Red Bull's 2017 Bike Highlights Reel - Video

Dec 31, 2017
by Red Bull Bike  

We gathered all the best moments of bike we had this year in one compilation. From BMX to MTB and even road biking, which one was your favorite 2017 bike moment?


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 Hate the drink all you want ( i do ) but the company does hell of a job for the sport.

And Happy New Years everybody!!! ( I'm good for 2-3 years like this).
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flag sstewart (Dec 31, 2017 at 23:08) (Below Threshold)
 The coverage of the downhill racing this year was worse than ever.
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 Thanks for their grass roots stuff too like foxhunt. Surely cost more than the ticket price to host, with not much commercial benefits. Sure I drank more than the ticket price in red bull too.
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 Couldn’t agree more, Redbull is doing hell of a good job. People criticizing them seem to forget what is the alternative of sport supporting organisation (private company is indeed an organization) , like fkng Olympic commitee, or Fifa or any other bunch of corrupt bastards with highest values on their lips, and worst sht in their closets. To me, if you got a RedBull helmet it’s like you won an Olympic medal. No other company has managed to achieve so much in action sports and did more. Especially other energy drinks like Wankster Energy or Rockstar White Power.
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 Redbull helps me a lot while driving or at work after a rough night with sick kids. I drink their stuff because it kicks more than coffee if needed and they do tons to support the action sports. I am not glorifying them, nobody is perfect but they dondeserce kudos. So I’m a fanboi here.

And #drinkwater...I hope you are trolling @colincolin. Drinking stimulants and drinking water are not mutually exclusive, for those who have problems with reasoning
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 Too many awesome moments in 2017 to pick just one. The women were very under represented here however.
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 Like OMG!
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 Cheers to Nino and the perfect season in XC Racing (guess we forgot about that one...)
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flag otto99 (Dec 31, 2017 at 19:11) (Below Threshold)
 Why is XC so grossly discriminated against? I thought Nino was our athlete of the year? Now all this Red Bull free ride garbage
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 Well -- that was bitchin' right there.
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 What video/rider is at 3:38, that back flip to landing on the feet on the log is a creative move!
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 Matt Jones. With the trick of the year, for me anyway.
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 I don't always drink poison. But when I do, I prefer Red Bull.
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 That was good! Happy New Year all!
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 Indeed! happy new year to all Pinkbike staff and followers!
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 Great stuff......thanks Redbull!
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 please help! that chase at 1:59 !!!
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 2:35 to 2:55 is VOY
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 3:38-3:54. magical. That vid still fully captures my attention every time I watch it.
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 video that starts at 3:23????????????
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 so sick
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 whats on 2:00 minutes?
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