Raw Video: DH vs Enduro vs Slopestyle at Silver Star- Crankworx Summer Series

Jul 31, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

The DH race at the CLIF Crankworx Summer Series pitted World Cup racers against enduro and even slopestyle athletes. Who came out on top? Check out all the raw action from the event.

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 So many great rocky and rooty sections on that trail and the camera coverage for the race showed the riders riding in the open field sections. Faceplam.
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 We try our hardest to get you guys the best coverage possible - but unfortunately the way these shows have to be produced means we work our cameras up from the bottom and we're pretty much constrained by what nature and the course designers throw our way. The good news is that Pinkbike produces Raw videos like this - so you can have your cake and eat it too. Thanks for watching regardless!
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 @thomaswalker: I know it must be difficult and the budget doesn't allow for full course coverage. However a few cameras hiked in and fixed on more difficult sections would be better than the ski run connector sections in between. That said I still watched and enjoyed the coverage available of my home bike park.
I will continue to watch the Kicking Horse and Sun Peaks legs too.
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 @thomaswalker: Hey man, video dead spots aside, I think I speak for damn near everyone here - we thank everyone for their efforts in this ridiculous time.

Something is always better than nothing, whether it be on the riders' side of things or the fans.

Thank you to everyone involved 3
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 @CF519: This is so true. But the people want racing drone footage, too.
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 @CF519: agree!

@thomaswalker given the uncertainty of everything during a pandemic to have put a crankworx together is still a feat and it was good to see some biking go down. You guys worked with what you had when you really could’ve brought us zero coverage altogether (I’ve definitely seen crankworxes in the past with no coverage) so thank you!
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 @anchoricex: Exactly!

There's a guy commentating from his garage crushing Rockstar drinks, all the cameras/operators that are allowed are being used, guest commentary is brought into the mix on the fly, 25 riders from every discipline have come on board with fairly minimal notice, courses are being built more or less on the fly as well, and then throw in the fact that it's been ridiiiiiiiculously hot all week in the Okanagan and, yea - they done good.

Thanks again to everyone.
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 Finn, we want to see Mach 50 on the Stumpy...on that track.
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 good to see Rheeder doing some DH riding. I've always wondered how slope guys would do racing. Semenuk always looks so dialed and clean, I'm sure they are faster than us mortals.
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 Semenuk raced some bmx when he was a grim I think, but it’s hard to tell if he’d fare as well as Brett did.

At the end of Bretts run he was pooped, and I think with racing downhill a lot of people don’t realize the amount of physio/cardio training that goes into it.

According to Matt Jones’ podcast with Brett as a guest, physio/cardio is something bretts been working relentlessly on as of late. Seems like his household of friends have all been really trying to improve their health and training (their stories have really good looking healthy meals all day) so I actually think bretts physio helped him podium yesterday. He’s definitely leaned out and gotten stronger but also has a bigger gas tank these days.

I’m excited to see how this translates to slope style, because athleticism paired with a discipline is how people push the envelope
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 Double post
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 Appreciate the racing content. Helping us through this dry spell. Raw racing coverage is good!
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 4:07 for the new Norco bike, pivots can be seen (by the rear axle). So much for flex stays.
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 Still trying to wrap my mind around Rheeder on the podium. That's pretty outstanding.
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 So i guess Banshees frame design has been on point for years????
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 @nug12182 could you inform me (a newer, less educated rider) what you mean by this?
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 @pcledrew: Finn Iles (the guy who won) was riding the new specialized demo, which has a linkage very similar to the Banshee Legend, a bike that's been around for years.
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 @labiker9: great explanation. Thank you. I was wondering if this was a rear linkage thing. Thanks!
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 @labiker9: The Demo or any Specialized bike has nothing in common with the Legend or any Banshee bike. One is a horst link through and through, the other is a dual short link bike. With Banshee, similarly to Santa Cruz, sometimes driving the shock from the bottom link and sometimes from the top link.

The wrench in it all for SPec is that the current Demo and Enduro have an additional linkage to drive the shock. But it's still a horst link.

The only similarity between the two is that both main links rotate in the same direction, which moves the instant centre of rotation backwards through the travel, while it moves forwards on a VPP or a Rocky Mountain horst link design (counter rotating links).
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 The Legend was so far ahead of it’s time
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 Fun fact (or not) but most of the rocky mountain rider are still on the Maiden....

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