Red Bull Rampage returns to Virgin, Utah October 2-5th

Sep 1, 2008
by Tyler Maine  
New Location, Badder Course, Same Attitude

Red Bull Rampage, the premier freeride mountain biking competition, held annually from 2001 to 2004, is blasting back onto the scene in 2008, bigger and badder than ever before. From October 2-5, Red Bull Rampage: The Evolution will draw the greatest riders in the world to a new venue just outside Virgin, Utah, offering the most challenging terrain mountain bike competition has ever seen.MAKING HISTORY
As the new millennium arrived in 2000, a new breed of riders were pushing the frontiers of mountain biking, veering off the established groomed trails to forge first descents down unchartered mountains, similar to backcountry freeskiers. These riders were tackling steep lines and treacherous cliff drops, filming jaw-dropping video parts, and pushing the limits of the sport. With the birth of Red Bull Rampage in 2001, the event gave these pioneering riders a venue to prove that they were among the most skillful riders on the planet – not to mention some of the craziest. Red Bull Rampage immediately became the event that everyone clamored to be at all year; riders from all mountain bike disciplines hoped for an exclusive invite to the event, and the industry held its collective breath every October to see just how far Red Bull Rampage and the riders would push the sport.

After four inspiring and extremely successful years at the same venue, the long search began for a new, even more challenging piece of terrain. Event organizers scoured the globe from Turkey to China to Mexico and beyond to find the perfect location that could match the sport’s progression. Ironically, after years of searching, it was only 20 miles from the original Red Bull Rampage site that the most ideal land revealed itself – and called for the return of mountain biking’s biggest event. Red Bull Rampage: The Evolution features all-new terrain with bigger man-made elements, and the possibilities are endless. Robbie Bourdon, who placed third at the 2001 event, knows that the stakes will be raised in 2008. "They're going to bring slopestyle riding and big mountain riding together," he says, "and it's going to turn into the sickest contest ever."

On a dangerous network of ridges near Zion National Park, riders will have free reign to navigate their descent between a designated starting area and a finish line more than 1,000 vertical feet below. Thursday and Friday are open practice days for the athletes, allowing them to scout their lines, size up the thirty-plus foot gaps and cliff drops, and practice their tricks. On Saturday, each of the 28 invited riders will take two runs; their best single-run scores will determine the top 14 who will advance to Sunday's final. The 14 finalists will run two more descents on Sunday, with their best score determining the overall winner. In addition, the Utah Sports Commission will also present a Red Bull Rampage Best Trick award on Sunday.

Competitors will be judged on style, amplitude, fluidity, and difficulty of line, and with a $25,000 prize purse up for grabs, playing it conservative is not a strategy option. Will past champs like Cedric Gracia (France) or Kyle Strait (USA) stand on the podium again, or will a dark horse emerge with new tricks or a gutsy line down the mountain that makes everyone re-think what is possible on a mountain bike? Regardless of who emerges on top, Red Bull Rampage: The Evolution will once again expand the frontiers of the sport.


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 sounds totally knarly, but in a way i hope the main focus of the comp stays with big mountain riding rather than it turning into yet another slopestyle comp - If they manage to merge both aspects together though it will be insane! Big Grin
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 Yeah, I totally hope it stays as big mountain riding with a few tricks thrown in, no more slopestyle. The problem is "with bigger man-made elements" Rampage was never with man-made elements, and it still shouldn't be. But we will have to wait and see to know if they too plan on removing the soul of freeride.
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 yeah, i agree. Rampage is all about using the natural lines + objects, not man made stuff. Rampage should stay a big mountain event, not another slopestyle one. Its guna be insane though!! i cant wait to see videos!
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 It's gonna be amazing !
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 Matt Hunter, Nuff said.
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 It should be sick Big Grin It will be interesting to see how the slopestyle guys handle/use the terrain and it will be great to see the big mountian boys in a comp they do what they do best. I hope its on Freecaster TV or similar so I can watch it Big Grin
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 Finally not another stupid slope style the first few crankworx were awesome but come one do we really need like 15 a year.
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 OMFG&XFR!!Here we have a big , old school line !!I can't see how Gee Atherton will drop the "Super T" gap again.

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 Its no where near the old course man. But it'll be sick
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 Atherton FTW!!!
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 cant wait for another one. And hopefully Bender himself will make an appearance.
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 looks like we need another 300mm fork model to come out.
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 I think Romaniuk and Vanderham have a good chance at the win if it is going to be a real Big Mountain course! Gonna' be sick!!!!!!
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 I'd like to see Kinrade in it. I live like 1/2 hour away, I'll be there for sure!
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 knew it! went to virgin to ride the old rampage and some dude told me about this...too bad I passed by in would have been sick to see this live
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 hope the gaps are big, and hope everyone's not mucking around on small gaps on there slope style bikes.!!!!!
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 YES!!!!!!!! ive been waiting for this to come back, huck fest!!!
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 i knew they would bring it back- just way too cool not too. go big or close your eyes.
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 Yes finally its comming back, loved these events from the moment I started riding.
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 about time we have been waiting for it come back it will be so sick to watch how much the rider's have progressed.
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 is it gonna be on t.v or how can we watch it? comment me on my profile if u know
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 lol, i like how when they wipe out, the peeople are just there for the photos lol but itl bemint
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 that will be insane!
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 Me neither, going to be RAD! Actually, GNAR!
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 its good too see the sport is still progressing
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 i think i went past there on a road trip
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 long live the rampage!!! HuCk fREe or die HaRd!!!!!
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 slopestyle + big mountain = BIG STYLE!!
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 sick sick sick sick....
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 i cant fuckin wait omg
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 I want to go there!
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 bender 100ft??
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 I'm a sick man, I gonna do it.

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