Rampage Stresses Me Out - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich

Oct 20, 2019
by Taj Mihelich  
As I'm sure you know, Redbull's build-your-own-ramp-competition Rampage is only days away. I'm excited to see what goes down and how far the rider's push what is possible on a bike. However, it also makes me anxious. I guess it just means I'm old now that I get nervous worrying about someone getting hurt.

I also can't help but imagine how scary it must be. The rider's have to overcome some very justifiable fears to be able to ride down that ridge. I even try to imagine myself riding down that stuff (which never ends well even in my fantasy world).

And so... for you entertainment, I have dreamed up some possible future Red Bull events that are the antithesis to high-pressure, high-stakes competition.

PS. I should note that Red Bull has generously sponsored some of the intended-to-be-fun-and-laid-back events I have put on in the past. Thanks! And be safe out there at Rampage folks!


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 What about "Rantpage"..oh year we all ready have that.thanks PB Smile
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 Well this wins it!
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 @markz you are a God
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 Pinkbike Rantpage. The most amazing feats of skill and dedication in mountain biking. Will leave you breathless.
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 What about Redbull Rainpage where the weather sucks, everybody is lacking in motivation, and you just call it and hit the pub instead? #restday
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 2004 saw a lot of rain during dig days. Then it dried for the finals so that everything got super hard packed. It did allow the riders to be super precise in their runs. It also meant that not only the last years' winner traditionally got injured and had to pull out of the event, but a good few more. The pub sounds like a relatively safe alternative Smile .
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 On the positive side, nobody got robbed at Rainpage.
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 @vinay: I think Steve Peat did that one year,sounds like a good plan B
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 Can I get a wildcard to this?
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 That's my average ride with my mates.
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 Glampage where everyone just shows off their sweet custom rigs and doesn't get them dirty and goes home safe
(but for reals, be safe out there everybody)
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 Already exists - it's the Ibis owners Facebook group. :-D (I'm a member.)
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 @MtbSince84: I need to get in on that! Smile
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 Oh well. Oldage.
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 Fist one to the finish loses
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 Every time I go out on the trails, I always seem to end up having a quiet lie down...the most annoying part is that I have to get up again to go find my bike.

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 I look trice at 5ft drops and go like.. . . . . .. "i needs more skillz..." .. . ... . and then they go like .. ..... "hold my beer". . ... . ... and we hold their beer. . .. ... and then they drop from like . ... . 10 times the size of our little doubt. . .. ... "look mom no hands". . ... . literally. . . . .... gotta love suicide-no-hander ... . . . ... yeah.. ... .. . . can't wait to watch the broadcast !
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 This is a really well thought out, important comment. Thank you.
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 Drugs are bad mmmkay
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 Is that Morse Code?
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 Redbull Tan Mage
(for tan wizards)

Redbull Slam Blades
(crashing on rollerblades)

Redbull Land Babes
(babes on land, not water)

Redbull Sand Spades
(a digging comp)

Redbull Hand Rage
(angry hand gestures)

Redbull Sand Cage
(I got nothin, ok I'll stop)
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 yup, Hampage and Driftage, i do very well at that, where to sign in? Or is there kind of Quali, best line footage?
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 Can I get a $12k custom hampage rig, made with carbon thermal control fiber and a CamelBak beer and RedBull dispenser sponsor?
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 texas toast Jam was sick! super rad event, sir.
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 Grampage...where us old ex-Rampagers dust off their 2001 steeds and send it on the original site!! Yahoooo!!!
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 Yea, I'd watch that
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 Can we just be put in a Zorb ball sans bike and thrown down the jump lines for the rights to say, "Yeah, I did that." Alternative facts are okay these days.
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 *limps around top of trail with one hand clutched to leg*

*shouts angrily (and overly defensively)*

"Mate, i'd send that drop easy if my leg wasn't playing up."

Red Bull Cramp Rage
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 Yup. Have a hard time watching it anymore. Less and less of me wants to send it and more and more wants to just grind out fun miles on singletrack. #oldman
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 Bed Wool Rampage?

A knitting competition. Best bed-socks win.
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 I would be the Semenuk of Driftage, no one could rob me
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 Robage would be like Rampage but riders with good runs don't score high. Like Rampage indeed.
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 @vinay: Red Bull Robage, the top three riders have to fight Rob Warner for the trophy. Ear plugs recommended.
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 @deadbeat Come to Penticton in the summer, Driftage is a real thing complete with floating eskies!
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 judging from the drawing it looks like kyle strait is winning driftage.
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 @Blackers: was going to say, someone with a good river has to have this going already!
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 Redbull Robbed-page Where the food runs are underscored just in case something better comes along
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 I can't wait for GlampAge, when I can finally afford that sweet tour bus sized camper but I'm too old and crotchety to enjoy it..

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 Crampage - where everyone forgets their electrolytes
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 Here for the puppies
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 Taj, Funny thing is, we bmxer looked up and admire your bmx riding back in the day.
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 Not just you. Rampage should make everyone nervous.
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 But is it "Ramp-Age" or "Rampage"?
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 Hump age Smile
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