Reece Wallace Signs with Giant for 2 More Years

Jan 23, 2021
by Giant Bicycles  

Press Release: Giant

This year, Reece will be riding and filming aboard the Reign 29, Reign E+ Pro, Glory Advanced, and the new Trance X 29. Reece is self-motivated to create high quality video projects, and we're proud to be supporting him again for two more years.

bigquotesI'm stoked to re-sign with the Giant fam for two more years! With World Champs under my belt and Covid putting a damper on travel, it's a great year to stay at home and crank out videos in BC. Rad to work with a brand who continually supports and trusts my vision with videos, and I'm pumped for the future!
- Reece

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Giant Bicycles


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 With that world champs mudder performance it was a done deal. Well done Rhys!
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flag Sugarbrad (Jan 23, 2021 at 3:37) (Below Threshold)
 Reece Wilson rides for Trek...
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 Didn't Reece Witherspoon win world champs?
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 the reece-emblance is obvious
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 Yeah those rainbow stripes were well deserved
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 @chris-brown225: Nah it was Reece with a bike
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 Aww I wanted to make the first DH joke... stupid early Saturday morning bullshit
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 @chris-brown225: No it was with a bike
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 @chris-brown225: World "Baking" Champs
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 I thought he was on trek
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 Somebody should let Trek know about this.
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flag TheBrosCloset (Jan 23, 2021 at 15:48) (Below Threshold)
 Different guy..
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 @TheBrosCloset: but does Trek know about him?
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 Giant moves by Reece, as always! Respect and congrats.
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 Well past time for a new Glory!
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 It had me in a trance...
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 Giant should work with DVO to get the Emerald up to the stiffness spec like traditional DH forks, and throat that on a new Glory 29er.
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 @phops: they should stop trying the "best of both worlds" thing when it comes to DH racing and Freeriding with the Glory. Make the Glory a 29" dedicated DH racing machine, and come out with a new Faith for freeriding as a 180/180 single crown 27.5er with the ability to take a 200mm dual crown fork
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 @matt-15: Those old Faiths were pretty sweet for the day
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 @phops: you wanna do what?
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 @korev: ... from his Glorious Reign.
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 Nice to see Giant sponsor Freeride for 2021-2022....
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 It would be nice of them to come out with a new version of the Faith seeing as more people are wanting freeride bikes these days. A 180mm/180mm travel, 27.5" wheel, single crown freeride bike with 200mm dual crown compatibility would be sweet! I know I would highly consider buying it if they made one
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The 29-er glory prototype in 2019 had a flip chip in the upper rocker link, So maybe they will go with one bike that can be set as both a 27-er park bike with progressive suspension and 29-er race bike with a tad more linear suspension and slacker head-angle.
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 This just took me down the rabbit hole of Reece Wallace videos. Dude kills it.
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 Glorious news
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 Lol, well played Reece...
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 2021 product launch Giant brings back the ATx 1 from the 90s just for the hell of it
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 ATX is already currently used as a name me in their range
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 @Larkey1: correct but two completely different worlds
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 He is now working on a Cesna sponsershipSmile
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 His Yukon edit is still one of my favourites. Skills and style!
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 This may be the first article related to someone "signing" with someone. Im not sure exactly what I expected, but I thought it would be more like a football, baseball, soccer announcement. I was looking for financial info... how much per year, or per video, or free bikes, components or gear.
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 That's a giant move
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 Wow. That first backflip was... Gian- er, gigantic!
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 Yeah boy!!!!
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