Raw Video: Steep & Deep Enduro Racing at Sun Peaks - Crankworx Summer Series

Aug 12, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

The final enduro race of the 2020 Crankworx Summer Series took place on the steep trails of Sun Peaks. Check out all the raw action from the event!


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 1:36 looks sick 1:37 .....oh kasper !!!!! 1:38 great save , phew
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 lmao that made my butthole pucker.

*scope out line choice*

*overshoot and nosedive*

Nice that'll work.
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 Holy moly, That's a fast drop too, you have so much speed by the time tires touch down there! Glad he hung onto that!
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 kaspaer woahly
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 Yeah that was sketchy.
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 That look on his face as he scoped it is was foreshadowing how he was gonna hit it!
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 @anchoricex: Overthinking line choice sometimes hurts
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 I cannot get enough of the norco teams sights with coil setups, seems like such a versatile bike. I WANT ONE. Wish they sold that frame color too.
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 ALN couldn't be more excited popping that champagne on the podium
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 What is going on with Finn's brake line in the thumbnail? Was he throwing in some barspins just to add a level of difficulty? My OCD bike mechanic tendencies are going through the roof right now.
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 Magura's..When they work they are SOO awesome. When they crap out NOBODY wants to try to bleed them. So run a brake out of the box and pre-bled. Lol.
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 @pappas717: he said the brake lines where all over the place
Also they aren't as hard to bleed as everyone makes them out to be
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 was there ever a highlight from the psychosis race? or did all the racers agree to not race it and just pretend it happened?
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 @commental: I meant of the race they just did there. that wasn't filmed with a potato and then jpeged to death
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 @adrennan: Fair enough, I thought you meant the original races.
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 Jesse has a POV. Filming was thin.
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 Looks like Miranda's on the new Process X. She was still on the 153 in week 1.
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 I really don't know what´s the name of the guy on the 1:34 part of the video but keep seeing him in all the pinkbike videos hahaha what a personality hahaha
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 That would be Kasper Woolley
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 1:00 Is that Melamed? Pretty sure he has the opposing view on his own Youtube video haha.
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 I was thinking the same thing! "Aw hey!! Big Grin
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 holly molly that was a close call for Kasper.... and yeah Vea is sweet as always ....
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 This must be nominated to MUST WATCH, pinkbike needs the tag, really good video, really good skills
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 Lost my lunch at 1:37
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 2:12 I did not know Topher Grace was racing enduro...

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 Tight wheelbase bikes OTB easy
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 Please Sir may i have more?
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 kinda misleading title - this is training. race is today?
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 Enduro was yesterday. Results here. Dual Slalom is today!
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 Some footage from practice, but most from the race itself.

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