Red Bull Rampage 2017: First Practice Sessions - Video

Oct 25, 2017
by Red Bull Bike  

Things are heating up in the desert. The riders have mostly finished their building now and are starting to hit their lines.


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 Red Bull thank you so much for all this footy........I honestly can't get enough of this stuff and could not be more excited to get to watch the practice tomorrow live! THANK YOU!
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 I really don't get people bitching about this being a slopestyle competition now and not freeride. This is absolutely freeride. They're hitting crazy drops and jumps they scope out and build themselves. Of course there are gonna be tricks. It's what pushes the event to evolve. When the event started people were just getting their heads around drops and jumps of this size. But soon enough all the top riders knew how to hit the lines. Then someone stepped up and did a no hander here or a 360 there. It's called pushing it. If 20 guys hit the same drop, the one that tricks it will likely win. Here they're not only tricking shit. I mean look at Zinks line. With no tricks it's already a top contender should he hit it clean. And we all know he's not just gonna hit it with no tricks. It's how they push each other and the sport.
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 I completely agree. But in regards to say Zink's line like you said, will they judge it the same as say the tricks that get thrown? In the past couple years it doesn't seem like that is the case. Seems like tricks are getting a better look for scores than say just a big drop or a crazy line like that chute that Strait and friends are doing. Hopefully I am wrong. I like the tricks getting added in but I think more weight needs to be given to crazy natural lines otherwise it will start to morph into a big slope event.
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 @ianswilson815: They should set up a speed trap for that chute!
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 The drops and jumps are big but most of the trails are 6 foot wide and super buffed out. The landings are perfectly packed and completely smooth. Just cuz theres one steep line there doesn't mean its all natural gnar. Its still awesome but its a longs ways from the original vibe of the early events.
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 I get what they mean as some of those jumps and landings are more manicured than a Kardashian.
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 I do think it's like most of the riders just want to get from the top in the 'easiest' way possible and get to those perfect jumps to do some tricks. I'd love to see the finish moved a bit up and keep the riders higher on the slope.
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 Rampage is perfect as is don't change anything.

What is missing is another format of competition, find a mountain, ride it down however you can and score points - no digging etc. like the lines we enjoyed in "Where the trails end". Such thing does exist in Ski/SNB world already Smile
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 @fartymarty: What do you expect them to land on, giant boulders?? If you want a jump to go well the take off and landing has to be smooth and clear, thats just common sense. Sure people CAN huck into roots and rock gardens, but more often than not that ends poorly for bike and body.
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 @laxguy: Isn't Rampage about steep sketchy lines rather than slopestyle tricks? If so I would go with CG's less digging approach.
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 @fartymarty: they are all sketchy lines... building a reasonable lip and landing is what these guys do. People seem to forget these are some of the foremost freeriders of the time, lets let them figure out that line.
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 Just waiting for Sam Hill to show up on his Mega
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 Anyone calling this slopstyle needs to get out to Utah and check this zone out there. Person. This is as big mountain as it gets. The videos don’t do this justice. I’m afraid for every guys safety when they drop in. This is big mountain (hopefully gets judged that way)
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 if zink rides that top section fluidly and then 3's that massive drop he's got the W
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 Zink - one again redefining what's possible on a bike. Insane.
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 I d say that too... but don't forget #ZinkGotRobbed 2013.. I d be pissed off if sorge wins with a usual run..
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 @RedBurn: totally
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 We may get to see Zink, Strait and PEF hit Ludicrous Speed riding that line.
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 They've gone to plaid!
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 I'm scared for these guys, I love this shit!
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 My worry is that with that verticle line there is not much stuff left to impressively ride or trick. How much points can be given for that chute?
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 we got our podium !
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 Zink's redemption year
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 Can`t understand why Nico Vink isn´t even invited...
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 too crazy for rampage..
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 @juxtapozy: who the judges this year? Nico Vink I believe was one of the judges last year.
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 @DigRenno: he was. I think he volunteerly retired from the competition, after his crash in 2015 ( he may have realized how dangerous this shit is ..( broken ankle)
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 They've been there whole day and you give us only 3 minutes? Huh...
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 The lines, the coverage of the event, and how smooth everyone's riding this year is really awesome to see. It seems like normally riders are getting more sketchy especially in between features but this year everything is so well built that the riders look super comfortable. Safer yet just as impressive!
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 So did PEF Zink and Strait just take Aggy's and Doerfling's line from last year ? I always thought taking somebodys line at rampage is very frowned upon. I know they are trying to make it even bigger and more insane but that section that we just saw is what aggy rode last year but without the sandbags right ?
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 Taking a line that a competitor built, yes. Using a line that otherwise isn't being used, no.
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 I forget where I saw it, but apparently they're dropping into the middle of the fall line even earlier than agassiz & doerfling's line. follows the same contour, but starts earlier (read: even gnarlier)
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 @steezysam: It was on Cam McCaul's 'Risk and Reward' video. They are dropping in from the dang top, whereas Doerfling and Aggy dropped in 1/3 way down. It's not really the same at all...
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 I give Aggy and Doefling huge props for hitting this line with minimal digging
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 If Aggy had landed his twist, that should've won. I think my heart fckng stopped watching him slam!
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 @femto505: you dont even know how much digging they did.
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 This is gonna be good. At :40 though, that is about as manicured as it gets.
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 "Did I blow that shot?" Hahaha
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 great footage.... can't wait! This is one of those events where i don't care who wins. Just hope everyone finishes ok.
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 holy crap!
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 Is that Remy at the end of the video?
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 That chute is just completely mental. Riding the steeps indeed.
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 Was Vinny T in the list from the start and I just didn't realise or is he someone's replacement?
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 ....where's the chute practice? Anyone ride down on it yet? Beers and pizza ready!
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 Are those Risse upper and lower crowns on Brandon's boxxer?
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 Haven't seen any cracks.
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 Nope those are painted or anodized one-off Boxxer crowns
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 Got my money on Strait
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 full natty lines in the sky
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 Look's like a 40 with stickers to me!
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 when is this happening?
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 Live stream practise thuraday Live comp Friday
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 Yes Scott, you did
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