Raveman Launch their Latest Bike Light with High Low Beams

Oct 29, 2020
by ravemen  

As the sun sets down early and the temperature is getting cooler, the season for night riding officially begins. Time to feel the flow and the thrill of night riding on the trail!

Here in Ravemen, our team has spent years in making the ideal bike lights for every rider, whether it is night MTB, gravel, road cycling or daily commuting. This all started in 2015.

Modern bike lights are getting super bright and we have heard more and more complaints about the dazzles during our riding. So, we tried to find a bright light yet is still friendly to other road users. To our surprise, we found none. We know there are lights that are made in accordance with StVZO standard and come with anti-glare function, but these lights are mainly used for city lit road with limited brightness and no way to be used on the trail.

While googling online, we found many riders had the same experience as we had. Based on our working experience in the LED lighting industry, we believe the design of automotive headlights with high low beams is also an ideal model for a bike light. So why don’t we make a light like that by ourself?

It is easy to make a bright light, but making a better light is another thing. From the beginning of 2015, we spent more than a year working on our first series bike light, the PR series. The optical design is the most difficult part. We made dozens of lens prototypes till we finally found one that has the most similar lighting effect as automotive headlights while still keep the light in the smallest size.

In 2016, we successfully released the PR900 and PR1200 headlights and received positive feedback from testers and riders. These are the first powerful bike lights that work like automotive headlights. With a single click, riders can switch the modes between Low beam and HiLo beam! With the anti-glare function for the city road, the Low beam also provides an even-distributed floodlight and is also great for trail riding. What’s more, we have introduced some useful and friendly features that were never found on other bike lights before.

Broad and even-distributed floodlight of low beam; Long-throw spotlight on HiLo beam.

Runtime display: display the remaining runtime of each brightness level in an intuitive and no-guessing way;
Wired remote control: change brightness safely without releasing the handlebar.

In 2019, we introduced the latest model of the series, the PR1600 headlight to the market. It is upgraded with a wireless switch, Type-C input and runtime extension function. With max 1600 lumens output, it is not the brightest light in the market. But with the unique optical lens and many other user-friendly features, it is certainly one of the best bike lights in overall performance for trail riding.

PR1600 is upgraded with wireless switch and runtime extension function for a long-distance race; It can be also used as a power bank to charge your phone.

For more info, please visit our website: https://www.ravemen.com
You could also contact us through our facebook or Instagram page.

Enjoy your new night riding season and be safe!


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 never really thought I'd need a light, but this is pretty rad
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 maybe this would be better than the 20 dollar amazon headlight and the flashlight I zip-tied to my helmet?

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