Red Bull Formation Cancelled For 2023

May 18, 2023
by Christie Fitzpatrick  
Harriet Burbidge-Smith hits the drop to step-up on ride day 1 at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 29 May 2021

Red Bull Formation has announced it will not return for its fourth edition this May. The freeride event is designed for women riders to build and ride lines in the Utah desert whilst providing mentorship, community, and the chance to break barriers and further develop women's freeriding.

Earlier this year the April event was delayed to the fall, and then over the past few days we heard rumblings it was cancelled altogether for 2023. We reached out to the organizers, who confirmed it.

bigquotes“Red Bull Formation has been postponed for 2023. We are excited to be working with the athletes and select industry leaders to best evolve the event in anticipation of its return.”Red Bull

No word on the challenges that led to its cancellation, but we'll keep digging. The event has been a huge success as a global stage for women in freeride, and this news will come as a disappointment to many.

bigquotesRed Bull Formation was formed to create a future path for women in freeride mountain biking. Last year was a spectacular event. We saw the sport progress in ways we didn’t think was possible in such a short amount of time, and it proves how much talent there is in the women’s field that needs the opportunity to blossom.Red Bull Formation Co-Founder Katie Holden

Kelsey Toevs working on Pinkbike's all-female media team in 2023. Photo: Katie Lozancich

Below are some highlights from the 2022 event.

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 So is the vagueness of the details of "WHY?" to set the comments section on fire?

Or is to avoid saying "not even women wanted to huck themselves for no money this year"?
Or...we got booted from the site because electric unicycles were poaching it?
Or.........root beer.
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 F'ing Root Beer. Always messing things up. Big Grin
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 I am hoping because the formation has concluded and it is time for the women to be part of the big show.
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 @BenPea: or lack of...
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 The only way there will be enough money for these types of events is to somehow increase the amount of viewership and interest from the riding and general public, maybe take a page from women’s collegiate swimming to increase public interest???
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 You’re Barqing up the wrong tree with that root beer comment.
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 @wobblegoblin: Huh??? I don’t think I have ever watched collegiate swimming? Anyone else ever watch this?
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 @SLBIKES: I believe it was a joke. College swimming has had some high profile cases of men competing as women. Google Lia Thomas.
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 @wobblegoblin: Are you saying that Bud-lite needs to co-sponsor?
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 @bman33: keep root beer out of this. Root beer have nothing to do with this. The only thing root beer is guilty here is being f**king delicious.
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 @leifgren: what a terrible comment....I hope you get Mug'd
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 @leifgren: IBC what you did there.
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 Will you Dads stop it with the root beer puns aleady?
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 @ybsurf: and keep me on some nice turquoise bikes
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 Love this comment! I hope PB Hires this guy to write articles!
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 @renoirbud: maybe their transitioning to another…ehem..uh..format?
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 @BenPea: Bingo.
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 They need time to work out the definition of a "woman"
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flag WRCDH (May 19, 2023 at 2:14) (Below Threshold)
 I predict they’ll return in 2024 with the launch of Red Bull’s new “Red Cow” milk-based protein/energy drink for women, as their sponsor.
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 @WRCDH: There are a number of possible responses to this but I'll go with
  • 4 5
 @notsosikmik: LOL they barely have enough time to hold 2 runs for the men's. Do you really believe they have enough time to run a complete women's category as well?
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 @wobblegoblin: I’m triggered… into upvoting you
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 Root beer is overrated. I recently switched to sarsaparilla and have been very pleased with the results
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 @leifgren: I know, what MUG
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 @scott-townes: make it a week. run women 2 days prior to men
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 @snomaster: Its already a 2 week event. There's a lot more to a contest than the weather days for competing.
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 @snomaster: you guys are sadists
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 @scott-townes: seen crazier things done before. You know we faked a moon landing right?!?!?
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 @leifgren: Agreed, I don't think that comment floats.
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 Boycott Root Beer
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 @dtm1: Thank you for linking this clear and concise presentation. I found all the answers from 02:07-03:24
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 @notsosikmik: lmao if they actually wanna see progression, get some trans women to compete in the womens comp
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 Too Many Virgils weighing in
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 @scott-townes: It could be a 2 weekend event or just held over 4 days instead of 2. There are plenty of options.
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 @larrymclush: who hurt you?
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 I really like Formation because unlike Rampage, Formation seems to still in some way be related to the sport I do. And, whilst the skill of all of the women riders is way beyond what I will ever achieve, they do at least have the decency to look slightly nervous about riding off cliffs, which does a better job of communicating just how insane the size and the steepness of the features they are hitting is.
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 I agree with that plus I thought the editing was great and it made it more entertaining to watch the Rampage, well at least the live portion of rampage.
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flag scott-townes (May 19, 2023 at 2:49) (Below Threshold)
 The men are just as nervous, that's called sexism.
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 @scott-townes: It's got nothing to do with sex, it's just experience. Formation is an event explicitly designed to allow a group of people with less experience of a riding a particular magnitude of feature gain that knowledge, whereas Rampage is the very most experienced and skilled people in the world riding those same/similar features. It's absolutely to be expected that the people with less experience will approach features with less speed, or pause a fraction longer before dropping-in and so **look** more nervous to the viewer.

I'm not saying they are or aren't more nervous, but the appearance of nerves makes the spectacle more compelling and allows me to relate to the rider in a way that I can't when Semenuk rolls into a million foot drop like it's nothing. It's the perfection of those riders, which comes from their experience, that has made Rampage less exciting to me over the years, despite the feats becoming more and more incredible each year.
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flag scott-townes (May 19, 2023 at 4:29) (Below Threshold)
 @Woody25: So your point is based on unfounded and false assumptions. LOL got it.
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 @scott-townes: Men are less nervous about risk Scott. Deny reality if you want. I'll put you in the same camp as flat earthers and creationists.
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 @Adamrideshisbike: Funny, it seems like none of you listen to the riders who compete at Rampage.
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flag larrymclush (May 19, 2023 at 7:18) (Below Threshold)
 @scott-townes: just like the moon landing. Never happened… fake.
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flag Adamrideshisbike (May 19, 2023 at 8:21) (Below Threshold)
 @scott-townes: crazy that I value science over anecdote.
  • 4 6
 @Adamrideshisbike: Its crazy you think the riders competing at Rampage don't know their own emotions or you believe they're lying.
  • 8 2
 @Adamrideshisbike: Using the word science to justify a point is not scientific. Do you have data and math associated with your valuation system or just your own anecdotes?
  • 3 4
 @bigwheels87: well it's common sense to start with, but also well established in psychology. I'm not posting links to obvious shit. You're embarrassing.
  • 4 3
 @scott-townes: not paying a woman the same money for doing the same job as a male counterpart: sexist
not acknowledging men and women are psychologically different: dumb
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 @ReformedRoadie: "I can see who looks more nervous through their full face and men can't be nervous" is dumb.
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 The event has been postponed indefinitely but the whole article is just a bunch of quotes about how great the event has been?
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 Because this is just a rehash of a press release and not journalism. Fingers crossed PB interviews some athletes who are willing to speak to why it got canned.
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 @corposello: another slaying deep dive article.
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 To be fair to them, I wouldn't have known had I not seen this, so it still serves a purpose, even if it is light on detail.
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 I’ve worked on the media team in previous years and from a reliable source I’ve heard it got “postponed” aka cancelled because the women wanted to ride in Rampage and Redbull didn’t want to do that so they boycotted Formation
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 @pierceklinke: doubtful. No one is boycotting ANY extra coverage they can get, in a space of limited coverage and exposure.
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 @yakimonti: lol okay then, who are you to say. I know the event organizers and some of the athletes from having worked it in previous years
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 112,000 views on the top 2022 formation highlights video on YouTube 848,000 views on 2022 hardline highlights video 1,000,000 views on 2022 rampage highlights 1,900,000 views on 2022 Flugtag highlights video 3,800,000 views for 2019 crashed ice highlight video If I owned a business that had as big a disparity as these numbers, and each event required similar staffing, media coverage, Sponsor relations, site management and all of the other leg work, you bet your butt I'm spending 2 seasons trying to build it, and if it doesn't at least show signs of growth or generation I'm axing it. Sometimes the juice ain't worth the squeeze
  • 7 9
 What was the marketing budget for the other events vs formation? I get your point, but lots of other factors contribute to viewership.
  • 11 0
 @stonant: sort by view count as well.
Highest formation views: 112k
Highest hardline views: 22M
Highest rampage views: 221M

Gargantuan difference in eyeballs drawn for what is simply advertising.
  • 59 21
 Translation - Sales and revenues are down, budgets need to be cut and we use antiquated ROI metrics so decided this was no longer worth it. Shame.
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 Genuinely curious.

What ROI metrics are antiquated?

What ROI metrics would you use?
  • 8 3
 Aren’t ROI KPIs pretty cut and dry? Numbers don’t lie.
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 @Clifflane3: the goal of the event itself isn’t to make money. Any profit from an event is probably a nice to have. The goal of any Red Bull event is to promote and sell Red Bull. How much more Red Bull was sold because of Formation? You need to know that to calculate their ROI.
  • 9 0
 @gregs22: I would think Red Bull’s goal is always to make money. Wether if the ROI is from sponsors, viewerships, or KPI of enrollments in emails etc. I wish the event didn’t get cancelled but would bet it fell short on their KPIs (whatever those may be).
  • 8 0
 @gregs22: the goal is selling RedBull but that doesn't work when there aren't enough viewers in the first place. It ends up hurting the company more than helping them. I've got nothing but appreciation for Redbull, they do so many sick events and sponsor a ton of athletes. I doubt they'd do this if they didn't have too. I'm sure they were stoked for the idea of a women's event but money is money.
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 It’s possible interest may just be elsewhere. My wife rides a ton, but she doesn’t watch Formation. Looking at her Instagram, she follows Kate Courtney, Jolanda Neff, Haley Batten, Hannah Otto, etc. Her friends are all in the same boat. They aspire to just ride better, to be faster and fitter, but not to huck, and I think a lot of women are similar. Is it fair to just let women be interested in what they want?
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 @gregs22: well, if the company that stands to profit said it's not worth it, why are we hand wringing over it?

it was a big giant money suck, and the people that run the company have their investors interest first and foremost, LEGALLY.
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 @gregs22: ‘the goal is to sell red bull’

…you mean make money?
  • 1 1
 @skiandmtbdirtbag: is that not the same thing?
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 @Mtbdialed: Red Bull doesn’t have investors, they are a gmbh.

They had revenue of 5 billion. I don’t know how much of a money suck (relatively) foundation was. I’m sure and I wish they would find a way to keep the event going.
  • 3 1
 @DylanH93: I think that was the point I was trying to make. A lot of people commented that the event didn’t make money in that it didn’t sell tickets and the ROI is “cut and dry”. These are marketing events and marketing ROI is hard to calculate because you have to calculate how much more Red Bull was sold (or not) because of this event.
  • 4 1
 @gregs22: Thats my point mate. You are saying the point of the event is not to make money. Thats the whole point of the event. To make money by selling redbull
  • 1 1
 @skiandmtbdirtbag: probably a poorly worded comment on my part.

I don’t think Red Bull wants to make money from the event itself (I.e. event ticket sales) but more so to use it as a marketing tool to sell more Red Bull. If it’s the latter, then ROI is harder to calculate.
  • 2 3
 @gregs22: ROI can be measured by eyeballs on the event. Just like ROI can be measured from any of these events
  • 3 0
 @gregs22: the goal of the event is to sell women red bull
  • 2 1
 I think a better ROI would be to help these women produce regular YouTube content that gets women excited about the sport.
  • 2 0
 @SacAssassin: clicks and views are an antiquated measure. This is a brand play (IMO)…if you’re trying to measure brand you’ve already lost.
  • 3 2
 @gregs22: being a private business, doens't mean you don't have investors. it means you aren't publically traded.

I am an investor in a private company, and the language of the contract expressly commits those running the company to first and foremost gaurd my investment. Which means, they have to make making the business grow in value and turn a profit, their first priority always.

now, perhaps Red Bull doesn't have any outside investment interest, but I would doubt that. At that size, it would be almost unheard of to not have some outside investment capital involved.
  • 1 0
 @Mtbdialed: a 5 sec search shows Red Bull is owned by 3 people, having 49%, 49% and 2% ownership respectively. Could be different know that Dietrich has passed but it could be in a trust. I don’t know.

you’re original comment of “ the people that run the company have their investors interest first and foremost, LEGALLY.” Could be true, could be not. Since they aren’t public and with limited investors, hard to tell but I’d say unlikely they have that sort of language.
  • 1 0
 @gregs22: Actually, it was co-founded by two businessmen from Thailand and Austria, who each invested half a million of their own $$ to get started. 2% of ownership was given to the son of the Thai investor. Both co-founders have passed away but it remains a "family business".
  • 2 0
 @gregs22: nope, even without a formal contract, anyone in control of a company has a fiduciary responsibilty to anyone else that has an interest in the company, as a matter of course. 49/49/2....even the 2 has a responsibility to do what is in the best interest of the two 49's, as well as himself.

furthermore, that 3 way split in ownership in no way means they don't have outside equity involved. you don't get ownership by investing as a matter of course. you clearly don't understand all the ways VC can and does work.
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 There isn't even a huge amount of MEN following MEN's competitive mountain biking.... Let alone women watching the women. I personally ride 3,000 miles per year, and barely tune in for the condensed highlight reels on youtube.
  • 19 57
flag adminofthegapers (May 18, 2023 at 16:26) (Below Threshold)
 Beat it back to the roady forums, who gives a shit about mileage
  • 3 0
 You don't watch Rampage even? Feels like that and Hardline are the best events of the year. The world cup racing is pretty good too but you've got to get into it to appreciate what's going on.
  • 8 1
 @DylanH93: I haven’t watched rampage since Zink got old. Don’t find it interesting in the slightest anymore. Watch some WC dh when I have the chance. It’s so hard to convey technical riding like rampage and hardline.

When I worked in shops for a decade I would often ask customers who their favourite rider was and I eventually watered that question down to did they following any of the racing, etc. I would say less than 10% of customers had any idea about EWS while buying their 170mm 29’er.
  • 3 2
 It's not competitive, it's not live and it's not really even covered that well with post-event media assets.
  • 2 0
 @DylanH93: I mostly read/watch the bike checks from those events... Not the event itself. As far as video media, there's a lot of youtubers who upload awesome content that has absolutely nothing to do with contests. Just look at how many views the "dream build" edits get of a guy in his garage assembling a bike.
  • 4 1
 @DylanH93: I hate to say it, but I don't watch anything on sports at all. I watch some history and science related videos on YouTube (USS New Jersey YouTube is great), but nothing sports at all.

If I want to watch, I just go participate myself.
  • 3 0
 @JSTootell: There's a difference between "participant sport" and "spectator sport".... Mountain biking is VERY MUCH a participant sport, where something like Formula 1 is a spectator sport.
  • 1 0
 @JonDud: True. But I also don't watch MotoGP*, but I do have a dedicated track bike and do race occasionally.

*I went to CotA last year for MotoGP weekend, but that was on the invitation of my mother who has become a professional motorcycle race photographer and had a press pass.
  • 1 0
 @JonDud: I'm surprised to see many of you guys don't watch. I don't care about any other sport but Rampage is like the Superbowl for me, absolutely love watching it. They seem to get a ton of live viewers and millions more after, surely it's more than just me hahaha.
  • 56 30
 all the simps boohooing in the comment section yet none of them would have watched it anyway. maybe some 2 minute highlights a week later. if you want to keep formation going, go support it.
  • 17 3
 They couldn’t, there was no media coverage anyway
  • 13 9
 Thank you for being the one to come out and say it. The hypocrisy of demanding others to support a cause or sport that one fails to support themselves is so painful.
  • 8 10
 Do you even know how it works? Or are you too busy calling people "simps" from your mum's basement?
  • 3 3
 @notthatfast: why was their no media coverage, you think? could it be that there was zero interest shown in it?

I also don't see a lot of Croquet matches televised....
  • 44 18
 Too many dudes wanted to participate in the event
  • 17 16
 Not gonna lie after the recent UCI events, I imagined what would happen if a top tier men dh rider suddenly changed genders and joined the women's category Imagining amaury pierron in a dress is something I want out of my head
  • 1 14
flag JohanG (May 19, 2023 at 6:09) (Below Threshold)
 We do need to end gender discrimination in sports.
  • 6 7
 Damn son. That was a good one.

Also, it’s probably because they want to get ahead of that issue and cancel it before too many MEN attempt to participate.
  • 6 0
 @JohanG: what does that even mean? Are you saying there should or shouldn't be mens and womens catagories?
  • 2 2
 @RedIsleFreeride: well men and women are equals....
  • 3 0
 Am I the only one around here that has no idea what this is referring to?
  • 5 0
 @hughbm: honestly just consider yourself lucky
  • 23 0
 Didn't rake in enough moolah for redbull?
  • 75 93
flag adminofthegapers (May 18, 2023 at 13:45) (Below Threshold)
 Only way you’re making money on women’s sports is if they’re all in bikinis
  • 33 53
flag Saucycheese FL (May 18, 2023 at 15:00) (Below Threshold)
 @adminofthegapers: grow TF up you idiot
  • 39 59
flag adminofthegapers (May 18, 2023 at 15:12) (Below Threshold)
 @Saucycheese: WNBA and women’s soccer are a joke and just lose money, you grow up
  • 22 21
 @adminofthegapers: and it's because of the joke of an attitude people like you have.
  • 32 52
flag adminofthegapers (May 18, 2023 at 15:59) (Below Threshold)
 @inked-up-metalhead: guess you don’t have the ability to look up viewership for each sport, that’s where the joke is. It’s woketopia to believe anybody actually cares about any woman’s sport beyond some virtue signaling BS.
  • 30 22
 @adminofthegapers: leave pinkbike and go back to 4chan where scum like you exist
  • 12 59
flag adminofthegapers (May 18, 2023 at 16:41) (Below Threshold)
 @Saucycheese: women are just here to impregnate and sports is just a mating dance, not sure where women’s sports fit in that equation and the numbers back it up. Basic biology my northern brother.
  • 27 6
 @adminofthegapers: are you living with limited understanding of the world or just choosing to be this dumb? My god you need to stop listening to Andrew Tate
  • 11 47
flag adminofthegapers (May 18, 2023 at 16:45) (Below Threshold)
 @Saucycheese: breeding is the only reason we’re here, dong in a hole, that’s what it’s all about. Why do I need to see a person do a thing less well than the boys do it. Special Olympics replacing the real Olympics anytime soon?
  • 19 1
 @Saucycheese: that dude definitely seems to be trolling but it is true WNBA is actually a net loss for revenue. End of the day the company can't survive if it's not making money off events. I'm just thankful for all the amazing events Redbull does now. They must survive lol!
  • 10 4
 @DylanH93: I think women’s mountain bike racing is just as exciting as the men’s, especially the XC events. I like DH but the head-to-head tactics in XC make it very entertaining. There are lots of women who can win a race in those events. For example, in the last ten years, 7 different women have won world champs vs just 3 for the men (thanks a LOT nino!). It is a bit closer on the DH side but the women have also had more champions in recent memory (9 vs 5 in the last 12-13 years if I’m counting right)
  • 18 21
 @DylanH93: WNBA exists out of pure socialism.....NBA dollars, and there are billions of them, prop it up. no one goes, because the game play is f*cking abhorrent.Why do you think they never pan out to the crowd during a game? it's because you will see 341 lesbians in a 16,000 person arena. lol. just go to YT and type in "WNBA lowlights" and have a f*cking good ol belly laugh. It isn't good, nor is it a good look for women's athletics.

Women's Pro DH is roughly equivalent. I watch UCI DH and usually watch the top 10 women before the men start. the step between the last women(#1 qualifier) and the first man(last qualifer) to drop is like a completely different sport.

To highlight with my very average ability. the last Ft. Williams race in 2019, I would have been on the podium with my PR down that track, if I simply identified as a woman. worse yet, is I have only ridden Ft Bill like 10 total runs lol. I am 46yrs old and not a pro. I am a fairly quick old guy.

Women's DH isn't even competitive!? there are like 3 women that are fast(for women) then a giant f*cking chasm back to the also rans that are like 10+sec off the podium. every single race. meanwhile, the men have 2sec seperating the top 20.

Womens DH is like being forced to listen to a 3rd grade music recital of Bach being played on Kazoos, while the SF Philharmonic is also playing across town. Just......why?
  • 3 6
 @Mtbdialed: I highly doubt you would podium the women’s field at fort William just based upon your comment lol.
  • 18 0
 I hope they go out and just do an unsanctioned progression session anyway, it'd be a bummer for these women to lose momentum.
  • 21 19
 Following a lot of the Insta accounts of the women in freeride, they almost like never post any new riding vids, meanwhile the heavy hitters on the mens side are always posting riding. Its almost like riders themselves aren't into the sport as much as the men are.
  • 6 24
flag rclugnut (May 18, 2023 at 18:38) (Below Threshold)
 @8a71b4: that's a terrible thing to say.
  • 8 1
 @rclugnut: saying facts?
  • 2 1
 @8a71b4: how can you get that good at something without being into it?
  • 7 0
 @Dogl0rd: do you have a job?
  • 5 0
 @therealnobody: damn, checkmate in 1
  • 7 6
 @Dogl0rd: I mean like into the whole "putting women freeride on the map". The riders all got skill, but it seems like they are just a subset of the women that have fitness, time, support, and a standard interest in the sport to put in time at the air bag or a foam pit to get good, but beyond that, its whatever.

For example Kaylee Gibb, super talented rider, learning a backflip at 33 on a mountain bike nonetheless. In the her instagram profile header:

Kaylee Gibb
Fashion Model

Do you really expect women freeride to get big with these participants?
  • 4 1
 @8a71b4: Are you actually joking?
  • 2 2
Do you follow robin goomes? Ellie chew? Casey? Harriet haz nation?

They post constantly!

And as more companies actually back this new wave of free riding female you’re only going to see more and more.

Your negative attitude is an example that you are part of the problem
  • 12 1
 Not cool
  • 6 0
 With events like darkfest including women now i don't see why we would need formation. Formation came across as toned down rampage while darkfest has women hitting as big of jumps as the men which was awsome to see. Once again props to sam pushing men and women’s mountain biking to the next level!
  • 8 3
 Would be good for pinkbike to find out more about this. Hard to comment when the facts are so scarce. Big supporter of women's riding and keen to understand what is behind this as at face value is seems a retrograde step....
  • 14 1
 Hard to comment when facts are scarce? That never stopped anyone around here before!
  • 12 6
 This is an opportunity for a company/business to step up and make this happen. The women's market has a lot of growth potential as demonstrated over the last several years.
  • 10 2
 I can name a dozen women I know, in about a 30 mile radius of my house that ride MTB. None of them know about formation. They are pretty well versed in product, trails to ride, a lot of MTB content, but they are resonating with just riding bikes.
  • 4 1
 @yakimonti: I've pretty much tried to get every female friend I know to try mtb and all but two were interested, most thought they'd get hurt. Of those two they enjoy more just exploring nature in the forest, which I love on occasion as well. Guys seem to like jumps, fast technical stuff, just challenges that can lead to injury. The women I know wouldn't really relate to Formation as it's not how they view mtb in the first place.
  • 8 3
 Welcome to recession planning my friends, strap in, we are in for a ride! Here's to cheap bikes in 2024 from over production and decreased consumer demand! Fingers crossed!
  • 17 10
 Only Fans could come on board as a sponsor?
  • 20 17
 Weird. This comment section is full of angsty teenage incels. Hopefully someday they'll meet an actual woman and have their beliefs changed. Too bad Formation got tanked - I enjoyed watching it, and I think it's important for the sport.
  • 11 15
flag VelkePivo (May 19, 2023 at 5:58) (Below Threshold)
 weird in your PC bubble
  • 6 1
 They should just turn it into a competitive rampage style event to rack up viewership
  • 7 0
 No reason why?
  • 12 10
 As a male I really enjoyed watching this event, but even more watching women's riding just get better and better these past few years has been epic to witness. Hannah B's Hang Time event in Bellingham on Galbraith's Blue Steel is another great event led by women. It was a blast to watch, and seeing what sort of inspiration it has on my daughters means a lot to them and that stoke as a parent is real. I mean we did have a female rider at RedBull Hardlines last year, Jess Blewitt was there, so maybe we are starting to see a pivot. If the ladies want to rip, let 'em rip.....the more the merrier. MTB should not just be about dudes, it has enough bro culture as it is and us dudes can give a lot more room to the ladies leading the charge these days, they have earned it.
  • 2 0
 If the goal of Formation was to help women develop, a big marquee event with a compressed timeline might not have been the best solution to begin with. I’m hoping the women who made Formation rad keep mentoring local riders-and that we see some sort of events tied to that.

Maybe a Formation series? New venue every year and a crew of women shredders show up, build rad trails for the local community and throw down??

I’d watch that-and maybe travel to those trails.
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 Too bad they can't mix them in at rampage somehow, I think we would all enjoy that, but I guess it's just too big?
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 "My Hope" vs. "My Gut"...

Hopefully they are working on structure to get more involvement, more support, more riders, more diggers and push the progression further.

My instincts tell me something more disappointing and reductive is at play.
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 Seems to have served its purpose, let a few women into rampage and see how they do
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 *invite a few women
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flag adminofthegapers (May 18, 2023 at 14:52) (Below Threshold)
 @somebody-else: well they clearly where dudes were in 2003 so you’re watering down the field, but I’m fine with letting them in. Inviting is reserved for people who deserve to be there.
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 Gaurenteed its a money thing. I dont think it will keep the women from doing there thing. Rampage isnt neccessary for guys to do there thing , ladies are no different in this regard, watch and see.
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 Money or access to the trails, I have heard there is a lot of drama with those trails back in those zones lately.
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 @yakimonti: that area of utah is blowing up with socal and vegas remote work transplants. i am sure access is starting to and will continue to be a problem
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 @yakimonti: Like what? Been riding those old zones for years, haven't heard a peep.
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 The woman should organize and put on the event anyways, Red Bull or not, then sell the footage from it! Like how comedians foot the bill for their Netflix special and own every aspect of its development then sell it to the highest bidder.
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 Thats not how it works, one comedian did that. Sure Netflix will buy up old sets, but actual Netflix specials are paid for by Netflix. Stop making shit up.
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 Sad to see this go, would like to see more women in the sport but can't really seem to find a lot of women interested in it, where I live theres like 100 guys for every 1 female rider and I'm being generous
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 Por que
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 In other news MAFS and love island have been renewed for another billion series (inserts face palm emoji)
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 "but we'll keep digging"

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 Transition pulled out?
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 How can they pull out if they’ve transitioned
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 @adminofthegapers: it's an order of operations thing
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 Hopefully another company can step up. So many good female riders! The women freeride movement is taking off and wont be stopped!
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 Hopefully was cancelled because of something simple like a scheduling or permitting issue, and will return in the future. I know Katie is one of the most positive people around, and has done amazing things to get this started and will keep going next year
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 with the influx of riders since the pandemic began I believe sponsors can represent female riders with lots of new designs and sales where are they?
The event does not have to make money it is a statement not a financial risk. The riders paying for their dig and time seem to risk it all before they even climb on a bike.
I don't think anyone expects Rampage like support by the fans but it seems to me sponsors with loads of cash are really missing it here.
Where is Trek? Giant? GT? and everyone else including CliffBar and others.... Hello Pepsi, Coke?
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 Tough times in the sugar water industry.

Who is going to step up to build a platform?
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 what is the pure mtb ? the fest series ? hard to balance the profits and race itself
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 Recession delayed...kinda
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 First Levy now this? 2023 can’t get any worse
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 And doddy
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 If you care so much about Levy's disappearance why don't you write an article about it and they might publish it.
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 Pinkbike users seem to be easily offended yet big on opinions, recipe for some great comments, thanks. Keep the pseudo faux horror coming.
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 My favorite part is when they mention woman and the 15 accounts that never post anything have to reply to every comment thread with something childish.
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 Dick pound
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 Gutted. Frown
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 lol rip
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