Video: Thibaut Daprela Charges Down his Local Downhill Trail

Jan 28, 2021
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

The transition from junior to elite DH racer is notoriously difficult... But it takes more than that to scare Thibaut Daprela. The consistently quick ‘Rookie’ of the 2020 season had an explosive and more than impressive first year elite season, finishing 5th overall!

Back on familiar training territory with his Supreme DH 29/27, he's preparing for 2021. Will this be his year?

Vidéo : Gaetan Clary
Photos : JB Liautard


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 Wicked riding. Would much rather watch someone flying down steep banger tech trails than roller coaster machine built jump lines!
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 After all these "must watch" videos, Commencal innovates with the first "must hear" video. What the hell was he doing to his rear wheel?

I rode the first trail last sunday and it made me laugh to see him on a full DH bike for it (ok he is boosting way further than the rest of us...)
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 Isn't the soundtrack made in studio? Tho it's convincing--rubbery crunches and resonant thunkpings. Commencal + Enve = irony
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 @ceecee: they put wireless mics on the trail to pick up all that sound
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 @ceecee: I imagine it is highly postprocessed, but still somewhat based on the real sounds?
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 @Mugen: I'm too lazy to figure it out, there's more than one way to skin a cat, and all's so competitive that some techniques must be trade secrets, but this is a recent exposé:
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 That trail was killeded
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 Amazing riding, wish i had the guts to put down speed like that in the wet.

What's his tire pressure cause I can hear the rocks pinging off several times through the video?
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 Wondering the same thing myself... no inserts and 25 psi, sharp rocks would easily do it! With how smooth he was riding probably even less than that... 22 maybe
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 @DarricR: I reckon you're out by at least 10psi and a couple inserts - but you were joking right lol?
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 The Yannick Bestavin of French MTB

(if you don't live in France and get that comparison congratulations on crawling out from under a rock and following bad ass sports other than MTB)
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 So happy to see a location where an angry mob of wasps doesn't follow said rider down said track
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 Mandelieu, FR Smile
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 No sound from the brakes
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 None used
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 Really impressive !
Future number one ? ????
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 Oh man...i love this song 3
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 Haulin' ass? Affirmative.
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 High speed rebound on Fox40: Dialed.
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 Dude's nickname should be Dracula
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 I like the nonchalant vibe. This is just another day's ride.
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 That brutal rock garden in 0:49 was brutal.
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 Was he trying to break his rear wheel? Damn he his fast!
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 What's the funny bong bong noise?
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 4 foot water bong with the choke all the way out. Big hoot
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 Fun looking trail, just my style!
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 This is the best video since... Sound of SUPREME Speed
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 La Grande Descente de Mandelieu

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