Logan Binggeli's Single-Speed KHS - Red Bull Rampage 2016

Oct 13, 2016
by Mike Levy  
Logan Binggeli s KHS

The list of people who've stood on a Red Bull Rampage podium is rather short, and it includes names such as Zink, Lacondeguy, and Semenuk, among many other legends. Oh, and a Utah native named Logan Binggeli who is one of the fastest downhill racers in North America. Sure, there are a few World Cup contenders who have traded the beeps of a start-house gate and course tape for the inflatable Red Bull arch and cliff-side lines but, for the most part, Rampage is the domain of riders who get paid for style and amplitude instead of their outright speed.

''It all started back in 2004, in middle school when I saw a poster and then went out to the Rampage to see Kyle Strait win it,'' Binggeli told us last year when we questioned him in 2015 about his path from grom to top racer, and eventually to the Rampage. ''Obviously, with Rampage you can’t just hop on the boat right away so I went back to my roots and started racing mountain bikes.''

He turned out to be pretty good at it, with his results allowing him to try to qualify for the Rampage back in 2008, although he didn't make the cut eight years ago. He did score a top-twelve in 2010, however, and then a spot on the podium in 2012. Crashes and injuries then kept him away until 2015 when he qualified fourth and finished fifteenth in a wind-affected final.

Logan Binggeli s KHS

Just like in 2015, Logan is aboard on of the most interesting bikes at Rampage. Last year his bike was a prototype version of what would later become KHS' DH 650 race rig, with the production bike now looking pretty similar to what Binggeli was pointing off the Utah cliffs, and that's also true for 2016. ''We've dialed in the geometry a little better, and it's an extra-large with some lighter tubing for racing. That's the difference between the production and the prototype frame,'' he explained of his personal 210mm-travel DH 650 that's more of a lightweight race-special than a Rampage one-off. Weight is of close to zero concern here in the desert, of course, but Logan clearly wants to be on a bike that feels like home rather than something unfamiliar to him.

With taller a taller handlebar, even slacker geometry, and ridiculously firm suspension, it's probably fair to say that a proper Rampage bike would likely feel horrible anywhere other than, you guessed it, Rampage. Just how different is Logan's cliff drop-friendly suspension setup? Logan used a dirtbike analogy to get the point across: ''Way different; completely different. I mean, it's like going from outdoor motocross suspension to straight FMX, past Supercross.'' So it's firm, then. ''It's as stiff as the suspension will go, band-wise [in the shock] and clip-wise in the fork, and pressures. A lot slower rebound, and I've cranked the compression in,'' he went on to say.
Logan Binggeli s KHS

bigquotesYou know, you're not looking for much tracking or corner speed here; it's just compression, compression, compression, so you're basically just setting the bike up for massive compressions versus tracking, stability, speed, and whatnot. - Logan Binggeli

Logan Binggeli s KHS
Logan Binggeli s KHS

Logan showed up in 2015 with a single-speed drivetrain that turned some heads, and he's back with a similar setup this year. ''You might not really even need a chain to get down this hill. Obviously, you're just going down cliff bands, so you're not shifting,'' he reasons, which does make a lot of sense. Truth be told, while the top slopestyle riders usually run a derailleur and some sort of modified drivetrain, this is likely down to sponsorship commitments rather than their need to shift gears on their way down a Crankworx course. The same applies here at Rampage.

Binggeli's KHS is running a set of Shimano Saint cranks, along with an e*thirteen chain guide (sans lower roller) and a KMC chain. Last year head he used two larger cogs to sandwich a single small drive cog on his freehub body, but he's gone with a proper single-speed kit this time around, along with the same burly Shimano Alfine chain tensioner.

Logan Binggeli s KHS

There's also some trickery going on with the ENVE wheels on Logan's bike: ''I've got some prototype ENVE wheels; they're 33mm wide with some 'stripper technology' rim strips that should be available soon to the public.'' Zooming in to look at the rims reveals a strip that runs around their entire circumference, and on both sides, that appears to be some sort of sealing rim strip that extends up and over the sidewalls. If I were to speculate, I'd guess that this is a relatively stiff, plastic-like rim strip of sorts that fits into the rim bed to both seal the spoke holes and protect the rim's sidewalls.

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 That shock is explosive!! Be warned!
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 Xxplosive, West coast shit!
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 Best he take Note of what's happening down there before he gets blasted into another Galaxy
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 Single speed, homeboy looking to put down some business laps. KHS looking sweet also.
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 249 psi
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 The Galaxy Note 7 of shocks...
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flag ivankvkharkiv (Oct 14, 2016 at 11:17) (Below Threshold)
 all air springs are shit... sorry for using bad language but air newer be as good as coil. IMHO.
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 That's some foul wind you blowing my friend. Air has made massive improvements. That being said certain tracks require coil evident even by the top racers who change back and forth.
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 We asked for bike checks, we got them. Thanks PB!
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 Ghetto tubeless makes it to production?
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 I've seen a few heavier park riders put a cut tube over the rim edge to prevent the rim edge from cutting through the tire (tubeless) during a rock strike with pretty good results.
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 Shock full of bands, set up stiff? Has no-one told him yet? Big Grin
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 he's fox sponsored, no worries....the shock isn't the same that "we humans" can buy...
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 Is that a dirty gold KMC chain, or just straight up rust?
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 i would say its utah on his chain
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 We can be fairly certain it's not rust. Just a dusty gold coloured chain.
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 I know it'll do the job, but there's something upsetting or _________? about a Shimano Alfine component on a pro's bike haaaaa.
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 It's actually an old one, too, they look like this now: www.jensonusa.com/Shimano-Alfine-CT-S500-Chain-Tensioner
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 @groghunter: are you sure? it looks like the most recent one in silver color.
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 Yeah, normal one, but he deserves to get custom alu sprockets on this tensioner, rather than those plastic ones Smile
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 Single Speed DH rules! Everyone CHARGE!!!
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 Single speed is awesome!! I won't go back to 10 speed on my big bike.
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 Git sum Logan!
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 I'm kinda digging the rear suspension setup- sort of a VPP with shock compressing from both sides, I think keeping suspension forces off of the main triangle is a good thing. If you redirect that compression into itself it should have less effect on the rest of the bike, rather than seesawing the forces forward and pushing the front triangle down. Going chainless would really be the ticket. If any of these guys crash they will just land on their enormous balls and be fine.
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 Its very similar to mondrakers design from what i can see. On a side note is the bottom link concentric with the bb?
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 @warbird971: From what I've heard, Astro used to make Mondraker frames back in the day. The DH frame seems to be the only frame with a concentric bb pivot. www.vitalmtb.com/photos/features/2015-Trail-All-Mountain-Enduro-Bikes-at-Eurobike-2014,8046/2015-Astro-Catalogue-Frames,81021/bturman,109
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 There's nothing better to have when paying 975$ for a rim than a chipping out cheap sticker above the clear coat. Make an extremely expensive, over-engineered piece of a simple component and then present it like the cheapest sht from MEC or Decathlon - Only in Mountain Biking.
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 There is no clear coat. Raw out of the mold. Clear coating allows manufacturers to cover up imperfections and fill holes with resin, then paint over the top of it like it never existed.
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 @dlstucki: nobody whines about the weight of the finish on La Ferrari, Veyron or Koenigsegg Trevita... and I thought ENVE aspires to be in that segment of commodities. Only in MTB you can have such sloppy approach to product appearance. People repainting Öhlins or Push shocks because they don't fit their desired paint scheme. Hopefully Mavic will kick their butts after the merger. Mavic factory wheels are truly beatiful in each single aspect. There are very very few companies like that. The only that come to my mind are Yeti, Evil, UNNO, Antidote, Chris King, where you can see as much dedication to the looks as to engineering and performance, with everything staying in balance. Even XTR went to sht. That plastic lever for the clutch? What motivation should one have to not buy SLX?
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 @WAKIdesigns: You, sir, need to just go ride your bike.
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 When I'm paying that much for a rim, it better be light and it better not need a clear coat to cover imperfections. Props to ENVE for doing just that,
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 @WAKIdesigns: Weight is important for these rapid cars, but aerodynamics is, too. So it is worth the effort to foll the voids. Even though mountainbikes are quick as well, aerodynamics are nowhere near as important whereas weight still is. So yeah, I'm with @Chadimac22 on this one. A rim manufacturer claiming to provide strong light rims would be fooling the customer if they'd fill voids merely for cosmetic (or aerodynamic) reasons. They might do it for road (or triathlon) rims, I don't know.
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 @WAKIdesigns: They're prototype ENVE wheels. It says so right below the photo. Not sure if they put cheap stickers on all their rims, but these might not be production models.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Oct 13, 2016 at 12:28) (Below Threshold)
 @srjacobs: I've seen enough ENVE rims in person since a few years (since they had XC and AM model only) to see that they look like jewels for max 3 rides. They roll big time on price tag boosted post purchase repression.

@vinay - sorry, MTB is not really that much about performance, because it can't be. Carbon rims themselves are questionable enough. Have you seen anyone running raw alu rims on world champs?

@Chadimac22 - that is just straight bollocks for making a counter argument. So it's not good for rims but it's ok for bars and frames? Rovals must be soooo much worse than ENVEs and Lahar is such a fast frame.
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 Too much negativity - not enough biking.
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 Stickers can be replaced... :/
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 @Chadimac22: ok.but why should you pay again for quality decals that don't melt at the first whiff of mukoff?
It's not just enve either,hopes are made of icing sugar.x fusion..comedy tattoo's. slik graphics..here's another order..
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 @WAKIdesigns: what the f*ck is fusion comedy?lol
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 @dbodoggle: what the hell man, I just said that if you pay almost thousand bucks per rim you deserve better. Yes I don't get enough riding, I ride once a week, I am a weekend warrior. And I can't ride more often no matter how much I want. If I only could ride as much as a typical Pinkbiker... everyone's a pro here, fkng achievers everywhere. Elon Musk, is that you?
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 @WAKIdesigns:ok I'll admit it.ive just googled who Elton musk is.got it now.
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 @WAKIdesigns: life is 90% work, 1% fun, 9% wishing you had more $$$ to go out and play.
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 @someguy101: Don't you need more time, what's money got to do with it?
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 @WAKIdesigns: sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder? I'm not trying to ruin your day. Cheers Smile
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 It is a choice. I studied aerospace engineering thinking that would allow me to work on good stuff, stuff that has to do with motion, speed and efficiency. All true of course, but I then found out that friends who graduated before me got a job, working silly hours. 8am to 8pm was normal. Sure as a student you can do that. There has even been a phase in a project where I've been doing a several weeks from 7:30am to 3am. But I wouldn't want to live like that. I wanted kids and have fun with them and I want to ride my bike. So I became a teacher instead. I work four days a week (no Thursdays and no weekends). They want me for more days but I refuse. My girlfriend works for three or four days a week and that's enough. We can pay the bills, do our own thing and do things together. I usually get four rides in (mountainbike or I might run, ride the MUni or paddle a kayak) per week. Sure I could get a very well paid full time job (as aerospace engineer) that would allow me to do some epic mountainbike trip every year and loads of daydreaming instead of regular riding. Again, that's a choice. I've chosen to just regularly ride my bike instead of dream about it.

@WAKIdesigns Good question about the raw alu rims actually. Could it be that the very thin paint is actually lighter than the oxidation layer that would otherwise form? Of course oxidation in part is from the aluminium that was already present. But as the profile should be dimensioned based on the unaffected aluminium, painting could simply be lighter. Or it is just that no one has ever thought about raw alu competition level rims. But then again, surely someone should have thought about anodizing the rims and I haven't seen these either.
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 @Earthmotherfu: I don't sweat the decals too much to begin with... Just keep it pinned and no one will be able to tell how beat your ENVE decals are. I build my wheels with poor mans's LB carbon rims so maybe that disqualifies me from weighing in on fancy rim decals to begin with?
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 @WAKIdesigns: I'm unfamiliar with "straight bollocks" (are there curvy bullocks?), but I'm simply conveying my expectations for a $975 rim as opposed to submitting a counter argument... It's just an opposing point of view. Breathe buddy...
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 There are zero f**ks given about the decals on my Enves. Too busy riding them.
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 @russthedog: time is money bud
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 @someguy101: In a way. Sure, spending more time working is (hopefully) getting you more money. But that's not what you were saying in your first message. See, if your play involves (at the extreme end) epic exotic trips, heli drops etc then yes you're going to need loads of money for that kind of fun you're after. But if you're already having good fun riding your local trails and dirts, you better ride them some more and get better at it. Either way, that 9% is wasted. Either spend it working and go for those epic trips or just put it into riding. Still, that ratio is horrible. work:play=9:1 is already bad, work:play=99:1 sounds horrible. In my case it is more like 5:1 and I'm fine with that for now.
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 @vinay: I wake up at 7am, make kids a breakfast, dress them up, eat my stuff, get them to the daycare. Go to work at 9:30, come home 17:30, put kids to bath, wait until my wife feeds them supper, put them to bed, read a story. Done 19:30-20:00. Choice? The only choice I had was to get a slave wife to do all the sht with kids or cut my balls before I got them. Yes I hate my life and myself and the only thing that keeps me alive is that I wouldn't leave her with them alone, or she'd kill herself too.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Poor poor You !
single parent here. (3 kids).
work 55 hours a week. 7am -6pm
ride 5 days a week (10-15 hours riding time, ~ 80-120miles)
You type comments on here MOAR hours a week than I work and RIDE combined

Riding bikes is what keeps me happy and sane!

May I suggest you sort your shit out and quit whining?

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 @G-A-R-Y: who takes care of your kids when you are riding? Don't give me your stay hard bollocks. WAKI vs the rest of the world bring it on. Any subject is good. Fangs are out, teeth are sharpened, eyes are red, keyboard is burning - I want some keep-it-real folks for lunch. Remember, general relativity is always on my side.
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 @WAKIdesigns: over the years? School. Nursery. friends. relatives. my kids' friends parents. occasional childcare.
Oh... and they've all ridden with me. from 3 months old. By the sounds of it. my eldest is probably right around your age.
Talking about yourself in the third person on the internet? Really? Come on man?

Like I said. sort your shit out and quit whining

step away from that keyboard from time to time. it might make you a happier man.
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 @G-A-R-Y: you know what is the best piece of advice for new parents? - do not listen to anybody's advice, particularly people who do not have little kids anymore. Why? Because they don't remember how it's been. Why? Because toddlers damage your brain, it is such a traumatic experience that your mind supresses it. Because if you wouldn't have oxytocin and killing them wasn't a crime for which you go to jail, humanity would have ended 500 years ago.

You see in Pinkbike terms I am a loser for riding once a week, since I have no time between 7:30am and 7:30 pm on a week day. Then I'd like to spend time in the evening with my wife to be a husband. Is it such a bad thing for me to help my wife abd then spend time playing with them so I don't ride? I work 80% to be with them. My son is the cutest pain in the ass I have seen.

So yes it's a matter of priorities. I should simply give up mountain biking totally. My writing here? One post takes max 5 mins and can be made anytime anywhere. Riding requires continous time span of 3 hours that has to fit family and work.

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Aside from just the regular commute on bike (to work, the shops, bringing the kids to school...) this is the schedule:

Monday: Easy as I bring the kids to my girlfriends parents on the way to work and we're getting them back late in the afternoon. We both work. Straight after work I've got to push myself to go for a ride. I've to be home at 8pm because then my girlfriend leaves for her yoga session.

Tuesday: We both work. We keep this day flexible, so no one has a fixed slot. Usually we use this to fix stuff in and around the house, do administration etc.

Wednessday: I work, my girlfriend doesn't. She takes care of the kids. When they're at school she does yoga and strength training. I go for a ride when I'm back from work.

Thursday: My girlfriend works, I don't so I take care of the kids. When the kids are at school I do the groceries, cleaning, prepare food and go for a ride. There is so much you can do in five hours! In the evening my girlfriend is off for pilates.

Friday: I work, my girlfriend doesn't. So it is similar to Wednessday, except I don't go for a ride in the evening. Instead we keep the evening flexible.

Saturday: I go for an early morning ride while my girlfriend brings the kids to swimming lessons. Except if I go for a long ride on Sunday, then we trade. When she's back, I usually take care of the kids while she's off for the groceries. The afternoon if flexible.

Sunday: She usually goes for a run unless I go for a longer ride and we traded on Saturday. We keep that limited to the morning so that the afternoon remains flexible. But it depends.

My daughters are 4 and 6 years old now so they can entertain themselves reasonably well, but I can't just leave off of course. My oldest daughter broke her thumb a few weeks ago in an unfortunate mountainbike crash. She's going to have her cast removed today and she wants to go riding with me again. That doesn't reduce my riding time. Instead it is called quality time with the kid. She'll be doing the RL ratcheting exercises, I'll be working on my manuals.
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 I'm with waki here
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 @vinay: my woman doesn't do any sports, she has no interests, no ambition for doing anything in free time at all. Potato chips and Netflix, sometimes buying&selling retro clothing. There is nothing I can offer her for exchange for my riding. Daughter of an alcoholic, oldest sister. She was the husband to her mom, helping taking care of her sisters. She was simply never given any opportunity to learn to enjoy life. She has a job that makes her work 60% at very strict hours. No more, no less. She's completely wasted after work and picking up kids and taking care of them in the afternoon. That's why I take care of them after I come back from work. The only thing my job gives me is time flexibility to take care of my kids. My son is 2,5, He needs close distance supervision at all times, so he doesn't hurt himself seriously. He almost lost an eye in August, because my wife forgot to close the door to the bathroom and he get the door handle 1cm off the eye while running by. Last week he fell while standing next to the bathtub, fell against the wardrobe and smacked his nose. He hits other kids and cries like a fricking Nazgul. Nobody can stand him for longer than 3 hours in a row, these days. My daughter has ADHD, it is impossible to make her listen to simpliest things, depressive, not eating, trouble child at the day care. She is slowly getting on the straight, every month her attention span gets longer and she starts to play on her own. But there are days when she just want a piece of me and my wife, roasted and smacked. My son will get better since he is generally calmer, but it's still 2-3 years to go. For two months we lived in a fear of getting a third kid, which would simply force us to move out of Sweden, back to Poland since we would not be able to cope with that without help of parents. We have nobody here to help us.
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 @russthedog: @russthedog: Ditto. Sure as f*ck kids rot your brain......its called sleep deprivation. Infanticide though......that is dark but unfortunately true. Any parent who hasn't had even fleeting thoughts is lying or had real bad sleep deprivation to the point of being a vegetable. Read a book on it. And no I haven't had the thoughts myself. My mates call me Turnip FYI....
But on an Mtb note I'm with comments above that it is almost too scary to watch and too soon after Paul Bas but it was f*cking unbelievable to see him out on course during the week. That takes balls. Respect,
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 @WAKIdesigns: Sorry composing my reply to Russdog when as yours came up.Phew not sure what to say except thank someone or something that you ride and get the opportunity, Sorry to hear about your wives circumstances. Get it rough as a child/adolescent and it really f*cks with you.
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 @cosby: my wife missed two periods and fell ill as hell... last week I was standing in front of the pharmacy, waiting for a bus home, holding a batch of pregnancy tests in one hand and IPhone in another, googling for vasectomy... I've never ever been so happy for a menstruation. It's been the best period of our life. I find it ironic and not funny at all.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I'm with you on the parenting being hard bit too! In itself there's nothing too hard as long as you are consistent (IMHO) but it is relentless responsibility in a way that no non-parent can ever imagine...
I've 3 kids now and they are great, but one is disabled and my wife has had issues with depression for some years.
Everyone's situation is different, and some people prioritise certain aspects of life more than others, have different levels of support or are just able to make things work better for their circumstances than others. I'm all for that, but it won't work the same for everyone. For me it's an hour drive to get to the trails, but I wouldn't leave the city because of the special needs provisions it supplies my daughter, so I spend a lot of time on the turbo trainer (which I hate but I've no other real option to be as fit as I want to be) or night riding on my own as the evening is the time I've less demands on me from other people. I don't want to burden other family members more because they are my kids and they do a lot for me already. Sounds like you are doing well too get the one ride in a week to me!
To those who fit a lot of riding in I have a lot of respect for that too. I'm currently waiting for my kids to grow up a little more and I hope to join your club, even if it is just every now and again!
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 @slimboyjim: that's what I was about to say: I'm still lucky that my kids and wife are healthy.

"Everyone's situation is different, and some people prioritise certain aspects of life more than others, have different levels of support or are just able to make things work better for their circumstances than others. I'm all for that, but it won't work the same for everyone" AMEN

My being here is one of effects of prioritizing my family and perhaps even work above biking. I hate this "how much you ride" bollocks... maybe I ride better than you?! I can manual and scrub, can you manual and scrub during those 4 rdes a week? Should I get credit for that and look at you like you are a piece of sht? Then this denial of job importance is so stupid, "make sure you ride enough, fk service to the society, fk them". What if you were a doctor and prioritized riding?! WTF?! Would you like to wait for fixing your broken hand cuz your doc is still riding and he may want to go for a post ride beer? The only acceptable occupation on Pinkbike is being an engineer having something to do with vehicles or manufacturing. And those dudes are like vegans. Wondering whether Pinkbike commenter is a material engineer? Don't ask, he'll tell you! And it's always some 26 year old fkr that just finished studies and he has ass full of attitude and know-how. Other than that you should stop stupid office desk job and go riding. If you don't you are a loser that got caught by the system. This is the reason I am thinking: WTF am I doing here on Pinkbike?! The values of so many people here are so fkd up. This: Dentists with ENVE wheels, can you imagine that someone tries to dis you for being a dentist. What the fk?! Who fixes your teeth? Peter the skater dude?
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 @WAKIdesigns: kudos to you for taking care of your kids, not all dads do it, we're actually a small pack (dads who take care of their kids). I had a few oportunities a few years back to inves almost all I had in real state, allowing me to live off the rents, sure, I don't have as much money as I would like but I have a fairly comfortable life, most importantly I have all my time to be with my kids (2 and 6 year old daughters) as much as I or they want, hell, it's currently 8am here and I'm in bed waiting for my 2 year old to wake up so we can go and have churros at the park or watch a movie, and there's not enough money in the world or 2017 specialized enduros in the world to get me away from my girls. You do what you gotta do for your family, even if 1 ride a week is all you get, f*ck it, just make it count.. I have friends that spend months away from their beloved bikes because of life.. damn, pinkbike just got real dudes.. imma go wake up my kid
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 @WAKIdesigns: "you know what is the best piece of advice for new parents? - do not listen to anybody's advice, particularly people who do not have little kids anymore"
I do have a little kid. infact in a regular week I look after 9 kids. youngest being 2 with another due to be born any minute. (biologically father of 3)
You know who's advice I'd recommend not to listen to on parenting? New parents.

So far you've wasted what? an hour or two of your precious time typing shit online?

Good work.
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 Yes. I can manual and scrub.
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 so, you have a 55 hour work week, take care of 9 kids and ride 4 times a week. Are you sure you write from Earth? Another scottish dude Betsie, told me once, he runs a company, works as an engineer, spends time with family and rides 4-5 hours, 4-5 times a week. Scotland must be on another planet. Do you orbit white dwarf or red giant? Are you carbon based?
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 Okay everyone... Let's drop this thread and go back to trying to get top comment on POD Razz
  • 3 1
 @WAKIdesigns: I know Betsie a little from racing. he's sound and a fast all round rider so I'd believe him if that's how much he says he rides. He also seems to be a good dad who doesn't whinge.
Which brings me back to my original point. Which was simply. Quit whinging.

Being Scottish we probably have waaaay moar to whinge about than you.
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 @WAKIdesigns: That really escalated quickly... haha. I now know what your entire weekly schedule is in an interesting turn of events.

Anyway, my point was that you know you're getting a solid product because without painting the rims, there is no way to hide the imperfections. With a painted rim, there is a good chance that some voids and imperfections exist that are potential weak points. Consistency is very important when we're talking about a product that has to maintain it's integrity at every single potential impact point and tension points.

I do agree that the decals can look cheap after being beat up, but at least you can replace them, customize them to make your baller Yeti look mean, or you can simply remove them and admire the incredible piece of art and engineering that exists in its raw form.

BTW, Mavic uses decals on their rims also.
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 @G-A-R-Y: husband of my sis in law is a pro roadie, team mate of Peter Sagan. He rides 5-6 times a week, 4x3-4h and one 6-7h long ride. You do realize that with your and Betsies time spans on the bike you could give it a go to be full time WC racers? You could make it into a source of income.

Nevermind. I admire you now more than Dan Bilzerian. You are male Alpha on my list
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 @WAKIdesigns: may I ask why on earth are you guys trying to justify your lifestyle choices or given opportunities to begin with? Hell, I know my gf has issues just as I do too, and I don't feel the need to expose them all in PINKBIKE...

while you guys are at it mind mailing me some stuff you don't use? I mean you guys really prefer to be in front of the keyboard instead of rigind so... ehm , well I type enough stuff for work, don't feel the need to type just as much I rather grab my bike. (although I do have a biking website where I write about biking)
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 @WAKIdesigns: That schedule was more to illustrate how I manage to fit those rides in whilst keeping enough time for work, kids, girlfriend and other stuff to be done. Not to brag, just to be helpful. I wasn't aware your situation is so much different that it is impossible to translate my schedule to yours. Only advice I can give is to try shorter blasts instead. If I'd only go for 3hrs rides, I also wouldn't get more than one ride in per week. Two if I claim part of both weekend days, but that'd be selfish. I'm pretty sure your trails are better than mine. At the moment I'm happy that I have something 5 minutes from home and that's where I usually go. Often on one hour rides, sometimes even shorter. On your advice I joined that Ryan Leech program and the good thing is, there is so much you can do on the simplest terrain that you can eventually bring to your longer rides on more challenging terrain. So much you can just practice in the street. And yes, this time of year those evening or early morning rides are in the dark. If you want to work on something, manual, bunny hop, endo... Just put in half an hour a day. You don't need more. In fact, I believe putting more time in a single skill could even be counterproductive. That's how I learned unicycling. Just put in half an hour, then put it away no matter if you're doing well or not. Sleep. Next day you're better at it. Do you see that opportunity? Half an hour, several days a week? Then go for it, better than nothing. See, sometimes I also don't feel like going. It is cold, wet, I'm tired. But my agenda says it is my time slot. I shouldn't moan about too little riding time if I don't grab that opportunity. So I go. And I'm always happy that I did.

@dietersanchez : Trying to help a brother out. I hope you don't mind.
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 @vinay: Thank you for that. I did appreciate it and understood your intention right away. I do ride to work every day and do at least 2 half of an hour sessions in the dark per week. I do it both as a ride and as a gym. But there's no way for me to ride more than once a week in the light and the only way I can ride in the dark is road, which feels sketchy as sht, even with lights and reflective vest. I hate riding trails in the dark on a regular basis because it promotes bad habits like looking under front wheel and not out of the corners.
  • 2 2
 @WAKIdesigns: not sure about all these labels they seem to put on things now days,as a kid at school I was always f*cking about in class doing alsorts to get a gag,turning on Bunsen burners for ages then lighting them(singed mr leggets ginger perm in the ensuing fireball).ive no doubt I would now days have A.S.S.(attention seekers syndrome).my mrs eldest had no attention span,couldn't sit still for five minutes but he just had ants in his pants,he'd hang on going to the toilet for ages.i went to a flood assessment job a month or so back and the young lady told me in advance of me starting the remedial works that she had OCD.she didn't have it at all,just turned out she was a right proper fussy twat and liked to moan like f*ck about everything.
  • 2 3
 @Earthmotherfu: I have VD verbal diarrhea and absolute thought process fragmentation that's for sure. Thought influx all the time. Attention seeking syndrome, I doubt that... Contact seeking - totally. Talk to me just fkng talk taaaalk I want to talk anything anytime anywhere talk taaalk, joke tell jokes. Change subjects often, make ridiculously remote analogies, please do. Self sabotage perfectionist. Work avaoidance and sht. So what's your cancer?
  • 2 1
 @WAKIdesigns: well,I've been really struggling with EEIAC syndrome for quite sometime.looking back it seems to have really manifested when I first became a fully paid up member of pinkbike.then after chatting at length with my counsellor Weve come to the conclusion that I've been suffering with TWIFOC syndrome instead.its a struggle but I soldier on Facepalm
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 @WAKIdesigns: got me,but work avoidance?
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 @WAKIdesigns: When I was on my own I rode at least two hours mtb a day (or did alternative training). There is always time for at least that, right? Well, when I moved in with my girlfriend in the big city it got a bit more difficult. I couldn't reach the trails as easily and quickly as I used to. So I did more running and unicycling even though I preferred the mtb. Then we got kids and yeah, obviously it got even harder. We were still having loads of fun, we were living in a nice vibrant area. And my girlfriend always used to live in the city and she did karate which was obviously indoors anyway. But there was also the constant nagging that we couldn't just send the kids outside to play. It was eventually her who suggested to move to a village just north of town. It was actually me who was hesitant because we had quite a history with the place and felt I couldn't just leave it behind. So she promised I could get a big trampoline in the yard and that did it for me. I still had the mindset that I needed to get my kicks in or near home. So we bought a home to be built in a new area there (because these have loads of similarly aged kids) and rented a home waiting for it to be completed. Kids were 2 and 4 then. Sure intially we spent loads of time building things in and around home. To be honest this was the first spring and summer that I got some proper frequent riding in again. But they are 4 and 6 now. They're making friends and plans and finding their own way. This would never have been possible in the city. But still, my neighbour here is a doctor with 2 and 7 year old daughters. He's got a very cool XTR/Tune equipped Liteville and some riding buddies on Rocky Mountain bikes. But his job is keeping him busy and the youngest daughter just needs more attention than mine. I still haven't got him along on a ride. And his buddies just got new babies this spring and summer so they're busy as well. I totally understand. But he does recommend me to keep asking as there will undoubtedly be a day where it all works out. So that's what I'm doing. I keep asking and eventually he'll come along.

I never quite got the hate against dentists here really. I used to work at a bikeshop where we sold quite some titanium frames (Litespeed, Merlin etc). I talked to a customer who came to pick up his custom geometry Litespeed racebike frame and components up. He was going home to take his time to lace his wheels, build his bike etc. Just enjoy the process. The bike would be about 9000 euros. Which, to a mountainbiker like me, sounds like a lot of money for a bike without suspension and with rim brakes. He's a dentist. Mellow guy, bit of a George Clooney type. He said he could either spend the money on a fancier new car and it will have evaporated in a year. Just gone. But he loves riding his bike and this would just get him a bigger grin. I love that. He's going to stick with this bike for years. And he's enjoying himself when he should. I hate it when people moan when they should be enjoying themselves. So yeah, this is what a cycling dentist had become for me. Someone who gets durable quality gear because that's what he/she can afford and maintain. And then just goes out have a good time.

Finally I think it is very important to share your passions and interest with your kids. Not only your abilities but also what you're working on. It makes you human. Not only does this make them more considerate, it also helps them see the importance of having a passion and making their own choices. It eventually makes them less susceptible to bad influences if they have developed the ability to analyze what they like and what they don't. And they accept it may be different for others.

I've got some mix cd's copied for in the car. One had been missing for a while though I didn't really mind. It was just a copy after all. One day I was in my oldest daughter her room fixing something for her. "I can play a tune for you while you're at it, dad. I'm sure you'll like it." She turned on her stereo and there came Megadeth pounding from her speakers. Big grin: "You like that right? Shall we dance?"
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 @vinay: took our 15yr old to his first gig on wed night.while he's got no interest in cycling,his appreciation of classic rock is getting betterSmile
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 @Earthmotherfu: You've got to start early. My brother has a son three months younger than my oldest daughter. When the Surgical Steel album by Carcass was released, I got it immediately. My brother got to my place and we cranked it up. A mosh pit of two three year olds and on one year old, they had a proper blast Smile . Our girlfriends sidelined slowly becoming aware that apparently they are the ones with the odd music taste Wink .
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 @Earthmotherfu: so basically we established that I am a worthless whiny pussy full of excuses and the only reason for that is how much I write on Pinkbike. But I get reminded of that everytime I open instagram or Facebook and see all these happy, skillful and accomplished people having fun and saving the planet and minorities at the same time. Not a single moment in life wasted.

So basically I learned nothing here. Again. Stickers on ENVE rims are as perfect as Gary. I could never live up to his standards. Sorry,I learned from you that I am attention seeking online whore Big Grin wasn't on my bucket list
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 @vinay: topstuff.cant say I've come across carcass..what genre?i know I can google but I'm from another dimension or is that wolfmother..
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 @WAKIdesigns: just carry on doing what you do,I enjoy it.i live by an old motto of me dad."talk to knob heads and you'll become a knobhead"not gonna win any literature gongs I know but heed the warningSalute
Anyway what we doing here cause Logan's run was a non run or am I remembering some kind of sci if film?
  • 7 1
 He is a Chaz.
  • 3 0
  • 3 0
 After Gwin taking the win chainless, I thought we might be seeing downhill single-speed sleds...
  • 14 0
 It's not single speed, it's the new 1x1????
  • 3 2
 The difference is not the lack of gears but the lack of tension in the drive chain from having no chain that helped Gwin to victory.
  • 4 0
 @bigburd: Gwin's win was attributed to a lot more than just chain tension and suspension. Mentally, not having to shift/pedal frees up your mental game. In addition, bike manufacturers have chain tension pretty darn well-understood by now. Notice the rear mech on Logan's bike? Clearly we're already thinking about this.
  • 1 0
 What kind of brake rotors are those? Are they the 2017 XT's? I get bad brake fade on one of my daily rides and was thinking about upgrading to ice techs, maybe the 2017's are wroth the wait?
  • 1 0
 oh, answered my own question. They are the XTRs but available in centerlock only for some reason. Anyone know if they cool better than the XTs?
  • 4 0
 @iantmcg: haven't ridden the XTRs but you'd probably only notice the difference if you were riding at world cup speeds. The XTs work great, get the 203mm size if you're worried about brake fade
  • 2 0
 Is anyone running a single speed setup on their shop bike? How bad is the chain slap with an alfine chain tensioner or similar?
  • 1 0
 I've got one on my trail bike and the chain slap is not bad. There are two positions for the spring and it helps to use the firmer setting. get your chain length dialed like you see in the pic here and it stays nice and snug.
  • 1 0
 you can watch (and listen) to him race that setup here - www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nMdCIZwvBY
  • 1 0
 @MmmBones: thanks for the info!
  • 1 0
 Rohloff make one that is lighter... But there's a price to pay.
  • 1 0
 The Alfine tensioner has wicked strong spring tension.
  • 4 0
 next year, KHS will spec the new affordable oem Envic wheels.
  • 3 0
 All those maxxis stickers!
  • 3 1
 Am I the first one who thinks this is a Mondraker Summit with some KHS stickers?
  • 3 0
 an alfine tensioner?? Thats top notch
  • 2 0
 Honestly i don't think I've ever seen a bike with a worse color scheme then this...
  • 1 0
 I seem to remember Panaracer had some DH rims with a pink rubber strap around the bead hook about 20 years ago. I always thought it was a good idea.
  • 2 1
 Not my idea of a bicycle, but it sure does validate the phrase 'horses for courses'
  • 1 0
 I like that he is riding SS on his DH Bike but I dont think that a good setuped Bike i enough to win Rampage
  • 13 12
 "I'm gonna win Rampage"

Logan bingelli october 2015
Lol logan
  • 16 0
 RebBurn, sitting at his computer. October 2016.
  • 10 0
 "I just love taking dicks"
-RedBurn October 2016
Lol redburn
  • 4 1
 I'm genuinely interested in how somebody comes across a bit cocky and arrogant, makes wild claims, then doesn't deliver but somehow still manages to keep his respect among fans
  • 2 1
 @SeaJay: I'm not a fan of Logan ive always gotten a really shitty vibe from him.
  • 1 0
 I'm head of the Mkt Dept at KHS peruvian distributor so I hear a lot about Bingelli. Nothing special though, go figure. It's like "oh yeah he won some competition" but peruvian MTB community couldn't care less about some random dude in the states. Rampage, however, is a different story...

I don't personally know him but I'm sure he's a cool guy, just doesn't have the vibe or awe that some other guys actually have (ie Rogatkin).

Did he actually mean that? or was he being sarcastic? I mean, seriously. Can any rider have such low self-awareness?
I doubt he seriously considered ever winning rampage, specially with the guys next to him. I mean COME ON !!!
  • 1 0
 Why was this dude given a spot this year? And didn't even compete in finals? Hopefully someone deserving like Bas gets his spot next year.
  • 1 0
 @gramboh: Well Logan has stood on the Rampage podium before. Granted it was a few years ago but that's still a massively impressive accomplishment, which they probably consider when deciding who to invite. It also doesn't hurt that he's a Utah local and kind of a hometown kid for this event.
  • 2 0
 Oh yeah
  • 1 0
 Cant wait for the commentary name mispronouciations
  • 1 0
 The new rampage-specific Enve M100WTF, I see.
  • 2 0
 That bike made me blind
  • 1 3
 dont like the bike and not a good idea putting the rear mech cable on top of the chainstay (if you were to run one) just about every bike has them under or inside but not on top.
  • 1 0
 RD by Shimano Alfine, thats ALL FINE :v
  • 1 1
 Why is his chain rusty!!!!!!
  • 1 0
 I think it's just a gold coloured chain with a bit of Utah dust on, but it does look that way!
  • 1 0
 @landscapeben not rust. you'll understand if you ride out here sometime Smile
  • 1 0
 @dbodoggle: ahhhhhhhhhh, got it, that orange evening light probably plays a part as well...
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