Raw Video: Loose Laps on Tight and Twisty Natural Trails

Nov 9, 2020
by Mat Massini  
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bigquotesLewis Webber getting rowdy on some late summer laps. No unnecessary bells and whistles, just raw clips. RAAW Mountain Bikes

Film/Edit: @mat_massini_media
Rider: @lewis_webber_
Bike: @raawmountainbikes


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 Honestly this doesn't get across how steep and how little grip there is at this spot! So sick to see Lewis on the homepage, guy has some proper talent!
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 Thanks mate appreciate that!
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 Hi - probably a secret, but where is this? Can't quite work it out (I'm East Sussex based and happy to share some of my own trail secrets for trade Wink ) Drop me a message - cheers!
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 @hambobet: Not sure why you got downvoted for asking this. I was also wondering this. I started riding back in mid-90s at QEP and Kingley Vale. Now living in Norway. It looks like things have moved on a fair bit since 1995. And sick riding Lewis!
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 @Footey72: yeah bit off, but each to their own I suppose. It's a small area here, so any extra local knowledge is always appreciated, but I also know there are people out there that would just blow a spot out and publicise or take every tom dick and harry, so understandable. I know from building DIY spots for skating I get a bit tired of people asking where things are, but I wasn't asking to post publicly and I'm happy to also share some stuff myself - but they don't know me from Adam so fair enough. Thanks for the reply man - I took a trip around Norway with the mrs a few years ago, really enjoyed it, and I bet the riding is a bit epic in comparison Smile Jealous!
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 @Footey72: Where in Norway are you footey? I'm UK original living in Norweg also
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 @anyexcusetoride: hey, I am in Trondheim. I actually follow you on instagram after seeing the Ben Cathro video. Trondheim has some great trails (lots of natural tech), but they lack the flow that Nesbyen trails look to have. So I was planning to stay at your accommodation and get some trail guiding in 2021.
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 @Footey72: ha nice, I used to live in Trondheim some years ago! Cool that you follow us already, well it would be great if you visit us next summer!
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 like paint on canvas. total art. awesome.
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 Sick vid! Been following Lewis on Instagram for a bit now and he’s got some proper talent, expect he’ll be a household name in a couple of years Wink
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 Hahaha thanks mate ????, I expect Big Air Barnes to be a household name first!
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 damn that's some clean riding.
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 That was beautiful to watch! I particularly enjoyed the transitions between turns.
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 Check out the eye brows ????????????????
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 Full on into those catch berms. Looks steep and loose af.
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 yeeess buddy!!!!
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 Bet that line is almost unrideable in the wet. Nice edit.
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 It’s actually pretty good!
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 thee best kind of video, makes me want to ride soooo bad
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 And I thought I was bad for overcutting features... lol, nice work!
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 all actions are shown double, except the double jump which is shown triple

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