Red Bull Roof Ride Results, Replay & Winning Run

Aug 22, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  
Full Replay

The results are in from International Conference Center in Katowice:

Red Bull Roof Ride results

Dawid Godziek's Winning Run


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 So nice of you to blur the result's chart in thumbnail..
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flag Mattysville (Aug 22, 2021 at 12:58) (Below Threshold)
 Then post it first in the article and the replay last…
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 The nice feeling you have is unintentional. It's purely stage 1 of the Paywall implementation Smile
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 @Mattysville: so your upset you clicked an article titled results, and it showed you the results?
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 @drfunsocks: For those who love to be upset, this is a sure way for them to get their kicks.
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 He should have gotten a couple of points for the final dismount.
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 Yeah I'd be stoked to land that, let alone anything else he did.
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flag freeriderayward (Aug 22, 2021 at 14:10) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah well, you know they get their bikes easily when they just chuck them away after a run.
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 Awesome event! Watched the whole thing yesterday, the three run format was really interesting. Felt so bad for that one dude who just couldn't even get a full run in. Great seeing Pilgrim back at events. And Rob + Matt Jones was the perfect combo for commentating.
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 Yeh Paul Couderc did such a banger qualifying run but then couldn't put it together for finals, seems to be a reoccurring theme for him unfortunately, such a great rider
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 I felt it got a lot better once Warner stopped shouting OH MY GOD after every trick Big Grin
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 Hi-5 Lady: It seems good-natured on the one hand, but on the other hand it was almost like she was imposing her will on riders who just wanted to be in their zone.
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 Yea I don’t understand how these people keep getting assigned to the drop in when all they want to do is mess with the riders who have much more important stuff going on than a fist bump.
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 Awesome event, really enjoyed watching it. The track was unique and interesting, riding was super tight, and the 3 run format was really nice. Congrats to the winners, and to Griffen too, that double backflip barspin was nutty
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 The dude who road his face down the landing during qualies though...
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 @Matik777: yeah I checked his feeds. You know how he's going?
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 Wow the Godziek bros are on fire! So cool to see them pushing each other and pushing the sport. Whens the last time two bros were on any pro podium? Congrats guys!
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 Less than a month ago, in fact. Tokyo, July 29, 2021:

"Croatian brothers take Olympic rowing gold in men’s pair"
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 And me happy to do a one hander for less than 2 seconds... haha
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 If you're holding a 1-hander for anywhere near 2 seconds you're actually experiencing signifincant air time, so kudos!
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 @plyawn: lol i had tuck no handers dialed or so i thought 4-5 years ago. Brought that shit to a-line and on one of the bigger kickers towards the end i was like "witness meeeeee" and I did it. My hands never found the bars again. That was fun.
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 @anchoricex: that's why I can only do one hand, 2 hands I barely go an inch over my bars before going straight back to them...
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 @ybsurf: i will say the tuck is easier for me than the suicide no hander, because my gut is holding the bars in place and in practice they're suppose to be right where you left them. I just have a habit of f*cking even the easy things up in life lmao. If you have anywhere that has a step up feature you can practice on, those are the shiznit because even if you bail and dump the bike you really can land on your feet most times and its only a few foot drop.
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 One link to Youtube, 2 screenshots and 1 repost from Instagram ... i too can post an article like this one Smile
Pinkbike has grown but the quality of the posts is getting worse. I understand that you can not be present at all world events but ..
Come on! you are among the largest mountain bike websites in the world!
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 THPS2 combos
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 Way to go Griffin! Hometown of PG representing well! Norbs would be proud!
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 Who's got the wild card to Cranworx? I can't work it out. As a Cornishman I'm hoping for Isted Smile
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 Wow that winning run… how
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 That celebration though
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 Rare achievement unlocked
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 "The roof the roof is on fire emoji"
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 What even was that flip?
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 bigboi flip
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 Frontflip-barspin-nohander Twister-nohander Cashroll-barspin
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 Jordie Lunn used to throw those at comps
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 Godziek from "god" I guess?
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 Best trick : Rogatkin during the presentation ceremony.
Great comp. Matt Jones is spot on as a 2nd commentator for slope. Judging was erratic but DG probably deserved it.
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flag BenPea (Aug 22, 2021 at 15:30) (Below Threshold)
 You're right, Rogatkin was robbed.

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