Red Bull Rampage: Spectator Advisory

Sep 2, 2008
by Tyler Maine  
Red Bull Rampage features the world's greatest riders tackling the most intense terrain any contest has offered – no novices here. The same applies for spectators; this event is not for casual observers. The new Red Bull Rampage venue was chosen for its ability to challenge the riders and push their limits, so it is remote, hot, dangerous, and unforgiving.Should you choose to attend, free parking is located at the intersection of Highway 9 and Camino Del Rio St. (approximately one mile east of downtown Virgin, UT). No transportation from the parking lot to the venue will be provided. From the lot, it is four miles to the contest venue over uneven desert terrain that you will either have to hike or pedal. If you ride it, you'll need to check your bike at the on-site bike valet once you reach the contest venue, no exceptions. Spectators will be required to stay within designated viewing areas at the base of the course near the finish line – no exceptions. No pets will be allowed, and non-adult spectators are not recommended. If this sounds harsh, that's because it is; this isn't a mountain resort, this is the desert. All on-site rules and requirements are necessary to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment.

If you decide to attend, pack plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, extra layers of clothing, basic first-aid gear, and a flashlight/headlamp as no provisions will be available on-site. In other words, treat it like an unsupported weekend ride with your buddies. Just think ahead, be smart, and come prepared.


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 unforgiving rules for a unforgiving contest
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 true, but fair enough
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 holy shit its like camping but different
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 It sucks for the riders that get messed up with all the people in the way but if I was hucking off cliffs and couldnt stop id run all thos people over not try and get out of the way and risk flying off another cliff hahah imo
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 I can see why they are doing this I remember watching some old footage and one of the riders was weaving in-between the spectators that were in the way.
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 i went to 3 of the previous Rampages and the spectators and media we in the way all the time. It sounds a little strict, but they want to make sure that the riders can use every available inch of the venue that they have.
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 and keep the media and spectators safe
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 Wow, really strict! Big Grin

I didn't get why you need the first aid kit... :p Just in case you faint or what? lol
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 Or trip and fall etc...
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flag dirtjumpur (Sep 2, 2008 at 8:57) (Below Threshold)
 yep, remember your anti-faint tablets! lol
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 i dont think i like the new redbull rampage very much i think the spectators should still be aloud on some sections of the mountain. it is becoming super strict. no more easy going fun times anymore.
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 this may have saved lives
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 That's some intense shit, right there.
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 yeah kinda bunk but its true the spectators and media do get in the way
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 The website doesn't work!
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 It works now Smile
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 I'm still going!

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