Video: Red Bull Rampage 2015 Highlights

Nov 5, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  

The 2015 highlight video sees appearances from past legends like Wade Simmons, Tyler Klassen and huck master Josh Bender. Detailing a short oral history of the past 10 years, this video highlights what went down in the desert in 2015.

Don’t forget to check out for all the stories, photos, and clips that you might have missed! Share what you like on social #rampage. Did you miss the live broadcast? Watch the full VOD now - you can even jump straight to the biggest highlights of the event on demand via the timeline below the video player.

Title image by Nathan Hughes.

Be sure to watch the full broadcast of Red Bull Rampage 2015 on NBC on Dec. 27, 2015, at 3 p.m. ET as part of the Red Bull Signature Series.


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flag torero (Nov 5, 2015 at 10:56) (Below Threshold)
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 Oh hey, so that's what they did with everybody's helmet cam footage that they stole....
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flag torero (Nov 5, 2015 at 11:02) (Below Threshold)
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 Red Bull requires the riders to wear a POV camera for this reason. They didn't steal anything.
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 Doesn't Red Bull know how dangerous it is to wear a camera? The UCI should intervene! ;p
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flag SKIGAN14 (Nov 5, 2015 at 11:57) (Below Threshold)
 Ok so I know Imma get hate for this but honestly, Semenuk's run was a slopestyle run. The whole point of Rampage is hucking crazy shit off big ass and sketchy drops and jumps. Semenuk's line was like a slope course except the top part. It actually looked less impressive than his Joyride run.
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flag LkWebz (Nov 5, 2015 at 12:10) (Below Threshold)
 Red Bull is a place where riders can showcase their skills on a bike, more specifically a dh bike. Semenuk isn't an amazing rider, one of his strengths is slopestyle, so it would make sense for him to base his run off Slopestyle. He did throw some big tricks on big drops which is what rampage is about. So I say good for him for using his strengths during the contest, and it turned out to be an amazing run.
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flag Gobble-de-Goop1 (Nov 5, 2015 at 12:11) (Below Threshold)
 I totally agree with you SKIGAN14, Semenuk's run was incredible but he didn't go as big as some of the other riders.
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 Semenuk's got mad style and flow, and makes a 70 footer look like a homemade kicker... Just because he makes it look easy, doesn't mean it really is. Wink
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 completely agree with @kdstones i think semenuks run was just as big if not bigger than most of the others he just rides it so smooth and well that it looks easier than it really is but he should scored better for that cause it shows real skill....
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 Redbull made riders sign a waiver this year saying that Redbull owned the rights to all the riders' helmet cam footage, and that the riders were not allowed to use said footage until the rights were signed back over to them after Signature series aired on MSNBC... So yea instead of paying them for footage obtained on a riders personal camera, they made them hand it over for free or face a potential lawsuit for not signing a waiver. That was another huge complaint that riders had this year. Some simply chose not to wear one. Those cameras are the riders personal units, not issued to them by event coordinators.
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 Torero makes it in every single comment thread about Semenuk just to put the dude down. Chill dude.
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That was a sick highlight reel. This year was insane although that's not too surprising. Get better Paul!!!
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 yaaaaaaaa sorge!!!!!
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 Semenuk should have won purely for those sexy little sideways nose bonks
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 Hard to watch without heartache. #iRideForPaul
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 Beyond impressed with the riding this year! Judging not so
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 It's like one of the riders said himself: when you look at it on TV you often just can't see how sick a line is in reality, and that he wondered why some people got such high scores. Until he got to the sight himself and saw the lines in reality, and he immediatly understood why those people had such high scores.

I trust the judges for knowing the area well and having seen the lines in person: from their view it is much more clear than from the flat 2D footage we see.

I think this year went well, both with the judging (nothing really weird) and commentators were good aswell this time (unlike "they call him Norby" and all the other similar quotes last year)
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 i still believe that the judging issue will be only be fixed when guys like Zink, Semenuk. etc. don't compete in Rampage anymore and when they take over the judging.
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 Very impressed with Cam McCaul commentating though...
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 I don't necessarily agree with Mattin because if we are noticing that a line looks extremely huge on a 2d screen it is that much bigger in real life. I mean i believe they all went big but no one was doing nearly as a gnarly line in as zink and straight. If we can notice that on a tv its hard to trust the judges when they don't seem to notice it.
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If it HAD been bender impersonators, it would have been a line of dudes all queing up to huck off stupid clifs straight to their faces...
seriously did the dude ever land anything clean?
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 Maybe he didn't land things clean as often as riders today but you gotta give him respect for being the first one to go out there and freeride!
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 I'm giving those creds to the likes of dangerous dan, wade simmons and Super T
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 Dan, Simmons, Digger, Schley, Tippy, etc. all deserve a lot of cred. but dude, Super T? Come on now, he was a talented dude but putting him over Bender and in the same league as the others you mentioned is pretty absurd.

Bender landed plenty of absolutely monsterous drops. He's basically the reason freeride exists in the So. Utah desert. He also pushed bikes and their tech to the absolute limit and beyond and helped a ton in most Rampage events as well as local trail builds. Give credit where its due. Bender is the man.
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 More like why our insurances prems are so high
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 No doubt, haha.
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 Bender in every clip I have ever seen hucks it, humps his stem and goes right over the bars every time. Sure he sent big stuff but dude literally had no form.
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 ^ Watch any of the older NWD movies or the Down/Double Down movies. Also back then, it was rare for anyone to have "form" off drops... forget about 20-30ft. hucks. I hear his stem had to get 3 abortions though... nasty business.
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 Cam Zink was by far the best rider in the event, if I were Cam I'd be insulted to not at least podium. I also have to say that the Fest boys are amazing but they aren't athletes. Semenuk, Zink, Genon, are just a bit more formal and don't remind me of characters in jackass. They just seem more calculated to me.
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flag MDRipper (Nov 5, 2015 at 13:46) (Below Threshold)
 I don't think they are trying to be athletes nor do they really care to be.
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 That's my point.
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 Your comparing athletes to non athletes, what is the point? That's my point. You have people that go against the grain in sports, music and all sorts of other activities. I hate this word but does everybody have to conform and be nice all the time and act the same way? Some people would say yes but personally I relate more to the fest guys and how they approach mountain biking, obviously I can't do anything they do but I will never be a competitor or racer, I enjoy the more alternative side of biking.
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 Mountain biking doesn't have to be about competing but if you choose to it's simply common courtesy to act professional.
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 They compete in one "contest" a year and they celebrate when they win, what does that have to do with cam being on the podium (which i can agree with) and other guys who compete in contests who are supposidly "more professional". Then you mention that some are more " calculated", so your saying Sorge wasn't calculated when he went off of a 70ft jump and land it? You can complain about the judging, thats fine but i just dont get the whole jackass comment.
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 Sorge is an amazing rider, I am not doubting his capability to ride. What I am trying to mention is that some riders involved in the Fest don't support the fact that they are not only having fun but working their job. I see some of their riders coming in with attitude towards people who are indifferent. The fact is that even though this may be the only event they compete in during a season, it happens to be arguably the most exposed in media and know through the non-mountain biker community. Do you really want people to get the impression mountain bikers are all partiers, tatoo models and stoners?
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 I look at Brett Rheeder, humble, polite and one hell of a rider. Sure he celebrates but does he feel the need to take his victory lap down the Rampage course pounding his chest, like 2014 Andreu? No, he's content with his performance. He doesn't need a crowd to perform a huge act to celebrate his win.
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 Zink had by far the hardest entry to his line, he was tricking drops and hits that most would have been stoked to land. Rampage got it wrong. Cam rode what the heart of the event is, or was. He put his life on the line and I will be surprised if he rides the event next year.
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 Looks like the fest series is a pretty good training ground for Rampage. Long live both
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 next year vink completes his line and wins
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 The real highlight is that Paul Bas is on the way to recovery.
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 Bender impersonators? Unlike Bender, they were able to ride it out.
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 ^ this. is. truth.
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 hence impersonators
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 Lol, 'Bender impersonators'?!! GTFO!
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 I know right? He just launched off stuff without any real chance of riding it out. Waaaaaaaaaay different.
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 Dude bender was a badass. He was launching things much bigger than anyone else at the time on suspension that granted was over a foot long, but probably would be complete crap in comparison to a modern enduro bike. Im not saying he would of landed everything on a new bike but dudes just a G
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flag b1k35c13nt15t (Nov 5, 2015 at 12:50) (Below Threshold)
 If you say so.
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 No offense to bender but when he was hucking off cliffs w/motocycle boots and a custom bike that was good for nothing but dropping cliffs others like Robbie Bourden and Wade Simmons were hitting many of the same drops and landing pretty cleanly on stock stinky, stab, and RM6/RM7 frames. Wade dropped a ladder drop w/a flat rear tire in the redbull rampage event in Australia and rode it out better than anything bender ever did and that was over 30 feet.
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 I agree with @skigan14 that rampage should be more about dh bikes and technical riding than glorified slopestyle run on a big bike. That's what rampage originally was meant to be, showcase the dh/free ride skills you have. Big hucks are cool but perfectly built trail that doesn't have a single rock on it isn't what rampage is about.
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 Get rid of the judges, turn it into a jam, winner decided by public vote.
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 The public does not know the reality. You not can judge, has not been there.
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 Rider Judged seems to work out.
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 Rider Judged, I like it, what in like a Atherton/Brycland/Dale kind of fashion?
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 I did not like Bender's comment about Bender impersonators. Bender never even came close to what guys like Semenuk are doing. Bender would just huck himself off big cliffs to crash landings. The guys today are no impersonators. Zink, Semenuk, Lacondeguy are going bigger with way more technical skill than ever before. I give Bender tons of respect for being a pioneer and for having huge guts but he has no real right calling these guys impersonators when he doesn't come close to what these riders can do. All you ever see are highlights of him at Rampage crashing you don't see him busting backflips over 70' gaps or spinning 360's off humongous step downs.
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 Great video, really enjoyed it! I love how lately these edits actually show the 'feel' of Rampage, and are not just a simple compilation of only the riding.
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 I am just wondering why don't we have some of the old riders like wade simmons judge. They know what its like to be up there and how hard the lines are. Its like in basketball (not a huge basketball fan) but for their dunk contest every year they have old players there to judge. because they know how hard it is to do something over some "expert". Just saying it would make the whole competition better.
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 I saw a comment that was negative to super-t, all opinions aside about bender super-t was an amazing rider with a wide variety of skills. I think he suffered a lot of injuries but doubting his impact on freeriding then and now seems to be a comment that doesn't hold water
  • 3 0 There's a 5 and a half minute video of Josh Bender crashing. Not sure why anyone would want to impersonate that, did the dude ever land anything?
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 This years rampage really wasn't what it looked like on the vids. Hearing from the people who were actually there in person, and the actual reality of it from their perspective... not what you might think.
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 Maybe I'm alone, but I think something about this contest needs to change. Considering the risk all the riders are taking, they deserve better consistency in judging and a larger reward. While the event is rad to watch, the inconsistent judging is a joke.
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 Sick mashup but it's hard to believe they didn't include Paul Bas and Rogatkins crash.
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 and BIZET!!!
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 ha, and risk all that drama. hahaha--funny how the DAY before Rampage finals, redbull was posting up 'WORST CRASHES OF RAMPAGE' Really classy
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 If semenuk was gay, he would have no trouble finding a partner here in pinkbike.... so many semenuk bitches!!!
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 Josh Bendeeeeerrr ..... Give this man a Monster-T to demolish the canyon
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 Red Bull player strikes again.
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 Whatever happened to Nico Vink and his insane cliff drop line???
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 He attempted it... landed really hard, got bucked and broke his ankle. There's footage somewhere. He said he knew it wasn't really ready, but that he wanted to do it anyway for his build crew. Fearless!
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 He crashed during qualifiers and unjured himself. The footage is somewhere online, can't seem to find it.
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 I'm really waiting Paul Basagoïta's interview which I'm sur will come out on PB in the next months .. I really wanna hear how he's been living with his injury and his point of view about the whole Rampage 'thing'.. for example if he will compete next year and all... otherway nice vid .. .. but like erveryone says.. 1st SEMENUK 2nd ZINK 3rd LACONDEGUY ...
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 Loving the different angles!
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 Semenuk won I think
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 Very cool to see all the "old dogs" out and talking about Rampage
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 Sorge deserved the win
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