Red Bull Rampage is BACK

Jun 10, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  
After 14 Years and Three Venues, The Most Daring Mountain Bikers Head Back the Desert for the Pinnacle Event of the Red Bull Signature Series

The world’s best big mountain riders will once again converge outside Zion National Park for the 10th Edition of Red Bull Rampage. The premiere MTB event of the year attracts the toughest riders, and this year’s contest will be no different. Last year’s winner Andreu Lacondeguy will look to defend his title on October 17. Red Bull Rampage Presented by GoPro will air as part of the Red Bull Signature Series on NBC December 27th. The event is also supported by Polaris RZR, Pennzoil Synthetics, Samsung Milk Video and Utah Sports Commission.

Kelly McGarry rides at finals during Red Bull Rampage in Virgin Utah USA on 29 September 2014.

Tune in live on October 17th…
Since 2001, die-hard mountain bike fans have made their pilgrimage to the remote desert playground to watch Red Bull Rampage up close. Tickets are slated to go on sale later this summer, and updates can be found at For those who can’t make the journey to southern Utah, a LIVE webcast will capture all the action on Red Bull TV.

Can’t wait until October to get your gut-wrenching, nail-biting freeride fix? Head over to to watch highlights of the last nine competitions all summer long. The great equalizer of all mountain bike events, Red Bull Rampage draws slopestyle riders, downhill racers and natural-terrain freeriders together in one big-mountain test of all-around bike skill on near-vertical sandstone ridges near Virgin, Utah. Join the #Rampage Conversation. Follow @RedBullBike on Twitter and @RedBullSLC on Instagram.

For more information visit

Andreu Lacondeguy rides at finals during Red Bull Rampage in Virgin Utah USA on 29 September 2014.


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 Hey Redbull, how about you dig a little deeper in those big pockets and give those who currently risk so much for so little, a bigger reward?
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 They are tight as F***, i mean... look at their 'media player'
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 red bull gives you alligator arms... (that can't reach your wallet)
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 Claudio course preview.
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 Red bull gives you T-REX arms... (that can't reach your wallet)
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 How about you pay the medical bills, and insurance coverage for the riders who risk their lives for you? Based on the way they treat the riders I won't bother watching this.
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 Eee, can you show me another company investing so much in MTB? Redbull player being bad? Bring back Rocky Roads, those were some good days! People sitting on their butts, doing crap, throwing complaints and demands...
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 i don't think these guys are doing it for the reward and those that are must be f*ing crazy!
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 @WAKIdesigns they could easily afford to pay for Mark Matthews injury
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 They would look like rockstars if they payed mark matthews med bills. He's a great guy and deserves it!
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 What about children starving and dying of diseases in Africa? Write a letter to Apple or HP NOW!
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 Why? All the best riders still come out for the current prize....
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 TY WAKI, TY!!!! Yeah the best athletes in the world are also by far the lowest paid (in general) & yeah it'd be great to see million dollar podiums & shit, but fvck off with the bellyaching over nothing. Bring your stoke for Rampage or get the faaaaaack out! There are too many other companies far more deserving of hate for shit than RB for putting on one of the greatest sprting events in the history of sporting events. :s
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 Prize purse aside, just insure the fricken riders already. Geez.
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 @WAKIdesigns - you're right, viewers shouldn't be complaining, participants should. It's a voluntary contest, if the riders aren't happy with Redbull's contractual obligations (i.e., providing insurance for participants) then they should negotiate. If negotiation falls through and doesn't go their way, they shouldn't sign up for the contest.

it just sucks that it comes down to riders having to choose between their health and potential financial consequences and their professional career because this contest is a big opportunity for the freeride/big mountain crowd
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 RedBull already covers medical expenses for the riders they sponsor.
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 Was thinking the same thing - no mention of a change in format or better rider support, even though many seem to think that it's long overdue.
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 I very strongly disagree with that. I mean, sure, they could be more generous, but these riders aren't doing Rampage for any cash prize. They're doing it because they're thrill seekers, and Rampage is the most exciting place to go, and for the honor of winning the largest mountain biking competition of the year.
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 @krazieghost : that is exactly why us fans stand up for our heroes. We support them.
@shredds : some riders have many ten-thousands of dollars debts for medical expenses after crashing at Rampage. These riders need to be covered insurance wise by Red Bull. Thats really not much to ask for.
@MANA624 : true about the price money, but the least they could do is to insure the riders who compete at their contest.

All this hate against Red Bull would immediately stop if they pay off Mark Matthews debts and started insuring the riders on extremely high risk events like the Rampage. I think it would really be worth the money for them as in winning the love and support from our scene back.
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flag fLipN (Jun 10, 2015 at 12:15) (Below Threshold)
 I never heard a Athlete complaining about the Price money
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 how many MTB events cover all the riders for injuries? I doubt many, if any do. so why should rampage be any different? the riders choose to come ride its not like redbull has a gun to everyones head. In my opinions its riders sponsors that should cover riders injuries.
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 Rampage is way more dangerous and high risk than any other event. That's why.
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 The "nobody else does, so why should redbull" argument is the worst. They have an opportunity to be industry LEADERS, thus affecting change. Basic access to medical care should not be on the athletes' minds. Our idols should not be begging for donations to cover their potential career ending injuries on social media. And that's what happens when you don't get adequate care--your career ends. But the sugar water keeps shipping.
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 inter71 - sorry, we all know what we are signing for, whatever we do. If there is uncertainty and you are willing to go on with it, then it's your problem. Nobody will go around and whipe your arse asking if you are insured, it is your duty to yourself and your close ones to do it. If they tell you they won't pay for your insurance and you can't afford it, then you go doing Rampage then you know what you are signing for, unless you think you are invincible. Nobody will now ask you if you need a psychologist to solve such issue for you. It is your effing job to fix it. And if you are a citizen of United States of America doing competition like that in United States of America where Ape on fkng Madagascar heard of your Health Care programs, then you should pay even more attention. Steve Peat was promoting insurance company in UK having great offer for people doing "extreme sports", one that includes compensation if you lose ability to do your normal job.

However the dumbest thing is that the guy in question is not whiny, he just does what he can to fix the current situation. It is some moralizing dumb axxes on internet making themselves feel better about themselves by patronizing a company that made the event happen at all, contributing to one of the best ways the MTB has been shaped. I don't give a flying fk about Red Bull, Monster or Viagra, they can all burn in hell for me, but I ain't going to tell them what to do. Go on shout "Let Aggy in!" What if Aggy died next day, how would those pricks feel? That's about trying to change the world by referring to higher morals.
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 You lost me at Ape.
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 redbull pays for its athletes, why don't mark Matthew's sponsors pay for him?
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 Hmmm... why do people expect Red Bull to pay the riders if they get hurt? Do you guys only do events where if you get hurt, you're always covered by the title sponsor? What event has ever been held where that's the case? This event is meant to push riders to their limits and unfortunately some have always gotten hurt. I didn't hear any bitching about this back to 2008, and pre 2004. I agree the purse should be bigger and more spread out so just about everyone that gets into finals gets a slice of something but I'm not disappointed if its run like every other big mountain contest out there where they don't do this.

It's the gnarliest comp. in the world. The riders know exactly what they're signing up for. The first few Rampages were more like backyard jams in that there wasn't too much regulation or sponsorship money involved in the winnings and they were doing just as gnarly shit. God damn, so much drama over a sick event. MTBing is full of pussies now. Be pissed at the US healthcare system, not Red Bull.
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 all you people saying redbull should pay for injuries are probably the same type of people that would sue the MTB park because you fell and got hurt. MTB is dangerous simple as that. If your going huck yourself off 60ft drops then don't complain when you get hurt and cant pay for it. Just be happy redbull is willing to spend the money to hold this event. Also if i was a pro rider I'm pretty sure id make sure i have health insurance before going into rampage.
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 TIL there are conservative mentalities in canada too. "All you shitheads need to be held accountable for your actions! You fall and break your neck, THATS ON YOU! JUST LIKE THE GOOD LORD INTENDED!!!!! WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY OF ENTITLEMENT WHEN YALL THINK REDBULL IS SPOSE TO PAY FER YER BROKEN LEGS AND HOSPEETAL BILLS. WHAT ARE YALL SMOKIN? MY GENERATION WOULDVE NEVER BEGGED LIKE YOU KIDS!"

I quit Earth.
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 anchoricex- You've got this backwards, bud. Blame the US healthcare system, not the sponsor of an event. If you think its outrageous for Red Bull to not pay for riders' injuries, then name one other event in the history of sports where the title sponsor is responsible for medical bills of athletes that choose to participate. That's just never been the case so your and others hate towards Red Bull is severely ignorant or at least, misplaced.
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 I loved the bit with "as our Lord intended". Made my day
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 hopefully no ones gonna die this time. Riders keep pushin and pushin the limits, last years rampage was already critical, don't wanna know whats gonna happen this time...
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 ^ It may be strange due to them using up about every possible line this last time around. I hope no one dies but the overreaction to bad injuries is absurd. Putting this in perspective with other big mountain comps like the FWT, MTBing has been very, very lucky so far.
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 Pretty over-the-top expectations of Redbull here. As a pro athlete (in any sport) medical insurance is one of your costs of doing business. If your team / sponsor doesn't pony up the $$ then you have to--pretty simple. AND read all the fine print of the policy to make sure you're covered.
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 @motion and everyone else, did everyone forget the video series Pavel Alekhin put out? Cherrybomb? Everyone was giving mad props to red bull for paying for his treatment and surgery in his leg, how they provided him with a proper doctor and care, and I don't understand how now, a couple months later everyone is hating on red bull again
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 @steezwhip let me know when they cover Mark Mathews' broken leg, otherwise RedBull can go eat a bag of scabby dicks.
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 Prize money isn't a pro riders only way of getting paid...ever heard of getting paid incentives? I for one am stoked that Red Bull is spending the money to put these contests on at all.
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 God forbid Norbs ever get stuck with a big hospital bill. We will never hear the end of him getting robbed. If I were a RB executive that is probably the only guy I would insure. Or if I were a PB big wig, I'd make sure he's insured just so we won't have to read the robbed comments until the end of time. Ha.
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 Since like everyone against Redbull's way. why not boycott til it's called off. Than mad at them yet still contributing to their view count and money,
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 Doesn't Obama Care cover most of them anyway??? LOL!!
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 I get all this, I do. @WAKIdesigns, we should all just ride naked; we all know you're into that. We should blame XYZ just as much when an XYZ sponsored athlete doesn't make a 60ft front flip gap. It's all free(ride)will. Yeah, I get it. But.... and I will admit, I cant put my finger on the numbers (@WAKIdesigns don't start a diatribe about where you want to put your finger), but to give a wicked small purse to such nasty thieves, makes my gut say something isn't right. Especially when major personal injury is at stake. Again, can't quote the numbers, but I am guessing other nationally televised and single-sponsored sports have better health coverage (insert US healthcare system joke here) and purses, and it seems like with rampage, the gap between wealth of company and participants is not even comparable. In fact, it's a gap not even Red Bull Wings could clear.
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 Anybody entering Rampage without medical insurance (or from a country without socialized medical care) has very little common sense. I'm surprised Red Bull don't make it a requirement for entry to be honest.
I personally don't blame Red Bull for the state of the American medical system, everybody in the country either has no insurance, pays for their own insurance, or is provided by the employer, (eg sponsors as Red Bull do for their athletes) why should this case be any different?
Expecting Red Bull to pay for somebodies medical bills injured in a competition that they entered fully knowing that they had no insurance and could not afford the medical bills is unrealistic.
Instead of pointing fingers somebody could set up (if it hasn't already been done) a paypal donation to Mark Matthews medical fund, I certainly would donate
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 While I do agree that the prize money should be greater I don't think the money that the rider receives is the only reward. Every rider who performs in the red bull rampage gets a ton of publicity and the rider that wins is guaranteed a name you will be hearing again.
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 good luck getting a hat let alone a raise.
  • 2 2
 @dtax - In what position are you to demand something from Redbull? Who do you think you are to manage their budget? Bill O´Reilly? What makes you feel you could be a moral advisor to them? I would like to see you fighting for your own raise in the same way. I would like to see you organizing a local event of pissing into the pool from the roof, so that everyone is happy and insured.

You are out of your element.
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 Red Bull covers their own arses and that includes a few riders. Some kid might become a quad and guess what? RB does't give a shit. They care about SALES and $$$$ and if you think they are NICE then you are an idiot. They dissed me for the last 9 years cause I refused to hold their elixir in my fist for pictures numerous times. I will not support something I don't agree with and at that time I used Revenge Recovery not a cocktail full of drugs. That said I now like the blueberry and cranberry RBs. To say they laid some red carpet for huckers and without them we would be still doing the Jaw Drop on a 55lb beast is also ludicrous.
@WAKIdesigns people here are allowed an opinion you are not godlike in anyway so chill out.
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 I drank my coffee, took chewing tobacco and I am God of Israel. I seeee youuuuuu!
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 @WAKIdesigns Hur orkar du seriöst? hahahah
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 Våldtagen på jobbet med Göteborgs Rapé i munnen. Det blev Goatse med arbetsbelastning och deadline alltså. Funderar på att börja drycka RedBull istället för kaffe. Det går inte att få tag på Cocaine i det jävla landet fylld med veganska nazister vettu
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 Red Bull better pay for McGazza's medical bills after he broke his arm at their shitty stair-thing race
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 ^ Yeah except he didn't break his arm...and using that logic, don't you mean the brake company should cover his costs since his brakes failed? is this the first time you people have seen an event with a title sponsor? Buncha noobs in here writing incredibly silly stuff expecting Red Bull to fully insure and cover all participants... go watch some ball sports you whimps. Wink
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 Redbull won't provide direct medical coverage for athletes because they are title sponsor for dozens if not 100s of extreme sports events. Rampage is only one event in a massive roster. The economics of their sponsorship in extreme sports would change dramatically if they were to cover medical expenses. Read: the high risk events, like Rampage, would probably go away.

Now, the counter argument to this is that because they run so many events they probably could hold and offer an insurance policy for all participants that enter their events and, as a group plan, offer very affordable one-time coverage for participants to voluntarily purchase if they wish. The athletes are the product here, and helping them stay healthy to continue to perform is somewhat in Redbull's interest. Most insurance for sports travel explicitly do not cover professional activities or competition, requiring an additional, much, much more expensive policy for the riders to buy on an one-on-one basis. Redbull could, at little cost to them, help participants access affordable event insurance.
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 We're talking about covering the insurance expenses. That would probably be like $100 per rider for one event. Maybe even less or for free if they let the insurance company advertise on this event for free. Then anything that happens will be insured and all the medical bills would be covered by the insurance company.

That's a big difference than asking Red Bull to BE the insurance company and pay for all the medical bills.
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 I think you are all grossly underestimating the cost of insurance in America for competitive extreme sports athletes. Few offer it, and those that do charge a lot for coverage.
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 Does Red Bull actually organize these events really? The answer could simply be "yes" and I've made a fool of myself. But very often a sponsor is willing to give that extra bit of money if you assign their name to it. Now obviously Red Bull has become such a powerful name that it actually gives an event or team bearing the name some additional allure as well. I really doubt it was a bunch of cocktail shakers in that Austrian Red Bull kitchen who came up with this concept which should take place in Utah. More likely it was a bunch of cyclists who sent a proposal to Red Bull like "we've got this cool concept which fits right up your street, what will you get us if the event carries your name?". Obviously a title sponsor does have a big say in the execution of the event, the looks and all that. Maybe the organizers have to justify to Red Bull how they spend the money, but the responsibility is still with the organizers and I doubt they're really Red Bull employees. What I'm saying here is that even if you believe that the organizer is the one who has to insure the athletes (or who has to organize an insurance from a dedicated company somehow), it still won't be Red Bull.

It has been said before and I also believe that Red Bull pretty much takes the best care of her athletes. I thought they sponsor the DISC Sports & Spine Medical Center and send their injured athletes there. Maybe they also do that with other medical centers. It seems like good care to me. Out of those other drink companies, which does actually offer this level of care? And out of these event organizers, did Jeep actually in any way compensate Tara Llanes for her injury? I believe Red Bull is miles ahead of the other sponsors in terms of care for their athletes.

Which doesn't mean I'd ever drink their stuff. Mere respect for this side of their way of doing business. They don't sponsor me and they probably never will Wink .
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 Emailed Mark Matthews asking him his current situation.

I didn't even come close to clearing my debt, only raised about $5000. But being Canadian and having American debt is a tricky situation. Still waiting to see how this pans out.

Sent him a donation via paypal
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 Details can be found here!fundraiser/ci8d
The paypal link wasn't working so I emailed him for his paypal details.
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 the fact RED BULL sent a dozen riders to their stair set death says a lot about a brand. NO rider really wants to eat cement at any time dirt is our venue.@scott-townes you are on the $$$$ dude.
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 The whole point of winning isn't about the prize money its about the sponsorship money!
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 @WAKIdesigns hahahahahahah du är ju bra rolig du hahaha
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 @SpinningAddiction : pretty sure none of these riders do it for the money. If they did it for the money they'd have other jobs or they would have become roadies or soccer players. These guys purely do it because of their passion. Most of them earn just enough so they can life a very simple life on a tight budget, but they can do what they love doing most whenever they want to, which is to ride their bike. Pretty sure most riders join it for the experience and because it is the 'end level' of this 'game'; pretty much every freerider's wet dream to be able to ride there.

If I had the skills and would have been invited, where some sponsor pays my trip to get there. I would take the opportunity with both hands. Even if I wouldn't make a single cent and if there would be no price money at all.
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 Sure you won't.
  • 104 1
 Hopefully those commentators aren't!
  • 135 1
 Tippie and Warner FTW!
  • 7 6
 well you cant say they weren't entertaining Smile
  • 57 1
 I'd be really happy with Cam McCaul too!
  • 66 0
 Norby is back and doing more speed wheelies
  • 6 0
 you said it. Also--not sure the booth could hold both Tippie and Warner. Unless they removed all water, booze and ac just to tire them out in the hot sun.
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flag mnorris122 (Jun 10, 2015 at 10:02) (Below Threshold)
 Claudio and Warner*
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 That fat bro announcer with the second-by-second play-by-play is incredibly annoying. We're watching the same thing you are, talk less.
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 go get the UK version of rampage from the UK channel Dave, has Warner's commentary.
  • 9 0
 and let Rob loose on the juice too...
  • 3 0
 Yeah the UK version on Dave is great, with Warner commentating!
  • 2 0
 yeah it was good with warner commentating Smile
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 Erryone was upset about Norbs being called Norby but if you do a lil looking on the old interweb you can find Norbs reffering to himself as Norby: Go figure....
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 I vote for a live-report by Claudio following the riders down their lines, while showing Claudio's gopro footage.

Joking aside, I hope Claudio will review some of the lines Smile
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 "This is a really tricky section of Zinks line! WAAHHHH I can't believe I landed that" -- Claudio
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 Rampage is part of the FMB tour. the FMB tour should be providing insurance coverage and prize money for all the riders, year long.
  • 3 4
 If you want riders to be insured then organize your own series, or tell FMB that you want to become a manager, then fix it. Good luck, I hope you succeed
  • 4 1
 If Red Bull wanted to pay me $150k a year to be a manager I would totally be down to fix Rampage and the FMB. Maybe I should start a kickstarter... or maybe I should learn to ride a bike first....
  • 1 1
 Adding that 5% of costs to the event to insure riders is not much at all. Especially looking at how much audience Rampage creates for how (relatively) low costs. Especially now that it's also being shown on TV all over the USA.

They don't have to, but it would be morally correct and spending that little extra money would be worth earning all the positivism back from half the cycling scene. What's the point in advertising if it creates a high percentage of your target group to dislike you?
  • 2 1
 @mtbkook - how are your managerial skills and contacts in MTB universe looking like? I don't think the manager of FMB gets paid the money allowing him to mortgage a Villa in Malibu for 5 years. A middle class trailer maybe?

Let's start a group on Facebook everybody - Redbull - insure Rampage. powered by AIG. Eventually: Get UCI on Rampage, then you get millions of safety rules. You may want to start another one directly "Helmet cam the Rampage"
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 Virgin Utah ain't no virgin anymore. Shes been opening up her valleys and crevices to let all the dirty mountain bikers rider her for over a decade now.
  • 2 0 said crevices......
  • 50 2
 how somebody hasn't died at this event is beyond me
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flag chyu (Jun 10, 2015 at 19:59) (Below Threshold)
 you want some?
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 I wonder what the prize money is this year... seems like risk =\= reward at this point in time
  • 8 2
  • 2 0
 just wondering - what was the prize purse last year?
  • 19 3
 Prize money??? I thought they just got a case of RB and a fancy blue and silver helmet. second place gets a case of monster....
  • 8 0
 Prize purse was $45000 last year according to FMB website
  • 16 2
 It should be a lot bigger then that ! These guys are putting their careers on the line. Look at the WSL, the prize money for 1 event is $525,000 and they have 11 in a year. Street league has grand prize of $200,000 per event and they have7 events in year. Street league and WSL also pay each athlete just for attending to cover their travel cost. These two leagues are starting to make their sports true professions. I think MTB should try and copy 1 of these models.
  • 7 0
 A lot of these events have really weak prizes... maybe less viewers compared to World Cup level events??

I think I remember seeing Semenuk win Crankworx a few years back and only won $5k. Please, that's less than his bike cost to enter the damn event!
  • 2 0
 In comparison to the pricemoney in other cycling events, 45k for a single win is pretty damn high. You're definetely dont get that for winning a DH Worldcup or a Tour de France stage.
  • 2 1
 but a dh world cup prolly aint gunna kill you and a TdF as long as you are not needle sharing you are gunna be just fine, maybe a razor cut from shaving your arms/legs...
  • 3 0
 Though its not as risky as rampage, you could easily bee killed at a DH WorldCup, CrossCountryWC(which unfortunately happened last year) or at the TdF (they go 100kmph on concrete), The only reason it does not happen is, the guys and girls are all professionals. Most importantly pricemoney shouldnt equal death risk. But i would appreciate an insurance against invalidity for all competitiors.
  • 2 0
 @chainzuck Purse is all the prizes combined, not the award for 1st place. Website doesn't specify which they're talking about, though.
  • 36 1
 "The great equalizer of all mountain bike events, Red Bull Rampage draws slopestyle riders, downhill racers and natural-terrain freeriders together in one big-mountain test of all-around bike skill on near-vertical sandstone ridges near Virgin, Utah".

Technically they are Moenkopi Formations... just saying Smile
  • 21 0
 You, sir, know your geology.
  • 5 0
 Theres a lot of history in them rocks (visible).
  • 3 0

Thanks! There is so much more to learn! Utah is a good place for it though.
  • 2 0
 Well the rocks are part of the Moenkopi Formation which is made up of groups of Permian to Jurassic aged sandstones which make up most of southern Utah. So technically they're not wrong.
  • 28 0
 And So The Capital Letter Hype Begins.
  • 17 0
 This Is The Only Way To Convey How Stoked I Am.
  • 7 1
 I Don't Understand Why We're Capitalizing The First Letter Of Each Word.
  • 4 0
 ^^^You Could Use Lots Of Exclamation Points!!!
  • 3 1
  • 1 0
 Nobody's Yelling. Well Maybe You Are I Don't Know. We're All Typing Calmly Onto An Internet Forum, Most Likely Silently
  • 27 2
 "Red Bull Rampage is BACK" Was it ever about to go? Take away or end Rampage and Pinkbike members (along with the rest of the MTB community) would riot.
  • 3 0
 There has often been a one or two year hiatus, though. It's only relatively recently that it's become an annual thing.
  • 1 0
 The first 4 were annual.
  • 25 2
 Pinkbike, you should do some crowd source fundraising for a peoples choice award. We all know how controversial the results can be so let us vote on the top 3 runs. Plus, as it's already been mentioned, the riders are literally putting their lives on the lines, they should be rewarded accordingly.
  • 7 1
 why not? how about one vote for every $10 contributed to the pot... or every $1 to the pot...
  • 2 4
 It's because mountain bikers are all broke anyways. They spent all their money on $6000 bikes.
  • 1 1
 This is a great idea
  • 2 0
 I'm sort of tempted to pursue this actually. Though quite honestly, I'm doubtful we'd raise more than $1000, if that...
  • 24 2
 Put my mortgage on whoever wins to be on a YT
  • 22 0
 ok all I need you to do is sign this form please
  • 23 4
 BRETT TIPPIE FOR COMMENTATING!!! OR ROB not last year's dicks
  • 19 1
 I want Claudio to make a track preview !! Just imagine what it would be.
  • 2 0
 A lot of screaming I imagine
  • 1 2
 He would be silent as mouse because of adrenaline rush.
  • 14 0
 Dear Wind,

On October 17th Red Bull Rampage will be taking place just outside of Zion. IF you could you please go ahead and F@ck right off during the 17th that would be greatly appreciated.

Warmest Regards
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 classic me... fricken added an extra "you" for some reason... fack!
  • 3 0
 All good. I read it the way you ment. No spelling police here.
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 Bwoop, step out of the car sir.
  • 1 0
 No rain allowed the days before as well
  • 2 0
 Please wind, as Ricky always says, "Make like a tree and f*ck off!"
  • 11 2
 Would love to see Rampage go back to only having rider-cut lines, without the wooden features. The big features limit the creativity of the riders, by making them choose lines that can bring them into the existing features. The event should be about riders finding a gnarly line in the landscape, not hitting some huge feature that someone else determined would make for a good show. Personally I would prefer to see more big mountain technical riding with natural drops and steep lines, rather than massive slopestyle features. There are other places to showcase slopestyle skills, so let Rampage be the big mountain showcase that it was meant to be.
  • 6 3
 Just drop it. Every year someone moans about the wooden features. Go read some previous threads for all the sensible reasons why they are included. FFS if the riders are that bothered they can still avoid them.
  • 9 2
 Please, please do NOT let Brad Jay anywhere near the event this year. He spoils events like this
  • 3 1
 I mean, some of the stuff he says is funny, but only in a "how can someone who knows this little about the sport be the best option" kinda way....
  • 6 0
 ESPN 8- The Ocho
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 Get the fuck in cant wait already!!! Agree Warner and Tippie commentating!!
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 I really appreciate this discussion... I got nothing against you, americans, but it is funny to hear you discussing about an insurance that should be payed by a sponsor while you're living in a country with no correct insurance system in your country... This shouldn't be a critic of you but it's about the system which ist completely wrong... If I imagine, what i would have payd for my ankle two years ago it would have killed me... (i could have payed an absolute high class dh bike for the same money)
The danger of this competition is absolutely obvious so it's up to everybody to choose if he wants to compete or not. Nobody forces them to compete...
But anyway if you say that they could die at this event and your'e asking for more money, that means that you put a price tag on a human life... is this better?
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 I absolutely love redbull rampage and have always wanted to travel to watch but I have to say since the beginning of the FEST series I can not stop watching all of the footage. This to me is the most amazing display of talent, skill and pure fearlessness. And the best thing of all is that there is no prize. Just riders riding for the thrill of pushing the limits of their ability. Riders that want to hang with friends and feed off of each other. These guys are doing this for nothing more than the love off the sport that is their life. I hope this series never ends but can't imagin how it is going to progress with the features these riders are building. Forever FEST!!!
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 Can't wait. Pinkbike coverage of this is always distractions FTW!
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 Red Bull is giving you the best sport events in the planet and you all bunch of freeloaders and entitled bunch of brats bitching about how they should run their events? Really? Pause for a minute and look around and find how many companies give a dime about Freeride, i guess there is not many, now imaguine Freeride wothout redbull, I know the drink is bad for ya, but who drinks it anyways? I don't; if they can make money out of advertising and events let them do it then. The riders are professionals and they know what they are doing, if they need insurance they should negociate that with their sponsors and managers.

We have not seen this entitlement culture before, because this is a new generation of powdered butt whining kids that need to be thankful ratther than waiting on everyone to pay and take care of their responsibilities.

Thanks RedBull for Rampage!!!!!
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 Pre-record it and create a show where the long gaps between runs are cut way down so that there is more action and less time for the boring commentators to bore you to tears. This is what they do in the WC DH races and it works brilliantly. We don't need to sit through 4 hours of waiting around. Less filler, more thriller.
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 sorry changed comment spot
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 Finally, a date!!! I've been waiting since January to plan my trip. I hope a free t-shirt comes with admission again this year, because that's all I really want...
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 "How excited are we"? Well I dunno 'bout ch'all so I's only speak for me myself personal, but I couldn't fit mah feckin' stoke on this page!!!!! I tried. Didn't fit. Not even close. Weather better not hard fvck it either, or my rage will match my stoke & then some!
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 Hell yeah! Rampage will be even better this year. Too many names to mention will be throwing down on some of the gnarliest terrain out there. Can't wait!
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 Need to buy tickets for this year's Rampage. I've always wanted to go.
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 "xxxx got robed" whos it gunna be this year? I love fest series because it is judged by the participants so if Norby (aka Norbs) gets robbed its legitimate
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 Norbs is preparing himself for the robbery 3.0
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 Norbs got robbed
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 I want a claudio course preview for each line built
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 Jaws needs to be on this ting.
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 norbs got robbed
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 Why isn't Dylan Sheffer in this already? Biggest unknown freerider. Keeping this genre alive in B.C.!
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 alright, u all keep your hands off those tickets until I buy a half dozen of them!...
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 somewhere Tyler Klassen is quiety crying by himself...
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 What ever happened to that guy? I saw him years ago before he won rampage in Seattle at one of the dangerous Dan flow shows. He was rocking a p3 with a haggerd boxxer with blown seals and oil leaking everywhere, yet he still managed to hit the monster drop several times with great success.
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 He was doing some MTB guide work in Kelowna in like 2009 I think... after that I have no idea haha
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 Red Bull is a mystery to me, how do they have any money? I never see anyone drinking that nasty shit. They make all their money on media based on a drink that nobody drinks.
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 Lacondeguey should just build some fest jumps at the bottom of his line.
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 How do I sign up for this event?
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 How much are the prices anyway?
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 # RaMpAgE...............2015 gonna blow everyone's heads off there shoulders!!!!!!!!!
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 i wanna go but i won't be able to go Frown
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 The haaaaane
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