Red Bull Rampage 2017: Mayhem From Practice Day 3 - Video

Oct 26, 2017
by Red Bull Bike  


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 Semenuk is good, Reed goes long and Connor is made of kiwi steel !!!
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 Cam McCaul: "You don't want to see someone case something.....but you don't want to send him into orbit either"
Conor MacFarlane: "Did somebody say case? Hold my beer!"
Reed Boggs: "Oh yeah Conor, that's nothing, check out my McGazza impersonation! Damnit, didn't even taco one wheel, much less two"
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 I have to say the Andreu Vinny T Bas chute line looks almost as gnarly as the Pef Zink Straight line. The extra 2 small drops and the turn makes it look super sketchy. definitely my two favorite lines
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 Hopefully those guys get max points just for that line choice.
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 I kinda want to know how, when CMF cases a giant drop and supermans 15 feet he gets up and crushes off the dirt. When I wind up short on a small tabletop and go OTB, I break my elbow and wind up in the E-Room. I mean, I guess I know how. I suck and he doesn't.
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 The best riders are also the best crashers- they have to be.
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 Vinny T has the best style. Can't wait to see what he pulls out for the comp.
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 No footage of Zink hitting the giant vert ?

The chick in the practice stream said he rode it.
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 This is from yesterday I believe. They rode the chute today.
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 @Nicksen: SWEET BEARED BABY JESUS! Even Kyle's bike was screaming to not go.
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 Canyon gap overshoot save was nuts!
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 i wanna see the head cam footage Wink
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 Rampage suspension setting to the rescue. Would I ever overshoot a jump this big with my bike - never happening in my life - I'm pretty sure it would break (not saying he is not good though, I would crash miserably even with his bike obviously).
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 @gemma8788: unbelievable he pulled that off w/no broken frame or taco'd wheelset...beast mode
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 @gemma8788: Unbelievable. Check out that hang time. No need to call the speed police on that one!
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 Getting Sendy there Reed!
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 Conor nearly gave me a heart attack. That guy is tough as nails.
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 its like xmas eve when youre young, so pumped for tomorrow!!!

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