Rebuild and Restore: Part one - The Lower Body

Mar 15, 2016
by TrainTo Ride  
Dee Tidwell

During this time of the year as you prepare for the “official riding season,” it is an extremely important time to sort our your body issues. Whether it’s flexibility, joint mobility, posture, systemic stability or breathing mechanics, all of these performance characteristics must be working at an optimal level as you head into the riding and racing season.

However, most mountain biking athletes and enduro racers make the mistake of not stretching enough, not resting when necessary, and not taking adequate care of the muscle tissues, joints, and nervous system.

This “Rebuild/ Restore” educational video series will teach you how to take care of the muscle and joint issues on crucial areas of your body. The idea is to “Rebuild” your movement foundation so you can later put strength and power on top of it and “Restore” the optimal movement capabilities of your muscles and mobile joints in your body.

Without a good functional movement foundation and optimal mobility, most riders will struggle with those nagging feelings of underperforming when riding or racing.

Some of the ways that the body will underperform are due to restrictions in the body. Four main ways you can quickly recognize these restrictions can be:

Hip hinge difficulty, making it hard to get into a good, powerful downhill position with hips back, chest low and arms out front.
RESULT- the center of gravity too forward and high… OTB!

Rounded shoulders, negatively affecting your ability to breathe well. Because with poor posture, your rib cage is ‘depressed’ and it affects the diaphragm and lungs ability to expand and contract.
RESULT- less strength and endurance with lack of “top end heart rate”

Poor posture will not only stress the lower back but play a major role in shoulder impingement problems. In fact, if you struggle with arm pump, upper body fatigue or neck fatigue, it’s probably due to your poor posture.
RESULT- if you can’t hold onto the bike - you crash!

Injury. Many sports-related injuries are directly related to poor movement ability, especially repetitive strains, and sprains.
RESULT- you can’t ride your bike, and hardware in your body makes only for cool looking Instagram and facebook pictures!

Again, these are only four physical restrictions that can be reduced with regular self-care, there are many more!

This is the first article with three of six videos you can watch to learn about how to address your muscle issues.

The first five deal with the different “mobile” areas of the body that are designed to create the most movement. The sixth and final video is an eight exercise stability workout created to increase your overall functional stability so, at the end of the day, your gains in flexibility, mobility and stability come together to create a stronger platform for you to achieve higher results in your riding or racing.

Equipment needed:
• Foam Roller
• Lacrosse ball
• Massage stick

General rules:
• Find only the areas that need work. Don’t roll areas that aren’t sensitive, these are healthy tissues and you need to leave those non-painful areas alone.
• Do it regularly. You must be consistent if you want to see change.
• It will hurt in the beginning, but with regular work, get better!
• Do lightly before a workout or ride and spend more quality time while watching TV or PB videos.
• Drink half your body weight in ounces of water EACH day.
• If you ever feel ‘bruised” then simply take a day off.
• Use a hot tub frequently.

Video #1: Rebuild/Restore - Fix your feet and ankles for better riding
Let’s face it, during a mtb ride, we spend half our time in a standing position. That means that we only have four points of contact with our bikes, both hands, and both feet. Video #1 first will explain the theory of the “mobile-stable” platform and how the body works. The remainder of the video will provide you with specific techniques to improve and optimize the function of the foot and ankle.

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Video #2: Rebuild/Restore - Help your riding from the hip down and ankle up
As we move up from the ankle into the knee, we need to think about how to address the muscles that come up from the ankle to the knee and head down from the hip to the knee and how both areas need to move well if you want healthy knees.

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Video #3: Rebuild/Restore - Got tight hips, or lower back, try these out to improve your riding
For those of you who struggle with tight hips or lower back pain, this is your opportunity to learn how to help begin providing relief to the area. This is probably the most important video of the three since it deals with your pelvis, core, and center of gravity, so watch this one in order to discover how to find where your tissue issues are in this important part of your body!

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Remember, you will experience both immediate relief and long-term relief, so be sure to do at least every other day to see real, permanent change to your body.

About Dee Tidwell - Dee Tidwell is the owner of, coach of pro and amateur enduro racers and mountain bikers. EMT specializes in online, downloadable training programs, personal coaching, and muscle therapy. EMT is the official trainer and muscle therapy provider for Yeti Cycles and the Big Mountain Enduro series. At 47 years old, Dee is a successful 25-year mountain biking veteran, coach and 40+ division racer with numerous race wins, including the 2014 Big Mountain Enduro Series Overall, 2nd in 2015 and winner of the inaugural Monarch Crest Enduro.

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 Love these articles. So much good info. Take notice 'youths' you'll be old and shit like me one day without this knowledge. And your enve wheels won't mean sweet FA then.
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 "Old and shit." I resemble that remark.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Mar 15, 2016 at 16:20) (Below Threshold)
 I'd say young are more interested into stuff like that, than old pricks who think they know all cuz they ride once a week with that dude who got 3rd in Ironman. Most 40+ year olds are contaminated with roadie science, since when they were in their prime nerd years, the only thing you could read about was volume and spinning circles. If you tell a 18 year old, "look all top guys hit the gym with dialled training programs, you got to do some work off the bike", they will digest that. A 50yr old Dude will tell you that you are wrong and X-Terra athletes do this and that, you should bslance strength training because too much muscle tissue is too heavy. I talked to some of those guys and they don't even try to listen. Kid will always get every 10th word
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 If you can't afford a personal trainer like most of us these articles are helpful. Keep the workout tips coming!
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 Eh I don't need to worry about that I got a few more years.
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 So true. Except of course for a certain Dee Tidwell and umm thousands of other 40+ mountain bikers.
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 WAKI nice generalization.

I think you'll find that there are a lot of guys in the 40+ year range that actually spend a lot of time learning and open to learning new things. Most of us know from experience that if you don't take it seriously you will lose it quickly.
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 Waki, generalizing are we?, I find it is actually the opposite. Older guys like me (46) are very keen to continue to learn and get better at what they do. We have had many more injuries and need to work harder to be able to ride pain free.

I work on training new young sales staff and I find the young ones are the ones that think they know it all and do not need anything to better their craft. Also in my experience the younger recruits are the ones that think they have great ideas and projects and never execute, just my experience.
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 Someone take @WAKIdesigns keyboard away from him and help him move out of his moms basement
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 Could not have said it better myself @owlie!
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 I can understand where @WAKIdesigns is coming from.

What I realize is that all age groups will have people that have this issue of not listening to reason and evidence given. However I find that its much more prominent in older age groups, maybe because they think they know more due to their age and are more prone to defend their views with zeal.

I remember my arguments with older people more than with younger ones due to this.
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 I have no idea why everyone neg'd @WAKIdesigns there- made a lot of sense to me- but the balance that @Jontxu mentioned, is key. It works both ways with attitudes changing towards maintaining 'fitness' off the bike. It catches up to all of us some time was my point and I reckon the sooner you address it the better. I know I came to fitness, strength and nutrition late on in life (relatively speaking) and wish id started sooner, but I'm on that road now and loving the knowledge that is out there. If you're 19 or younger reading this just get out there and have fun in your prime, but keep this type of stuff in your arsenal. You'll have the edge over your mates who don't in years to come.
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 Thanks Waki.. putting us old guys in a bubble and shooting at it.
We ain't all the same. 41 and still building and shredding hard. Smile
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 Jesus, I didn't mean all +40 year olds. What I was meant to say is that there are more +40 year old cyclists who will not listen to suc advice than cycling youngsters. There is a higher likelyhood of that... Holy sht, ain'tit too early to react like a teenage girl being called fat JUST AFTER she called someone anorexic?!
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 @all the sensitive 40+ who took exception with @waki, you boys just proved his point. immediatley you became defensive and your egos were hurt. your wives must be so proud to have you by their side. Waki good job highlighting the egos of the old and their sesitivity to being on the downward spiral of life with a fantasey reoccuring in their heads that they are even better today then when they were when Young......LOL! your the same! just now your body is on the decline and your ego is on the incline to compensate.......go buy a red sports car and find a Young girl to prove his point even further! As for the sale anology above...its not that the younger think they know it is your reluctance to realize they are more informed and smarter then you were at their age and probably on par or still smarter than you now. good on you waki keep your keyboard close its always a pleasure to see the sensitive "tuff" guys act out!!!
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 Get a job, Wako. Stop leeching the Swedish taxpayer.
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 @Bird-Man not really taking offense. Just pointing out Waki's keyboard warrior rants. On almost every post its the same tired soapbox rhetoric from someone who has way too much free time
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 I honestly agree on what said by a 42 yo i still race dh and from three years i train young guys of my dh team..and they listen about health and training advices much more than what i thought..
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 @owlie - this entertains me, puts a smile on my face from time to time, that is the only form of time wasting I practice. No computer games, no TV.

@MojoMaujer - I have a job you idiot. A great one. Cool projects, great teamwork and good looking coworkers keeping my testosterone levels in check. You want to get my Linked In friend acceptance or what?!
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 jeez, you old goats don't have go on and on... Wink
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 A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer. Bruce Lee
  • 1 3
 I can flood you with loads of similar stuff from Tony Robbins or Rocky Balboa. Life changing quotes, I swear Big Grin
  • 1 0
 Oh I'm sure you can, but i knew you would be easily baited to respond to the quote hence the "wise answer" Wink anyways Bruce Lee would kick Tony Robbins and Rocky's ass... at the same time, so Razz
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 SPOILER ALERT: Cam gets his bike and gear back in Nepal.
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 More of this stuff please PB!!
  • 3 0
 I've dealt with a lot of soft tissue injuries over the last few years and I've spent countless hours researching and practicing soft issue release. I think it's great stuff, but what has really helped me is learning better mobility and moving through full range of motion more often. Mountain bikers have a tendency to get rigid, and getting away from the bike and moving differently has helped me feel much better. Currently experimenting with MovNat sort of stuff. Good stuff!
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 So when I sit crossed leg on the roller or on the ball I get pain/ slight ache down my leg, doesn't matter which leg. Is this just because I'm as tight as hell or could I be hitting my sciatic nerve?
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 Waki is an idiot! I'm 52, come ride with this old fart and you'll see what 30 years of riding all disciplines of mountain biking and a focus on embracing anything new, can do for your power/endurance and all out passion for riding.....still
  • 1 2
 wow someone thinks alot of himself!!! After this statement, not sure waki is the idiot. your mid life ego aside, before calling someone an idiot for having an opinion (very rigid thinking), maybe take a look to see who this guy is and what he does...cuz IDIOT he is not.....opinionated, aggressive, cocky, all acurate but idiot he is much hate from the insecure middle aged who beleive they are entitled due to their experience, and that the experience counts for does not and your comment above only proves that your age is 52 but your maturity is that of a high school kid who never could find his way into the cool crowd.

keep at it!!! @WAKIdesigns your really pissing of the old man and their insecurities are bubbling up with a tuff guy persona....LOL!!!
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 @pedaler - Wow, first off I did not meant to pixx off anyone, buuuut now I see it was necessaryto throw things up in the air by a mistake. Now, it was mainly a respense for a paternizing comment at "youngsters" as if they were not listening. Turns out I have released so much paternal energy... Get conscious of what hormones do with you in your teenagehood nr2. It's cool, I'm looking forward to get back my freedom at that age, I'll buy a fkng Yamaha R1, hell yea. I'll just try not to sht on 35 year olds like I'm now getting to understand teenagers, since nomatter the way I look at it, I was one, and every step onthe way brought me to where I am. Fk me... Press the button! Dzzzzzz! "Oh you fk hell do you know about life" hahahaha
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 Birdman, do not forget....time stands still for no man. Your time will come and you will be 52 too and realize you weren't near as awesome as you currently think you are. I look back at myself when I was young and thought I was pretty hot shit at all I did. As I got older it became apparent I was just mediocre and also a dick.
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 Stoked, we need more guys like this! Being 23 and already a few surgery deep with bad hips a good majority of my days are spent in pain. The lacrosse ball works wonders, I also found racket balls are great for the super sensitive areas as well. Awesome video series.
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 Wow this comes in the right time, I have a Jumpers Knee a months ago, I think this gonna help me back on bike in good conditions Smile
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 Wow. Such wisdom from Wakoff.
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 Been using similair techniques for about 5 years now, after compounding my femur and breaking my Hip. This is really good stuff.
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 I'd love to be able to spend half my ride standing - sadly I pedal up the hill too so its only a fraction of my usual rides...
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 You don't have to sit while pedaling uphill Wink . Even on my track bike on our flat roads I pedal standing up for 30 seconds every 5 minutes for extra intensity.
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 Yes! Thanks for the content.
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 Yeah these are deadly articles, thanks for the contribution.
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 Holy crap Waki, I'm 50 ish, I use this and weighted type exercises when I'm not riding . Probably why I can still ride fairly aggressive, ....SETTLE down !!
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 Great information! Thanks pinkbike
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 I am not sure how people will watching me in gym when I will do exercise from second video 9th min Smile )))
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 This guy is funny!! And pretty good explanations as well Smile
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 Yeah Waki!!!!! Jeeez not again!!! What we chatting about anyway?
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 an old baseball bat toy with foam cover just did the job amazingly well!
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