Mass Start Downhill Race in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Aug 19, 2010
by Cody Swansborough  
- Needed: Downhill Riders: Registration still open for Red Bull 5000 Down presented by RockShox -

WHISTLER, BC – August 19, 2010 – New features on the course and athlete roster promise an exciting second edition of Red Bull 5000 Down hitting Whistler Mountain Bike Park in British Columbia on September 11 and 12, 2010. Over the course of two days, mountain bikers will gather at the peak of Whistler Mountain to descend more than 2,182 metres (7,159 feet) and a vertical of 1,530 metres (5,020 feet), challenged by bar-to-bar racing as they battle side-by-side, dealing with fatigue and navigating through dirt trails riddled with jumps, stunts, drops and root-strewn terrain. More details inside,All riders will need to sustain constant physical and mental effort to maintain control during the entire descent. Flying down past the Roundhouse Lodge, they will enter the world-famous Whistler Mountain Bike Park at the top of the Garbanzo Express chairlift, before riding the Park’s giant slalom course and finally crossing the finish line in Whistler Village. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to race from the peak, as Whistler Peak is usually not opened for mountain biking.

The event will draw some of the greatest North American and European riders to the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Among the riders will be a combination of the sport’s emerging and established superstars including 2008 World Champions siblings, Gee and Rachel Atherton. “I’m super excited to come out and race the event,” said Gee. 2009 female winner Katrina Stand is looking forward to coming back and defending her title in the 2010 Red Bull 5000 Down.

How to Enter
Categories are open to both men and women 17-years-old and over. Each racer will have to qualify on Saturday, September 11th for a spot in the race on Sunday, September 12. Out of the 400 qualified athletes, the fastest 250 will move on to the race on Sunday.

Registration ($80 for pass holders and $90 for non-pass holders) is open until September 9th at and includes race plate and a two-day pass to the Whistler Bike Park. No on-site registration is available. Full body armor and a full-face helmet are required for all participants.

The event is free to spectators in the village.

Event Schedule:
Friday, September 10: 10am – 8pm: Open Training
Saturday, September 11: 12pm – 6pm: Qualifiers
Sunday, September 12: 11am: Mass Start Women / 12pm: Mass Start Men / 2pm: Awards

For information about Whistler Blackcomb, please visit
To learn more about RockShox, please go to:

For more information about the Red Bull world, visit

For all media inquiries including accreditation, please contact:
Josée Laperrière
Red Bull Canada


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 Quote from the article, "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to race from the peak, as Whistler Peak is usually not opened for mountain biking."

Err, I thought they've run this event before, and plan to do it again in the future. Wouldn't that make this a "one-a-year" opportunity? Confused

Anyways, this sounds like such a cool event. A chance for North Americans to participate in an Avalanche-style race event, without having to fly across the pond. Boy would I ever love to give this a go.
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 WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE 17? Did they just pick a random age? Most things are 16, or 18 so that people are adults. Damn.
  • 2 0
 Most things are 19... I can legally drive, vote, and all that stuff.... but I'm not allowed to sign myself up for the Air DH at crankworx? haha

So much for 18 being considered an adult.
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 That will be AWESOME !
  • 2 4
 so sick. gonna be ill man
  • 32 1
 get well soon buddy
  • 5 9
flag TenBeers (Aug 19, 2010 at 20:17) (Below Threshold)
 @hen7: Haha, yeah, we need some new words, or maybe just stick to the classics. "Sending it" finally seems to be dying. Better than "receiving it" I guess. Or maybe I'm just too much of a Pinkgeezer.

@Tyler3o: Sorry if you are really feeling bad, hope you feel better soon.
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 "REDBULL 5000 DOWN" scroll down a bit "presented by rockshox" lol
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 i really didnt wish i lived in scotland at the time this is on, i would be signed up already if i wasnt
  • 1 1
 Sweet! couldnt enter last year. Will do this year! hopefully there will be better weather
  • 2 1
 i wish i lived closer! That looks rad!
  • 2 1
 Oh boy! thats beyond rad! xD

is men and women racing at same time??
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 So what's the race track? like which trails?
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 pretty expensive to enter if you ask me, but it's gonna be a sick race
  • 1 2
 considering its over $100 just for two regular days of riding there, its actually pretty cheap. You pay less for the two days and get to race in a pretty sick event. If i was a little closer i would do it, looks like sooo much fun!
  • 1 2
 yeah im in it.
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  • 1 3
 i was just kdding, but i would love to be in this race, how old do you have to be?
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 oh you kidder you LOL, errr 17 i believe it says, but they are only taking the 20 fastest people under 19 the rest will be the fastest qualifiers to make 250 on raceday
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 shit, i guess i should practice hard for the next year and year and four months so i can be in this!
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 hopefully it becomes a regular annual event
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 You need to have a valid race license. (UCI, CCA, etc)
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 oh, i didn't know that, how do you get a license?
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 You don't need a Race license. I helped with this event last year and my ex raced it and she doesn't have a race license
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 You do if you are under 19. Taken straight from the website: "In addition, under 19's need to acknowledge that they can comply with the following terms and conditions;
Provide a valid race license for Canada, US or International at time of race package pick up,
eg. UCI (international license) , CCA (Canadian license), Cycling USA (American license)."
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 ah, well me and her are older than 19, that sucks, sorry to hear that. But we are still both right
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 so to be any professional race you have to have a license?
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 well if your racing BC cup, Canada Cup, UCI WC or NORBA, US nationals you do. other wise i think it's just up to the event and the organizers.
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 dude i wanna be there
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 the track they race on is not that hard i rode it and it was simple all it is is a gravel road
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 hahaha that is only the top or the course also image going down that with about 250 riders all around you... going race speed

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