RAW DH Practice - Cairns DH World Champs 2017

Sep 9, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  

Raw action from the DH World Champs practice session on Friday in Cairns. It's hot, dry, and dusty out there, but it certainly doesn't look to be slowing any of the worlds best down at all.


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 awful lot of slo-mo for a raw video...
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 yeah but the slow-mo was awesome!
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 Whats with the guy blowing the whistle straight into the riders take off on that last clip...
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 @AutumnMedia: they're marshals on the track indicating the rider is clear (of the previous section)
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 Better play that sam hill race run come sunday
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 At first I thought they were jumping over that sign, maybe its the angle but it still looks close.
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 Cow bell in slow mo sounds scary AF
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 Some of it went into David Lynch territory. I'm scared to go to bed now.
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 That bird that sounds like a whistle is bloody everywhere
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 Only thing I can focus on in this video is the amount of Yeow's i heard... its getting out of hand! borderline cringe.
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 i hear yeow
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 It's definitely an Aussie thing. All we know how to do at sporting events is chant "Aussie Aussie Aussie" and yell "Yeeeeeew"
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 I prefer the way vital shoots these videos - the shots are wider and there's a decent effort made to track the riders. This video feels a little compressed/blownout or something too. But that's just me being super nit picky
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 I think its more to do with the track being in the jungle, its a bit hard to get wide angles when theres 50 trees in the way ahah
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 @warbird971: nah vital shoots on wider lenses and actively zooms in / out to track the riders. Imo it's broadcast style coverage instead of edit style Where you're trying to frame Interesting shots
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 Just for the record, no one was paid for this clip. We shot it as spectators under and over the tape with no access to special areas. It wasnt edited or colour graded, just clips straight out of our cameras thrown onto a timeline and few clips slowed down and exported as raw as it gets. We were too busy drinking beers to spend time editing. Pinkbike picked it up, and showed it, which we are stoked about.
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 Im gonna have to keep speeding up my footage... this is bruutal fast
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 I about had a fucking stroke listening to that damn whistle every 6 seconds
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 Isn't this footage from @landonstroud? How about a little credit Pinkbike?
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 Why not follow the riders with the camera and show the course?
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 Poor bikes...
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 this has been shot with an iphone. Missing the proper Redbull coverage...
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 Some action for the Canadians ( blocked from seeing it live????)
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 I read in the comments yesterday you can download opera and set the built in vpn to USA
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 I downloaded a free vpn trail from zenmate.ca set the ip to the western use. Seems to be working.
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 Uuugghh I like it raw. And fantastic whistle consistency!
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 better than the live broadcast..
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 Fuckin fast as fuck...
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 That whistle is annoying AF every effin shot but like 2 for shits sake
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