[Updated] Reece Wilson Pulls out of Maribor Finals after Training Crash

Oct 16, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  
Reece Wilson proved he s no one hit wonder. First in qualies by a sizable margin in the worst possible weather and track conditions. Hats off.

Top qualifier, current World Cup leader and current World Champion, Reece Wilson has pulled out of the finals in Maribor after a crash in training this morning.

Reece won the men's qualifying session by nearly three seconds yesterday afternoon and was one of the favourites for the win this afternoon but will register a DNS in finals after he went over the top of a berm. We don't have any specific details on his injuries at this current time but the team is hoping he will be able to take to the start hut for qualifying tomorrow.

bigquotes2020 you son of a b*tch! From the highest highs to the lowest lows. I had the scariest crash I’ve ever had today, my front wheel hit a soft spot on a berm and the rest was history. Hit my head super hard on a tree, went into shock and had a little lie down. Thankfully I’m all good, nursing a bit of a headache but nothing major. You can only take things day by day when it comes to your head so I’ll see what tomorrow brings. Might even do a couple practice runs tomorrow. Thanks to EVERYONE for the kind messages, makes me feel special. Big thanks to Kade Edwards, Sven Martin and the others who got me sorted up there.Reece Wilson

Team Manager, Andrew Shandro told Red Bull TV:

bigquotesReece had a big fall this morning in training. We got him to go back to our condominium, did a warm up and he felt a bit off. We were just like 'no, it's not worth it'. Obviously, we're all gutted for him but he's been riding incredible with this race and a couple more to go.

Health is number one so we just pulled the plug, no racing. We'll see how he's doing tomorrow and if he feels better then we'll see how he is for the weekend but fingers crossed he feels a bit better.

He went off a berm and he pushed through and just fell and hit really hard on the ground. It's a bit of shock really but he fell so hard. We'll see how he's doing tomorrow, fingers crossed.
Andrew Shandro

We're sending healing vibes Wilson's way and hope he can make it to the start hut in time for qualifying tomorrow.


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 Absolutely gutted, but full credit to Trek for looking after their athletes and taking it seriously. Here's to Reece getting back asap.
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 I can only imagine how seriously Andrew Shandro takes it after how messed up his son was
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 @kleinblake: What happened to him?
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 @Upat1intheMorning: He had a crash last year and has some significant concussion symptoms for really long time afterwards, as in 1 yr+ of symptoms. Still hasn't raced since last summer I don't think. So understandably they will be very cautious.
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 Yes, what you said @Ozziefish.

Can't be too careful where possible concussion is involved.
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 Trek seem good with the healthcare of their athletes it seems. They took Katy Winton's concussion issues very seriously last season from what i heard
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 @ianswilson815: Thanks for filling me in! Totally get it, concussions are no joke and the consequences of them if not taken care of can just be horrible. Hopefully Reece heals up right well and Ethan as well if he still has those symptoms.
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flag themountain (Oct 16, 2020 at 11:00) (Below Threshold)
 Me2...Fu.. now I have to change my DH team , bollocks Frown
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 Head injury - should have pulled the plug ASAFP. No reason to risk long term health.
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 Not how I saw an interview (it was live). It was strange, team manager was avoiding to tell what injuries Wilson got. Even after host asked him how it happened he just said "he went off a berm and just fall down". I mean wtf?? It was clear that he doesn't want to tell that Wilson actually hit his head.
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 Came here to say the same thing, crashing always sucks but support from the team is invaluable.
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 Andrew Sandro is a class act. He’s going to make the best decisions for his riders. @gmcc:
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 So after he crashed did someone have to pick up Reece's Pieces?
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 Good one...but I think it was just a Big Hunk
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 That would be a lot better then picking up Reese Puffs
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 Fantasy league gonna be like bad news Oprah later today.... And you get a zero, and you get a zero, and you get a zero, and you get a zero, and you get a zero, everyone gets a zero!!
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 Yeah... I juggled my entire team and swapped out Loris for Wilson. Lol.
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 I did pretty well despite this, thankfully. 2nd, 3rd, 14th for men's, 2nd and 5th for women's. I'm happy to hear its nothing too serious and they're just taking precautions.
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 Shandro made the right call. Kudos to him. Reece still has a long career ahead of him, no point in taking unnecessary risks.
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 Does "he felt a bit off" mean concussion?
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 Said he hit a tree with his head so I'm guessing that's a yes.
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 Watching the stream they mentioned something about his teeth almost getting knocked out, must of been something with a full face on...
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 Every time I hear about a crash like this, or see one like the Norwegian girl who absolutely detonated in Maribor earlier today, I think aboout Lorraine Truong. Super risky stuff here with huge consequences-
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 www.pinkbike.com/news/girl-interrupted-lorraine-truong-head-injury-bmc-bikes.html for anyone who missed it. Thanks @thedirtyburritto I remember reading this, but a reminder is always important. Concussion is so abstract and scary. I hope Reece takes the time he needs to heal. There will always be another race, but you only get one head.
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 @Mirks: Powerful stuff. Thanks so much for the link, I'd not read that. What an incredible story, now I need to search for some follow up to see how that amazing warrior is getting on.
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 @mobiller: She posted a cool video of her doing wheelchair acrobatics the other day www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lrgoc9jaHVg
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 @korev: Huge progress, nice work! Shes's still got that same pro rider groove eh. Something in the way a pro mountain biker's shoulders moves just says I got this.
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 @korev: Man, that's good to see.
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 @DirkMcClerkin: I was amazed to see what she could do
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 Bummer to go from such a high to getting hurt. Get well World Champ.
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 I'm not sure what protocols UCI or the teams have for head injuries. When I raced moto 20yrs ago if you crashed you had to report to the race director and medical staff with your helmet so they could asses your potential injuries. I would hope this is the minimum, racing and having another head injury within a week of the first one is serious stuff. Hopefully he needs doctors clearance at the least. Miss one race and have a long career. Heel up well.
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 Shit sticks
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 Bummer!!!!!! Reece, get better soon!!!
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 Cant believe he wears a dodgy enduro helmet
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 It looks a bit different than the Enduro helmet (less vents). The visor sticker also says Aircraft 2. new helmet?
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 @Cgagnon7: nah its that trajec or whatever, with those rubber bumper things, not mips eh?
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 I looked it up just to see and yeah you're right. He's using the Trajecta, which is 100%'s "all mountain/enduro" helmet. Figured they would be using their absolute toughest helmets (Aircraft in this case).
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 Wishing Reece a speedy recovery!
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 Literally just finished the latest podcast where there is an interview with him and he was talking about staying healthy and not crashing.
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 Noooooo! Heal up quickly
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 Oh no. Get well soon.
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 The rainbow curse
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 Well Bruni kinda broke it last year, but still... The rainbow stripes are really heavy burden to carry
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 Just watched the live feed, was waiting for him Frown heal up champ!
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 Damn. I started watching the broadcast late and it just finished up with no Reece, I had no idea what happened. Hopefully he'll be grand for the next one
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 The greatest of Friday fails. Frown Hope he's alright and recovers well!
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 Ahh I'm gutted for him - the boys is on fire! Really hope he's good for tomorrow and Sunday
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 Bummer kid best luck back on attack for the next "real" season.
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 There are few things worse than sending your bike over the top of a berm and your body straight into it.
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 Rest up Reece! You might be down, but only you have that jersey for now. Get back stronger and thrash again.
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 Very sensible....you cant put a price on your noggin.
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 And it just keeps getting worse. Can we time warp to 1-JAN-21 and be done with this debacle called 2020?
I hope he is one of the fortunate ones and fully recovers. Head injuries are such a crap shoot.
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 The way things are going we may have to skip 21 and go straight to 2022
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 That's a mega-bummer...
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 I am glad that he is alright! How about a big shout out to his helmet sponsor.
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 What a pity. I can only imagine the comments if the tree had been dick shaped (I hope you all know where I'm coming from)
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 Reece should dress up as the JOKER for Halloween.
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 Pull up, not out. Healing vibes.
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 when in doubt, pull out!
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 Well dang
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