Red Bull Foxhunt 2017: Mille Johnset Storms to Victory

Oct 8, 2017
by Red Bull Bike  

Red Bull Foxhunt, the world’s only all-female downhill MTB event, returned this weekend on a brand new course in Wales with a new fox, Katy Winton, and over 200 female riders. A bad crash at the UCI MTB World Championships in Cairns, Australia, last month forced an injured Rachel Atherton to pass on the baton to her Trek Factory Racing Enduro teammate.

bigquotesIt was incredible, it is such an honour to get to come to this event and ride with a bunch of rad ladies who just went for it despite the weather. It was amazing out there today, [overtaking] wasn’t too bad because they fell into a line and I was able to weave between them. It was so funny cause they were like "oh no she’s overtaken me" but then they were like "ah go on then!". So yeah it’s been amazing a part of this and seeing all the camaraderie amongst everyone. It’s been great!Katy Winton

Entries for the 2017 event sold out in a record time of 12 minutes, and from what went on over the weekend it's easy to see why. The event took place in Rachel’s hometown of Machynlleth (Wales) and the new technically challenging course tested the riders to the max as they tried to stay ahead of the fox, Katy Winton.

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Rachel Atherton was on hand across the weekend, providing hints and tips to the riders as they completed their practice runs, encouraging the riders to get out on the track walk and providing her insights into finding the best lines.

First place Mille Johnset celebrates after Red Bull Foxhunt in Wales UK on October 8 2017 Olaf Pignataro Red Bull Content Pool P-20171008-01936 Usage for editorial use only Please go to for further information.

Mille Johnset (NOR) rode to victory in 3 minutes 50 seconds. After the race, she commented, “It was so amazing, it was really fun. I'm so happy to win but I was also really pleased just to get across the finish line.”

Participant competes during Red Bull Foxhunt in Wales UK on October 7 2017 Olaf Pignataro Red Bull Content Pool P-20171008-01939 Usage for editorial use only Please go to for further information.

bigquotesProbably one of the best Foxhunts there’s ever been. The challenging conditions just made everyone really dig deep. As they set off on the race they all found another level; more commitment and more determination and it was sick. I was up at the start and then I got on the quad and we drove to the bottom as fast as we could so we could make it to the finish and I saw them coming across. Everyone was so proud of themselves today; seeing their faces and you know, that’s what Foxhunt is about. Suddenly it all becomes about how they’re feeling, it’s all about the women and what they’ve achieved and like, it’s so cool. I’m so proud of them all really.Rachel Atherton


Mille Johnset 00:03:50
Rosy Monagham 00:04:23
Claire Bennett 00:04:25
Hannah Saville 00:04:29
Alice Grindheim 00:04:34
Sofia Christiansen 00:04:40
Toni Fryer 00:04:44
Liz Gath 00:04:45
Emma Parkes 00:05:00
Ami Grindley 00:05:01

Full results here.

Katy Winston and Rachel Atherton celebrate with first place Mille Johnset on the podium of Red Bull Foxhunt in Wales UK on October 8 2017 Olaf Pignataro Red Bull Content Pool P-20171008-01924 Usage for editorial use only Please go to for further information.

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  • + 25
 'Yeah girls!' - Katy Winton, 2017
  • + 1
 maybe if u say it one more time
  • + 19
 Her positive attitude and enthusiasm towards everyone, all the way down the course, had me smiling the whole video. That's what biking is all about.
  • + 9
 First, Millie didn't just win, she dominated. Second, Katy 21st, starting 8 seconds behind the masses... and taking all the party lines while cheering the others on. Great event.
  • + 5
 Pinkbike should learn to write her name correctly, because it's not going to be the last time they write it. It's Mille, not Millie. Correct in the result list.
  • + 1
 I've seen her ride in Hafjell two weeks ago. She can ride.
  • + 9
 Claire Bennett 00:04:25

Save the cheerleader - save the world!
  • + 4
 Winton needs some wings.. Come on red bull.
  • + 2
 Has to be on the cards, surely...
  • + 4
 Yeah Mille!
  • + 2
 Quite tricky overtaking in that mud, haha
  • + 2
 sucks they didn't keep the faux tweed jersey's
  • + 2
 Some sneaky French lines by Winton!
  • + 1
 do katie and greg still go out? could be a redbull power couple in the making if they do!
  • + 9
 Don't break my heart...
  • + 2
 I wanna compete next year, too :-)
  • + 2
 Go on, that'd be awesome! And shouldn't be a problem since Trek Wink
  • + 2
 It was soooo good!! best ever!!
  • - 1
 It looks like a great event Red Bull, but can you really market it as the "worlds only all- female DH" event when directly below this is your press release for the male race?
  • + 2
 They're separate events
  • + 1
 @russthedog: Really? The two events that happen at the same time, are both called FoxHunt, are both sponsored by Red Bull, and both feature a swarm of people trying not to be passed by one of the Atherton siblings are "separate" events?
  • + 2
 @Dethphist: They're still two different races using different people to chase them down. But why are you taking a press release so seriously? They're promoting their event with this, of course its not going to be 100% clean-cut, accurate reporting.
  • + 2
 They're in 2 different countries too
  • + 2
 @Dethphist: It would have taken you no more effort than reading tbe first sentence in both articles to realise that these were two seperate events held in entirely different locations. But I guess geography and facts don't matter to you because... indignancy, right?
Also the original Fox Hunt held in Ireland is open to all competitors and is not just men-only, which you also incorrectly assumed.
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 Rampage! Rampage! Rampage!
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 Sweet event
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