500 companies and they’d rather levy us for expansions than to reinvest. At least the Waltons did something to improve their fellow resident’s quality of life-and if history is to repeat itself, the better the Waltons do, the greater the return for NWA.
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 @cofo11: Eureka Springs is like riding a gravel driveway with some random rock jumps embedded in it.

Bentonville is for people who like the idea of mountain biking and being part of a “community” of mountain bikers more that’s actually riding bikes.

Or maybe I’m just bitter because it was vastly overhyped.

I had fun. It just didn’t live up to the hype. I would totally go there if I was in Colorado and snowed in. But if I’m getting on a plane and I can go anywhere in the USA for a week it’s not in my top 10.
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 @wibblywobbly: yeah, uhhh, no... You apparently rode one location in Eureka Springs and not the other. Definitely didn't ride Marble Flats either as it's not open yet. There were also miles of trail you could have ridden at Leatherwood that are old school hiking fall-line trails with no rock jumps in them. You really should explore the locations you visit more before passing judgement on them.
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 Rapha kit + Yeti = Orthodontist

bc math
  • 11 2
 I have a Santa Cruz and rock endura, thank you
  • 4 7
 nope - just a designer/engineer with my priorities straight (and the good fortune to get deals on both so I can look like an orthodontist)
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 Rapha kit + Full XX1 AXS Moots mtb.
  • 8 1
 Rapha wearers sneer at all peasants who have to work in the dental profession to buy bike gear. The true hipster elite has trust funds for that.
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 What if I hide my rapha kit under regular clothes....? Am I still downcountry?
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 @takeiteasyridehard: Wearing Rapha under Decathlon/ MEC own brand clothing is the ultimate keep it real...
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 @WAKIdesigns: I think this is the style a lot of Assos bibs are being used...
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 For the Yeti riding dentist who has everything, now comes aptly priced spandex clothing to show off their (small) package.
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 Unno and 7 Mesh thank you very much. Actually it's Unno plus jeans or really ratty 4 year old dakine shorts...go figure.
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 @Veloscente: ugh. The trustafarians.
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 Rapha's a weird case. When I'm not being snarky on here, I'm a roadie (sorry guys). I've got a drawer full of spandex and I've even shaved my legs.

When Rapha came out, they changed the game. Their fit was amazing, the quality was excellent and the colors were subdued and classy in a crowded field of logos and bright colored stripes (looking at you Castelli)

Wearing Rapha meant you were a "cool" roadie. You were gonna ride 70 miles but not brag about it. You probably were wearing Ray Ban Aviators instead of a Robocop mirror shield. Maybe you even waived to people.

This was a simpler time before Instagram.

Rapha started putting on long, attitude-free road rides. They were hard but also anti "Euro Pro". You would see guys on steel bikes, Rapha shorts and t shirts doing a hard 100 miles.

The products were also great.

I still have a pair of their original bib shorts and they're some of the best I've ever owned. The original cyclocross-specific products were really innovative and unique in the market.

But then a bunch of other, "cool" brands popped up and did what Rapha was doing. TeamDream, FYXO, MAAP, etc. Rapha had gotten big and were sponsoring Team Sky and seemed to have a hard time keeping their market position.

Always expensive, Rapha seemingly decided they would cede the position of the cool brand and become the, "premium" brand.

The Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) was the most obnoxious marketing thing I've ever seen: You paid $500 but the benefits were not made clear to you until after you signed up. Seriously. Something about exclusive membership and invitations. To what was unclear.

You did get the opportunity to spend another $500 for a gray and pink lycra kit that was sold ONLY to other RCC members. There were shorts and jerseys and vests and socks. They looked cool and started showing up everywhere I ride in Los Angeles - identifying the people who paid $500 for the opportunity to buy a $500 kit.

There was soon a popup store in Venice Beach where they all hung out. Not sure if there was a ride involved anymore or not.

No longer were they the cool, don't-take-spandex-too seriously crowd. Rapha had turned into the, "S-Works-Tarmac-to-ride-15-miles-as-fast-as-I-can" set.

Then they made another odd decision:

Having alienated the hipsters and lost their position as the counter-culture cycling brand, they then also screwed over their rich clients when they started selling these exclusive kits to everyone. Seriously. Today, anyone can buy the product you told you customers was an exclusive benefit available only to those that spent a good deal of money to join your club.

Yesterday, I got an email that they're rebooting the RCC. There was not a lot of information about how. But I'm sure it will cost money.

I'm not sure what they're going to do in Mountain Biking. Their product range is currently all over the place and I'm not sure what the brand is. The products are... fine. There has been a dip in quality for sure. Besides, it is already a crowded market where Club Ride, Mons Royale, POC and others already occupy the obvious places for Rapha to go in the dirt world.

We'll see...
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 Did a Grand Fondo in my town last summer and they showed up from Brooklyn NY with some samples. The 'rep' was super cool and informative. Actually bought a few things and the quality was very impressive. I learned the hard way you can't go 'cheap' when doing 35 to 70 mile rides with a fast group on a Saturday.
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 What? Why can't you do a fast 35 or 70 mile ride in cheap clothing?

There are plenty of perfectly functional shorts and jerseys that don't cost much. You just have to buy clothing that fits and is made out of a suitable material.
  • 3 4
 @dfiler: right? What the f*ck does having rapha clothes has to do with being able to catch a pack draft? If anything it matters less than when you're alone
  • 1 3
 @dfiler: ????? Please spare me....cheap things aren't good and good things aren't cheap. Any inexpensive crap online is just that. They make good stuff, period end of story. Plus who are you to tell me what I like and why? Now you want to chime in on whats right for my balls being cradled in bibs?
  • 1 0
 Nobody told you what to like and why. You seem extremely angry that it is possible to ride and be comfortable in inexpensive clothing.
  • 1 1
 @dfiler: I have it and its garbage
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 can't wait for them to open up MTB clubs and charge $15 a beer.
  • 2 3
 Only if it's Bud Light.
  • 5 5
 @noapathy: Argh.. Who drinks that crap.
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flag noapathy (Jan 28, 2020 at 15:56) (Below Threshold)
 @BeerGuzlinFool: OK, fine. I'll explain the joke that flew right over your head. So there's this store called Wal-Mart where they sell a lot of cheap, low quality goods for more than they're worth. Then there's this beer named Bud Light, also low quality. With me so far? Good.

Now there's this article about another company owned by the same folks who own the first, see, except they're selling snooty overpriced goods this time. Along comes some dude and he makes a joke about how he wishes they'd open up a club selling overpriced beer. Ah, nevermind. this is probably too complex. I'll leave you to your comics.
  • 9 1
 @noapathy: Should have just left it, dude.
  • 3 5
 @noapathy: well yeah, except your entire explanation centers around it being owned by "the same folks" which isn't really that accurate. Partially correct but far from the full picture.
  • 3 0
 @noapathy: lol. Yep.. Totally missed that one.
  • 1 3
 @scvkurt03: I know you're right, but you know how it is. Just one more for the road.
  • 23 1
 I was just thinking, "Man... MTB is really too good of a value these days. I wish someone would put out some stuff that cost more money."

I think I also made the same joke when Lululemon announced they were getting into the game.
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 I think both points remain applicable...

Rapha is probably also the same as Lulu with maximum sizes for acceptable physiques. "if you're a man with over 90cm chest, you shouldn't wear our colorful condom outerwear".
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 Well to be fair I own a few of their stuff and I am very happy with it. Never buy full price tho, way to expensive, but since they are pretty much always on sale it can actually be decent value imo
  • 1 0
 I bought a bunch of that lulu wilderness collab stuff when it went final sale and quite frankly it’s been amazing gear. It fits well (which is hard to find in waterproof), performs well in both heat regulation and keeping the PNW not on me, and just happens to look nice too. I see no problem in investing in good technical gear, because the cost per use is so low.
  • 1 0
 @joshroppo: Which is totally fine. The majority of clothing and outdoor brands have very clear minimum sizes for acceptable physiques. "If you are a man with a BMI below 24 you shouldn't wear our tent-shaped outerwear". Its even worse for women who are both slim and small.
  • 1 0
 @Ttimer: That's an interesting point, companies kind of segment by physique.

I'm a pretty slim and short guy. I ended up in Rapha Large or XL jackets which blew my mind because I'm a US Small size in everything else.. but I couldn't breath in the Rapha gear unless it was Large+...
  • 1 0
 @joshroppo: turns out you're not that slim eh Jim?
  • 1 1
 @Boosting: Apparently, maybe been doing too much trailwork... "Rapha: only for riders who have no muscle mass above the waist."
  • 20 1
 Don't we already have Kitsbow?
  • 9 4
 And 7Mesh.
  • 19 1
 "...Mountain Biking's open-minded approach to developing new formats"

You must be new 'round these parts.
  • 1 1
 Gravel grinders aren't a new MTB format, just sayin'...
  • 22 4
 I don’t know much about Rapha, but I hate it anyway.
  • 6 0
  • 1 0
  • 14 2
 Their new tag line, “Not just for the road, now you can look like a prick on the trails!”
  • 12 4
 I have a Rapha winter kit (jacket/bibs) that is really nice. Keeps me warm, not soaking from sweat and isn't restrictive. I've worn it mountain biking when it was really cold, worked great. Fight me!
  • 1 0
 Lol. I love your attitude...
  • 10 0
 Complaining about commodity being too expensive and the pinkbike comments section...name a more iconic duo...i'll wait.
  • 7 6
 Democrats complaining about Trump.
  • 4 0
 @Cspringsrider: People being tribal about Politics.
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 I'm usually a lurker here but felt compelled to chime in. I finally bought an SC Hightower after only riding rigid 26ers back in college. The HTLT changed my life without a doubt, and helped me battle relatively crippling chronic depression that has been present for thirty + years. MTB riding convinced me to finish a long term track bike build and that introduced me to clipless pedal and rubber trousers. Still don't shave my legs though. Yet, haha. but I've been doing 70m rides often, even an 80+ mile push up PCH. When Rapha opened a clubhouse in Venice they were more or less accepting that I had only one gear, and saw that I was pushing myself nearly daily. They have become friends over this last year, and I think their products have been thoughtful and functional, if a bit pricey. I also know many of them to ride much further than I'm capable of, so I don't get the negativity. There are already so many affordable MTB brands we all love and use anyway.

To end my book, bikes are rad, everyone spinning pedals around and around are rad, the end.
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 I'm into the move. I wear Rapha merino t-shirts and longsleeves for all rides. No branding on the t-shirts. Great colors. And their Randonee shorts are great for mountain biking, casual, gravel rides. Excellent kit. Got them all at good prices cos Rapha discounts quickly and often. Easy returns for anything that doesn't fit.
  • 7 1
 Just when I was wondering how to spend that extra $1000 I have leftover after dropping $11,000 on my trail bike, I can buy some overpriced shorts and shirts.
  • 10 3
 awesome, Rapha is exactly what the MTB scene needs... /sarcasm
  • 4 1
 A couple of friends (not very close ones since they are riding road bikes Smile ) swear by Rapha especially due to the FREE repair of clothing after a crash. One of them crashed on his road bike, completely thrashed his pants and when he send them over for repair, he got a new one instead free of charge.

If this is true for the MTB clothing line, it is worth looking into it...
  • 3 0
 I got two pairs of the rapha over short amd they're incredible. So hard wearing, great cut, fit and stretch. Had them 5 years and still going strong after use 2-3 rides a week. Best thing is they just look like a good pair of shorts too so you don't look odd off the bike.
  • 9 3
 Where is @drunkcyclist when you need them?
  • 1 0
 that is exactly who i thought of when i saw this!
  • 6 1
 Why Rapha for mtn biking? Because I can't find enough long sleeve jerseys that costs $175
  • 7 3
 Renowned? More like failing. Rapha was “cool” in late 00’s now it’s just pretentious garbage.
  • 1 0
 I wonder how they will differentiate themselves, besides just being Rapha. There is already some good options at that end of the market - Kitsbow, Club Ride, new Giro stuff, Patagonia's riding gear - are a few that come to mind.
  • 7 0
 Patagonia's actually a pretty decent value in comparison to other MTB stuff. I mean, expensive, but they're kind of letting themselves down in the Patagucci department of pricing. I keep buying their dirt roamer shorts when they're on sale, and their dirt roamer rain jacket is far and away the most breathable, comfortable MTB jacket I've ever owned.
  • 1 0
 @atourgates: Agreed! While I haven't purchased any of Patagonia's riding stuff, I've seen it on sale at REI for good prices.
  • 6 1
 Why would we need this? We can just wear jorts
  • 1 0
 Let's see what they offer and at what price and then I'll make an opinion on whether or not I choose to spend my money on it. Just a whole lot of feelings over this considering we aren't technically talking about anything as they don't have said product made yet or prices listed for this product. I think it's a fair guess it won't be cheep but hard to guess on value and comparative value without seeing it. Mountain bikers sure can be a sensitive lot about what is cool and not cool within the culture.
  • 6 1
 This certainly rapha’ed up some feathers.
  • 5 1
 they make good videos with the EF team. Maybe they will make some mtb vids too
  • 5 0
 I'm sorry, is this some sort of peasant joke I'm too rich to understand?
  • 5 1
 You lot don't half get irate over things. It's just clothes. They're not taking your Big Hit away
  • 3 2
 Baaa Baaaaaa…….

Have to wonder how many of you guys have actually owned any of their stuff?
Their "classic" shorts are among the comfiest and most durable I have ever owned, the Classic jersey ain't bad either.
Add to that the repair policy and "Black Friday" type deals and the stuff is actually pretty good value.

I hope they carry the repair policy over to MTB but seriously doubt it.
  • 3 0
 Who cares what the clothing/bike brand says if it works for you - folk look more stupid making such a fuss at what everyone else is riding/wearing
  • 1 0
 any clothing company who has a "collection" can get stuffed.
I dont think this will go too far, as most MTB riders i know see rapha as a "wanker roadie" label (not just a roadie label, roadies are fine, wanker roadies are wankers.
  • 4 1
 The only thing that will let Rapha be remotely accepted in MTB is if they uphold their crash repair/replacement policy.
  • 5 1
 Finally dentist bike gear is complete.
  • 5 1
 Just what MTB needed - another overpriced made in China clothing brand.
  • 2 0
 Most of my Rapha jersey's and bibs all purchased recently, were made in Italy, and all the others made in Portugal. None made in China.
  • 5 1
 Probably $300 for a pair of socks
  • 4 1
 For when everyone on the gravel bandwagon realizes they should just be riding mountain bikes... Smile
  • 4 1
 The New England Journal of Medicine reports that nine out of ten dentists recommend wearing Rapha.
  • 1 0
 Plans by no means mean a commitment to producing the goods and this looks like a fairly transparent bit of marketing (potential user) research before going through with the commitment and cost of making anything.
  • 5 4
 WOW never knew mountain biking was just for the 'broke and the woke'....my lord are these some hateful comments. Shameful, arrogant and unnecessary. Two wheels one love I say....
  • 1 0
 Couldn't afford wearing Rapha road collection. Most probably won't be able to afford wearing Rapha MTB collection... How will I be able to save to purchase the Grim Donut when it comes out?!
  • 4 1
 What’s the difference between Rapha clothing and a porcupine? On a porcupine the pricks are on the outside
  • 1 0
 I meen honestly I can't tell the difference in her kit. It looks like she is wearing a road kit to me. Tight sleeves and pants, water bottle holders in the back of the Jersey. Whatever
  • 1 0
 It *is* road kit; those photos are from last year's BCBR. Rapha doesn't have mtb kit yet.
  • 3 3
 My mailman makes fun of me for wearing, as he calls it, "the a*shole roadie uniform with the scorpion." Oh, you mean Castelli.
Even the local pre-lunch S-Works 50+/former Cat 1 MAMIL group ride hates Rapha anybody.
  • 3 0
 Imagine hating someone for what they are wearing. Mind numbingly stupid.
  • 4 2
 Someone should tell them that those flat-bar hipster fixies aren’t mountain bikes.
  • 4 2
 aw shit does this mean we have to drink espresso during and after rides instead of beer? Frown
  • 2 2
 The key is to consume only over-hyped, overpriced IPAs or weissbier.
  • 3 1
 Yeah, let's support cycling by charging boat loads of money for jerseys and bibs only a roadie could love!
  • 6 2
 Angry mob is angry.
  • 2 1
 Probably aimed at the XC Whippets, too clean in appearance and too expensive just as ASSOS is, forget the dentists, this collection, when it arrives, will be for the lawyers.
  • 1 0
 Let me know when Castelli gets into mountain biking. You might be able to find better quality, but you won't find a higher price. (lol)
  • 2 0
 Oh no. I ride a Yeti and drive an Audi. Does this mean that I will have to buy Rapha mtb gear. Should I start saving now?
  • 3 1
 hopefully they will have some items in the 'dentist white' hue
  • 2 1
 Oooh are they coming to Squamish? I'm looking forward to the insta-huck battles between them and RideNF.
  • 3 2
 So many MAMIL right now rubbing their hands with glee at the the thought of dropping £200 on a bib and a pair of shorts.
  • 4 1
 because e bikes
  • 1 2
 What ever they do, it won't be slack enough, ironically enough, you'll be able to fit 3 large water bottles if you know what i mean, and I believe you do... Bring on the Grim Rapha Donut!
  • 2 0
 Levy must now be wearing Rapha on the maiden voyage of the Grim Donut!!!
  • 2 0
 aiming for that moped money
  • 5 4
 I'm actually pretty excited for the Rapha MTB line. I think they make really nice stuff, especially their bibs.
  • 4 2
 The moment every dentist and his yeti has been waiting for!
  • 1 0
 Yeti owners can have other jobs. It's possible.
  • 2 0
 I've had a quick flick, no mention of dentists....
  • 2 1
 They did get bought for $260 mil form the walmart boyz (who do mountain bike)....talk about doing a cartwheel out the door!
  • 2 0
 Get a job all you broke ass dirt bags!
  • 1 0
 What is that blue loaf of bread on her head? that is what concerns me more then Rapha MTB
  • 4 5
 Looking forward to see what innovation they bring to mtb. Cost is a concern, however, technology trickles down to lower cost product eventually. That's a win for everyone.
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 Stoked for Rapha cotton double xl short sleeves and dh pants
  • 3 2
 What... that many dentist ride MTBs ?
  • 1 1
 Now you can look like a dentist on your dentist bike... not just a roadie thing anymore! Razz
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 Finally, the discerning dentist can go from road bike to office to his Yeti SB without changing kit.
  • 1 0
 What is that blue piece of bread on her head?
  • 1 0
 XC it sorta fits. Nothing more than that tho.
  • 1 0
 *loudly coughs in Ferrand-Prevot...
  • 2 2
 I’ll take one of everything they make.
  • 4 3
 Another way to spot DBs.
  • 1 2
 haven't posted many and in sometime but i feel you folk (who have insta) might like my tag #raphahatecrew
  • 1 1
 Perfect match for the Rapha Recovery Sandals.
  • 1 1
 But will it match my Viathon?
  • 1 0
 7Mesh: *raises prices*
  • 1 1
  • 1 1
  • 1 1
  • 2 3
 Please, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo...
  • 1 2
 Who the F**k are Rapha??
  • 2 5
 expensive Chinese poo
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