Reece Wallace 2010 Season Video and Photo Recap

Aug 24, 2010
by Reece Wallace  
The 2010 riding season was the best year I have ever had riding. The scene has grown so much since I began riding in 2004 and I am amped that I have been a part of the amazing progression and evolution that mountain biking has seen since then. This year was packed full of competing, traveling, digging, shooting, laughs, crashes, and good times with friends on bikes!

Read on to check out some videos, photos, and stories behind my 2010 season!2010 was a rad year for me. After finishing my first year of University in Langley, I moved up to Whistler in late April to shred bikes all summer with some of the best riders in the world. Riding with people who kill it really motivates me to progress and push myself to become a more dialed and talented rider. Whistler is a great place to be for mountain biking. Not only does it have some of the most epic downhill trails in the world, but the dirt jump and slope style scene is exploding and producing riders with some serious talent. The summer started off with me working for the municipality, building the River Jumps and helping out at Camp of Champions.

A couple clips of training at the COC Compound:

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Shortly after my arrival in Whistler, I got an invite to John Henry Days dirt jump contest. So I traveled back to the mainland and competed in the dirt jump contest and threw down some nasty truck drivers and other maneuvers. Kurt Sorge took the win and brought home 1000 dollars.

This year, I traveled to more places than I ever thought biking would take me. At the beginning of June, Justin Wyper, Sam Dueck, Noah Brasseau and myself traveled down to Vail, Colorado for Teva Mountain Games. After an epic 30 hour drive down to Vail through the Rocky Mountains, we arrived at the 8200 feet above sea level slope style course. The riders from the coast were having a difficult time adapting to the climate to say the least, but it sure did not hold back Vancouver native Eric Lawrenuk from taking the win. Teva was a sick contest and I started getting accustomed to large crowds and pressure. In my run I did a couple 360s off of drops, a truck driver, a no foot can, and an opposite 270. However, this was not quite enough for me to make finals, but I learned what had to be done in the future. Kyle Ebbet and the rest of the crew did a fantastic job building and designing the course, I cannot wait for next year's event. Colorado was one of the most scenic places I have been in my life, and it really reminded me of growing up in Alberta before I made the move to British Columbia almost two years ago.

Check out the video!

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In contests these days, judges are interested in solidity of riding, difficulty of tricks, style, and amplitude; therefore, upon arrival back in Whistler with just over a month before Goat Style, I made a plan to make my bag of tricks deep and full of surprises, and that is exactly what I did. I learned Indian airs, back flips, and 360 double bar spins (double truck drivers). Teva motivated me to become a more diversified rider and do more than just technical tricks, because bangers and style are what make it onto the podium.

At Goat Style I pulled my second back flip and first Indian air on the largest jumps on the course. Everyone was amazed at how quickly I progressed in the short month and a half since Teva.

My run consisted of 360ing the first big drop, inverting the quarter pipe, tucking the speed jump, tobogganing the whale tail, flipping the first jump, Indian airing the second jump, and 540ing the quarter to bank at the end. However, I was extremely shocked and disappointed when I missed out on the finals by qualifying 13th when they only took the top 12. Apparently my run was not enough and the tricks that I was saving for finals should been have tossed in qualifiers – roasted!

That being said, it is a judged sport and I was still pumped on all my friends who killed it and made it into the finals. A huge shout out to all the crew and athletes at Goat Style for putting on a wicked event contest despite the insane storm that leveled the starting feature after qualifying. I know next year I will be coming back for some serious redemption and shredding to accomplish my goal of top ten.

360 on the large drop
360 on the large drop

On Friday after practice at Goat Style, I was approached by Gord (event organizer) and was invited to the Friday Night Lights best trick contest. I was ecstatic that I was invited two years in a row!

Goat Style Friday Night Lights Video:

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Goat Style Finals Video:

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This was my second season riding for Pinkbike, and one of my responsibilities includes covering events of which I attend. For 2010, that meant staying up late editing video, shooting video, tracking down photos, and writing articles while everyone else was sleeping. However, I was always happy with the finished product and had a real sense of accomplishment when readers were stoked on seeing video and photo of the event the following morning or evening. I am no video guru or journalist by any means, but I tried to capture the good times and put a vibe in the videos and articles that made riders amped on the event and biking. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the articles that I wrote and the videos that I posted throughout the summer. A big thanks to Pinkbike for giving me the opportunity to write for them and for the financial support which made getting to contests and competing possible.

After a ten hour drive back to Whistler I was exhausted, but there was more to be done! Earlier in the year, I approached my bike sponsor Chromag about hosting an event at the Whistler River Jumps, and they were stoked on it! After weeks of deliberation with the big cheeses at the muni, I finally got permission to host the first Chromag Family Gathering.

Scope the video and some photos of the gathering!

(Password protected)
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This video is password protected.

Being the first event I had organized, I was really happy with the rider and spectator turnout and I think everyone had a good time. The potential of the event is almost limitless for the future, so keep a look out for next year’s Family Gathering! Big thanks to Chromag Bikes for the prizes, music, and help setting up.

Here are also some more photos and video of me riding the Whistler River Jumps during a shoot with Pinkbike for my Chromag Monk bike check:

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My Chromag Monk:

Furthermore, I traveled to Kelowna to ride and shoot jumps and Chilliwack to shred trails for a Norco Empire 5 review - here are a few shots from the trips:

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It has truly been an amazing season and I have never had so much fun riding my bike, and that is what it is really about at the end of the day, having fun on bikes and seeing the world.

I also raced dual slalom for the first time this year and I came out in fifth place with torn calf muscles from being run over. I am currently on crutches, but will be back on the bike in no time! Hobbling around Crankworx was sure a good time! Got my crutch tricks dialed.

Check out some more videos and photos of my 2010 season below:

Air Dome Session
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Bridge Jumps
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Next year is hopefully going to be a banger season for me. I plan on competing in Claymore Challenge, Crankworx Colorado, Teva Mountain Games, Goat Style Bike Festival, hosting another Chromag Family Gathering, shooting more videos and photos, and much more.

For 2011, I am planning on taking every contest seriously and hopefully get some great results. Some of my goals include qualifying in every contest I ride in by progressing more over this winter as I head back to Langley in a month to start my second year of University and winter riding season. I will be building many contest like features such as whale tails and large doubles to get my tricks dialed in for next summer. Throughout the rainy Vancouver winter I am kept extremely busy by school, digging, riding, and working. Keep an eye out for more this winter!

I wanted to extend a huge thank you and appreciation to all the guys at and Chromag Bikes, my family, girlfriend, friends, and everyone else who supported me throughout the season and made everything possible. Could not have done it without you guys!!

Keep an eye out for next year and go ride your bike!

Reece Wallace
- Chromag Bikes


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 love it reece, you have progressed soooo much over this season, ive even noticed it watching from Aus, props bro
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 Thanks man! We will ride when you get to Canada in....two months?
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 Great article + vids/pics Reece, and hope you're healing up fast on those crutches! I was glad to see your season went so well Smile do you get to ride a lot on the island in the winter? I guess it's nice they've just got rain and skip the snow part!
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 Thanks yo! Back to Vancouver in a few weeks.
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 "I tried to capture the good times and put a vibe in the videos and articles that made riders amped on the event and biking."

mission accomplished.
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 hey thanks man! means a lot.
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 yeah hes craza now
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 yeah bro two months ! good times ahead
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 killin it mang! come to sea otter too!
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 I'll see you there dood
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 Killing it Reece, cop bike instructor to pro killing it !
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 Nice Reece, keep up the good work and great riding! Keep us posted
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 ya dude! looking forward to riding with you again next season
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 the new argyle looks sweet
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 what argyles are they?
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 deep v rims? velocity?
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 Chromag rims

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