Red Bull Rampage - Coming at you live and Rider List!

Sep 29, 2010
by Tyler Maine is so excited for this year's Red Bull Rampage! The LIVE webcast of the Finals on Oct. 3rd at Noon PST will feature an interface with live voting, live chat and you'll be able to watch everything live on! You can also expect daily updates from head judge Chris Lawrence, pictorials from Margus Riga, it's gonna be an unbelievable event!

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The winners of the Red Bull Rampage over the years can easily be described as an elite group of riders. Here we take a look at the winners of the past and the 2010 Rider Line up that is ready to join in Rampage history.

2001 Podium

1st - Wade Simmons Canada - Freerider
2nd - Greg Smith USA - Freerider
3rd - Robbie Bourdon Canada - Freerider

2002 Podium

1st - Tyler Klassen Canada - Freerider
2nd - Cedric Gracia France - DH Racer
3rd - Darren Berrecloth Canada - Freerider

2003 Podium

1st - Cedric Gracia France - DH Racer
2nd - Andrew Shandro Canada - Freerider
3rd - Glyn O'Brien Ireland - DH Racer

2004 Podium

1st - Kyle Strait USA - DH Racer
2nd - Gee Atherton UK - DH Racer
3rd - Steve Romaniuk Canada - Freerider

2008 Podium

1st - Brandon Semenuk Canada - Slopestyle
2nd - Kurt Sorge Canada - Freerider
3rd - Thomas Vanderham Canada - Freerider

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Who has the game to take it all the way at this year's Red Bull Rampage?

Red Bull Rampage The Evolution - 2010 Competitor List:

Final's Athletes:

Name - Country - Riding Style
**Brandon Semenuk Canada - Slopestyle
Cameron Zink USA - Slopestyle
Cedric Gracia France - DH Racer
Darren Berrecloth Canada - Freerider
Gee Atherton UK - DH Racer
Graham Agassiz Canada - Freerider
Kurt Sorge Canada - Freerider
Kyle Strait USA - DH Racer
Michal Marosi Czech - Freerider
Mike Hopkins Canada - Freerider
Mike Kinrade Canada - Freerider
**Paul Basagoitia USA - Slopestyle
Robbie Bourdon Canada - Freerider
Thomas Vanderham Canada - Freerider

Paddy Kaye and his crew of builders are hard at work to make this year's Red Bull Rampage - Evolution even crazier than in the past years.

Check out these two pics from one of the gaps in progress:

Rider's perspective
Rider's perspective

Looking back from the landing
Looking back from the landing

Qualifier Athletes:

Andreu Lacondeguy Spain - Slopestyle
Andrew Taylor USA - Slopestyle
Antoine Dubourgnon FRA - Freerider
Alex Prochazka CAN - Slopestyle
**Brendan Fairclough UK - DH Racer
Casey Groves CAN - Slopestyle
Chris Van Dine USA - DH Racer
Curtis Robinson Canada - Freerider
Evan Schwartz CAN - Freerider
Garett Buehler Canada - Freerider
Geoff Gulevich Canada - Freerider
Greg Watts USA - Slopestyle
James Doerfling Canada - Freerider
Jamie Goldman USA - Slopestyle
Kelly McGarry NZ - Freerider
Kenny Smith Canada - Freerider
Kyle Norbraten Canada - Freerider
Logan Binggeli USA - DH Racer
Mike Montgomery USA - Slopestyle
Ryan Berrecloth Canada - Freerider
Steve Romaniuk Canada - Freerider
Tyler McCaul USA - Slopestyle
Yannick Granieri FRA - Slopestyle
Wil White USA - Freerider

**Denotes that riders are injured and will not be competing in the 2010 Red Bull Rampage.

This year's judges are:

Chris Lawrence
Scott Hart
Aaron Chase
Randy Spangler
Paul Rak

Upon talking to the head judge Chris Lawrence, this is how they tell us that the riders will be evaluated

The categories are:

-Line difficulty
-Each judged out of 25

Judges confer and determine line score after each run, this score is the same for every judge for each run. Then judges decide individually on remaining 3 categories. Crash means automatic fail in fluidity category (you can't crash and win), Semenuk won last time with a low line score, but killed it in everything else. Some guys like Atherton are railing fast, but style is low cause they don't have sick tricks. You need to put together an all around visually stunning run. Overall impression is paramount.

From all of us here at Pinkbike, we are super excited for the event and wish all the athletes good luck and be safe out there!


  • + 6
 Canada is going to take it

  • + 1
 that's a fair bet seeing how 7 of the finals riders are Canadian.
  • + 4
 Wow... 6 riders from little old Nelson (Kootenays) ...... not bad for less than 10,000 people.
  • + 3
 Wow, I cant wait. The competition is insane, I am psyched to be able to watch some of it live now.
  • + 4
 Aggy, Sorge, Hopkins. I'm calling it. Claw if his hand is good.
  • + 0
 fuckin go AGGY
  • + 1
  • + 0
 most of the winners over the years have been Canadians.....
  • + 1
 only cedric gracia has been in the top three more than once....that says sumthin !
  • + 2
 Cedric has this magical smoothness about him. I love watching him ride.
  • + 3
 My hands were sweating watching that crash vid. Some of those stacks were psycho.
  • + 4
 What about Matt Hunter? Isn't this pretty much his thing?
  • + 1
 I was wondering the same thing.
  • + 1
 Matt can send it, but is no longer doing comps.
  • + 1
 I figured that. I've never once heard him talk about being stoked on competition.
  • + 2
 Marosi is DH and 4X racer, by the way. I think that Sorge has got the skills to win. Smile
  • + 1
 awwww yea Canada represent! on every podium up there! so stoked for the live cast!
  • + 2
 Best of luck to the boys from Prince George!
  • + 1
 does any1 have any idea wat time it will be on in the uk ?
  • + 1
 PST = -8h, so 7-8PM here in Europe.
That also means we're throwing a party on Sunday evening...
  • + 1
 thumbs up for casey groves!!!
  • + 1
 i hope rob warner is commentaiting
  • + 1
 Wish Matt Hunter would compete in this event!
  • + 0
 Alex Prochazka will be one to watch for me. The Gravity Logic crew will surely hook him up with a sick line.
  • + 1
 does anyone know how fairclough fell?
  • + 2
 Smashed his hand at Worlds in Quebec.
  • + 0
Not qualifying, not a judje...
  • + 1
 Randy Spanker hahahaha
  • - 1
 but....where is Cam McCaul?
  • + 5
 Broken femur from crankworx
  • - 1
  • + 2
 brendog is injured and wont be competing. that sucks.
  • + 1
 howd that happen?
  • + 2
 crankworx whistler
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