Red Bull Rampage 2014: Szymon Godziek's Qualifier Run

Sep 26, 2014
by Red Bull Bike  

Szymon Godziek

Szymon Godziek

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 Godziek must have been born upside down because he flipped that thing way smoother than anyone else that has simply tried to jump it. Insane.
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 holly fuck right!!! shit was like butter on pancakes. Way to go bud!!
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LMFAO the guy above me is "fecalmaster". LOLZ.
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 Pełen szacun i radocha że "gość" z Polski w takich zawodach startuje i w kwalifikacjach tak wysoko się uplasował -BRAWO
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 yea i am giving u props cuz i see that BRAVO in the end!
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 It's: "True respect and and a lot of joy that a guy from Poland taking part in an event as loud as this.. and also about the fact that he qualified so high. bravo".

The gap between the languages is not so huge, as it may seem. Just look at the core parts of words and they are often international. Here are the examples of his comment:
- Polish "startuje" consists of "start" and "-uje". It has the meaning of the verb: "to start", but it has the suffix describing the third person singular (he).
- Polish "kwalifikacjach" consists in the declined noun of "kwalifikacje" - meaning "qualifications" (here: kwa.. = qua..).
- Polish "uplasował" means "he took place", and notice Polish "..plaso.." is very similar to English "place".

Afterall it is not so complicated. Just needs some will.
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 I promise you, he just went "hold my beer I got this" with that backflip ;]
They called him a big mountain rider.... You can see it from far - tank-top/wife beater proves that ;]
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 He's my favourite this year... first time on this challenge and he deserves to win! Go, Poland, go!
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 One thing missing from rampage and that's Rob Warner commentating
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 And Claudio's track preview Wink
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 I agree with both of you!
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 ..and I agree with the three of you. Claudio's pitch among the cliffs of Rampage would be rememberable.
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 haha those 2 can make a turtle race fuckin bad ass to watch
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 Im so proud of Szymon !!! He looks really smooth on this bike , first run on rampage in his life and huge backflip LOL !!
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 Supported, with the addition of the fact that there are not so many places (if any) to practice a backflip this size in Poland.
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 I wonder if we will see tsunami flip in finals or some other ninja stuff.
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 hahahha yeaa imagine tsunami flip over the canyon gap!!
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 Tank top, shorts to wear and only knee-pads, helmet and gloves as protection... This guy sure knows what he is doing, but for his own and his relatives' sake: Wear some damn protection!
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 Szymon Grodziek should be pronounced a bit closer like this: [ ʃəmɔ:n grɔ:dʒjek ]
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 Ok, thanks, but I have a question... how do you pronounce ʃəmɔ:n grɔ:dʒjek
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 You're welcome. These is English phonetic alphabet. Pronounciation can be wirtten down this way. It mainly appears in dictionaries. Each English course should consist of reading this aphabet.

It is not an English name, so it is not likely that a similar sequence of the symbols appears in any English word. I thought this could help. If it does not help, it is time to listen how he introduces himself at 14th second of the following video:

I posted this, because I find the commenter of the video above simply incompetent with his not checking the right pronounciation. I could barely understand who is being introduced.
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 Ha, you're right on there, the commentator didn't even try to pronounce it properly. I don't like these commentators, they speak like they are on a TV ad selling water pistols to 10 year old boys; they overdo it and sound fake.
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 Totally agree, rampage commentator SUCKS! speaking in general, not being specific
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 google is reading his name correctly Wink
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 Excuse me, if I ask you, where is the 'r' letter in his surname?
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 nie mam pytań Smile . amazing
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 my jaw dropped
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 i was about to swear, but had the same issue.. Go Go Szymon!
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 My Jah dropped.
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 szamaaaaaaaaaaaan! Dobrze Big Grin
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 One more vote for Tippie, Rob Warner and Claudio as announcers!
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 Brawo Szymon. Może to trochę patetyczne, ale to tacy ludzie jak Ty, dają mi jeszcze powody do dumy iż jestem Polakiem.
Trzymam kciuki !!!
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 And when you look back in 2007: Make it hard to belive it is the same rider. SO MUCH PROGRESS!
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 Better run than Rheeder but only my opinion though.
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 Anyone else feel like this rampage the guys are really pushing each other
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 And just how did Rheeders run top this?
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 What an amazing job, can't wait for the final to see what else they pull out the bag.
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 Not trying offend any of the other compeditors (they're are all badass!) but, when is trek going to try to snag Szymon so they almost always have the guarantee of getting the 1,2,3?
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 Way to step up and throw down! Nice statement made right out of the chute. GAME ON!
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 Someone please get the mic off that commentator and get Rob in
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 Jesus,,, that was so smooth.
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 my brain couldn't even fully comprehend that at first
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 Мужик, блеадь!!!
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 Szymon so proud of you!!!!
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flag speedy27 (Sep 27, 2014 at 5:31) (Below Threshold)
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 That flip was insane!
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 smooth operator
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 Great run Szymon!!! Best of luck in the finals!!
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 Way to go Dartmoor Bikes!!
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 Insane. Well done. The smoothest canyon backflip ever ;D
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 And no neck braces. Wow.
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flag atiboa (Sep 27, 2014 at 1:49) (Below Threshold)
 Neck braces are for pussies Smile )
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 Absolutely amazing
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 Fk'in Crazy
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 Fuckin crazy!
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 Super! Tak trzymaj!
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 epic dude nice doin~

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