Red Bull Joyride 2014 - One of the Biggest in Crankworx History

Aug 17, 2014
by Official Crankworx  


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 I don't think the trek c3 team could have done a better job It was by far the best carnkworx IMO Big props and lots of respect to Brandon and Brett!!! Awesome job
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 $25, of the most underpaid risk v. reward sports..
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 This sport needs to go mainstream. As above. Wayyyyy under paid for what they do. When a skater on dew tour makes 200k for a win makes these payouts ridiculously small for the risk
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 yup and the credit. what i heard on the video today was "not much going on in the world of sports so we have nothing to talk about" shit if crosby had a bad headache it would make the news before semenuks historic run ever would
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 Strong Canadian podium
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 I've gotta say I was a bit disappointed with the brits this year. Reynolds was injured which is a damned shame- he's so good to watch and has some crazy tricks in his bag- I fancied him to do well. More annoying was Pilgrim's apparent 'mental block'... FMB champ? Fair enought to be a pansy at Rampage- that sh*t is crazy- but Joyride?? That's unforgivable.

Thanks to all the riders from across the pond for putting on an awesome show. It was one of the best yet. Semenuk and Rheeder are too good!
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 Wind your neck.

Having a go because someone is suffering confidence issues is idiotic, it's personal to him, you clearly don't want him to do well, just to moan about him.

If he tagged you in to ride that course on that stage how would your mental state be?

Typical wannabe attitude from a jumped up moron.

It took balls for him to be honest, be a fan and support him or don't be a fan and support someone else.
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 Shit I didn't know Sam's mum had a pinkbike account. Please explain how my attitude is 'wannabee'. I am a fan of Sams but this year has been a bit frustrating especially considering he's defending champ. He's such a consistent rider and I was hoping for big things- which is why this year has been such an anti-climax.. I have waited for him to not drop in on the biggest comp of the year before commenting. Having no brits in the contest was a real shame. If you think this thread will make any difference to his career success then you are the one who is idiotic, not me.
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 Gavlaa, stop being so annoying, you look like a 10 year old kid that only wants that his superheroe save the world. Mental blocks are bigger when the sponsors, fans, friends and enemies are pushing you to the limits. So if you are talking sh*t like that, go on then.
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 ok hate on gavlaa all you want but the dudes got a point its like being a pumper and saying it smells to bad I'm not doing that job. When your at that level you need to got to all the events and ride i mean look what that does to sponsors would you want the dude that is scared of certain events or a dude thats going to ride every event they can
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 @Konanemia: I am entitled to my opinion and I don't have to resort to personal insults to make my point. I can't believe I've defended Pilgs a lot over time for him not riding rampage and also being FMB despite not being the best rider. Now I voice my mild disappointment and people are hassling me? Gees.
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 when hasn't Pinkbike said it was a day for the history books?
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