Video: Ray's MTB Park Odd Couple Contest - And the Winner Is...

Dec 2, 2014
by Reece Wallace  
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The Ray’s Odd Couple event is similar to the standard blind date scenario; the partners anonymously meet, get to know one another, then make a video portraying their talents together…Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Well, perhaps in some ‘social circles’ (adult films) but that’s off topic.

Similar to dating, these Odd Couples possess their own characteristics, styles, and mindsets that make them one of a kind. It’s these unique differences that contrast and set them apart, yet tie them together in something which turns heads. Diversity is what Ray's Odd Couple event is all about, and the park reflects that.

Lets take a look at the top seven videos.

Redline Bicycles: Josh Hult and Brandon Dosch - 7th place

Ray s Odd Couple

Views: 8,222    Faves: 19    Comments: 1

Inside Ray’s MTB Park in Cleveland, Ohio, the wide breadth of terrain caters to every riding discipline; skinnies, teeter-totters, pump tracks, box jumps, rock gardens, wall rides, rails, bowls - Ray’s has it all. It takes a moment to acclimatize to the overwhelming options of riding spots littered amongst over hanging beams, steel girders, and sharp metal poles which serve no obvious purpose. In the first 20 minutes of riding, I hit my head on the roof while airing a quarter and had to re-evaluate my attack plan. Once I figured it out, it added an even greater depth of riding creativity.

Bern Unlimited and Tree Bicycle Co: Reece Wallace and Timmy Theus - 6th place

Geo Jenkins photo.

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The teams represented almost all genres of bmx and mountain biking. There were riders whose tires rarely touch ramps, to those whom were hanging out cork sevens in both directions. There were technical nose manual lines which perfect balance cheats had to be enabled, and aerial manoeuvres I only dreamt of in Dave Mirra Pro BMX (Up, down, left, right, triangle, triangle, left). Adam Hauck was making some of the bmxer’s jaws drop with his park skills, whereas Nick Bruce was impressing the mountain bikers with tricks that will likely trickle down to the larger wheels in a few years. As seen in Nicholi Rogatkin and Nick Bruce’s video, their specials are fully charged and the moon gravity cheat is enabled.

Deity Components and Profile Racing: Adam Hauck and Mark Mulville - 5th place

Geo Jenkins photo.

Views: 7,735    Faves: 42    Comments: 2

I was lucky enough to be paired with street wizard Timmy Theus of Cult Bikes. Neither of us had much skate park or ramp riding experience, but this made our experience unforgettable. We had to scrounge for tricks digging deep into the bag, whereas many groups were hammering box jump and technical lines throughout the event. When we needed more filler footage, we simply clipped shots of Squizzgarr the local park cat as filler and to gain more traction from the internet, aka, cat data base.

Brant Moore and Sponge - 4th place

Geo Jenkins photo.

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What impressed me most about the event was not the tricks being filmed, or the Rhythm Room (endless box jumps), but by the passion the park’s staff share for riding. Keith Miller, the Ohio park manager, is one of the funniest, most down to earth, and approachable people I’ve met. His high intensity level of stoke for bikes was shared amongst all the riders competing, and was contagious to just about everyone riding the park. There were only good vibes for the five days I was there, and it seemed to bleed down right from the top. Ray, the park’s founder, demonstrated the same affinity for riding and sharing his life’s work with riders of all disciplines and skill levels. Although the entire park is amazing, it’s really the staff that sets Ray’s apart from any other indoor park.

Your top three teams!

SR Suntour Garrett Robertson and Jeremy Ball - 3rd place

Geo Jenkins photo.

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Vance Nonno and Jake Bohrer - 2nd place

Geo Jenkins photo.

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And the 2015 Ray's Odd Couple winning team is...

Kali Protectives: Nicholi Rogatkin and Nick Bruce - 1st place

Geo Jenkins photo.

Views: 17,348    Faves: 100    Comments: 5

Huge thanks to everyone at Ray’s Indoor MTB Park...Ray, Keith Miller, Jeff Dowhen, Tyler at Pinkbike, as well as my sponsors for making it happen.

Words by: Reece Wallace
Photos by: Geo Jenkins
Chromag Bikes Bern Unlimited Giant Bicycles SRAM AlexRims & AClass Wheels Smith Optics NRG Dissentlabs 2UNDR

Mentions: @KaliProtectives, @SRSuntour, @deityusa, @SramMedia

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  • + 63
 Yea I'd say they deserve to win.
  • + 10
 Can't say I agree with every placement, but this one? No contest.
  • + 3
 They deserve to win a freakin Dew cup or something - that was some riding!
  • + 23
 tiniest cashroll ever?
  • + 11
 Rogatkin's team was riding on another level, they definitely won- Hauckster's team 2nd for sure. The other we're good too
  • + 2
 This is a good concept but not sure if Rays is the right venue or using yocals for judges is either. Here's my scorecard 1. Rogatkin 2. Hauck 3. Dosch
  • + 7
 I loved all these edits but Rogatkin and Bruce simply destroyed it. Congrats!
  • + 5
 There were no arguments about 1st place that's for sure! Thanks for the kudos we all had a blast.
  • + 3
 I want to see a time trial around this place. I'd love to see Kris Fox (Rider for SE Bikes) and those who did well in the Double cross event ( compete here.
  • + 2
 We do too! That's why we're hosting a 1 Lap No Crap XCTT March 1st!
  • + 5
 Holy Hell!! Kali was in a league of their own!! No dis to the other guys but jeebus they threw down!
  • + 3
 What the what now?!!! That was amazing! Loved the rest of these edits too. Really cool concept, and turned out some pretty special riding.
  • + 2
 Is there a contest to guess the un-named people in each picture? Looks poor when people do not receive their full credit, and others are left to guess why it's like this.
  • + 3
  • + 3
 You prolly hafta watch each video for individual credits.
  • + 4
 It is a little off-putting, dare I say "disturbing" to have two names and three people in every picture lol.
  • + 4
 mind = freakin blown. Nick bruce is insane
  • + 1
 After Adam Hauck's edit I understood one thing: fat bikes are like fat people- everyone hates them, but there is few of them that try to convince society that this is the real beauty.
  • + 2
 Only watched the first place vid but it sure did seem like the bmx was on a different level to the mtb.
  • + 2
 True. A BMX will accelerate faster, turn faster and is easier to throw around. It'll also give back a lot more pump if you know how to use it. However, they're unstable and don't roll over things as well. But they are way more fun at a place like this.
  • + 2
 Will someone please find him a visor, I feel like I'm watching BMX very in the 90's. But unreal riding.
  • + 3
 My jaw was dropped the entire video. Great riding guys
  • + 2
 why wasn't there a single video involving ray's in milwaukee?
  • + 1
 Milwackee is Ray's red headed stepchild.
  • + 1
 But in Milwaukee we don't have to worry about dying from hitting our heads on those rafters.
  • + 2
 This year we decided to keep the Odd Couple CLE only, but the MKE park will get it's shine time next year.
  • + 2
 Same Ray building out trails in Santos? Whether or not it's you great stuff! Really cool to see a guy doing so much for the sport!
  • + 2
 That's our Ray! Living the life isn't he?
  • + 3
 Damn that's sick
  • + 2
 Still not a big fan of Rogatkin, but his riding was insane in this one.
  • + 2
 Brant and Sponge should have done much better.
  • + 2
  • + 2
  • + 2
 Holy crap.
  • + 1
 Death to the squid lid!!!
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