Reece Wilson Officially Re-Signs With Trek Factory Racing

Nov 18, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  
Wonder kid. Reece Wilson is your 2020 World Champion.

Despite swirling rumours that he may be off to another team this offseason, Trek has announced it has re-signed Reece Wilson "for the foreseeable future.

Wilson, 24, first joined the Trek Factory Racing team at the start of 2019 alongside Charlie Harrison, Kade Edwards and Ethan Shandro. It was an extremely young team with Wilson, 22 at the time, being the oldest member of it. Since that signing, Wilson has placed in the top ten at Lenzerheide and kicked off this year by becoming World Champion in Leogang. He looked like he would carry on that strong form into Maribor as he qualified fastest but a crash before finals saw him sit out the rest of the year's racing.

bigquotesI’m thrilled to have re-signed with Trek. The team is a tight family who do a great job of making the riders feel special while providing a structure for great performance. I’m excited to build on the recipe this winter and see where I can go.Reece Wilson

Trek has said it will announce more details about the team for next year "in the coming months".

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 Thank you for opting to use the hyphen PB. The English language is rather entertaining, much like the country from which it originates. As the word resign is an auto-antonym, or if you prefer, a contronym, much confusion would have ensued from reading the headline then proceeding to peruse (also continue) the article. Fortunately, your readers are such fastidious creatures. Other examples of such magnificent poetic words are oversight, impregnable, apology, handicap and my personal favourite, bill.
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 Interesting. As for the hyphen, this is not really needed to understand the headline as the preposition "with" gives away the correct meaning. Had he quit, he would have resigned "from" Trek.
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 @mi-bike: That may be so and my a say how very studious of you to make this observation. It is, however, inconsequential, as your suggestion still leaves room for misinterpretation. The less astute reader may well assume that in fact BOTH Reece Wilson and Trek Factory have resigned (perhaps from the World Cup circuit). I thought your objection, good sir, would be to the real crime here, staring us in our collective face - there is no closing quotation mark in the first paragraph! Are we to assume the rest of the article is a quote? From whom? Or is this a play on the fact that his contract appears to be open ended? Who among us would take employment on such terms?
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 @Samuel-L-Jackson: The stiff-upper-lip tone of this reply contradicts your earlier statement that the country where the English language has its humble roots is "rather entertaining". Rather, I would argue the opposite. ;-)
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 @mi-bike: The nuances and tone that British people use in English often fails to travel well.

I am surprised that we have not started more wars with our humour, or perhaps that was the true origin of the British Empire; it was all just a joke, really.
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 @chubby5000: Oh Canada - I can't remember if you're still part of the Empire or not.
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 @sargey2003: Phillip, is that you old boy?
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 Is there going to be a test on this later?
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flag oskimtb (Nov 18, 2020 at 7:16) (Below Threshold)
 @Samuel-L-Jackson: you look lost as well as very boring person... if this second lockdown is f*cking your head up, you can find plenty of help around, you should check the GOV website..and then come back to your literacy forum...

anyway..I wanted to say..congrats Reece!!!
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 @oskimtb: Ah bless you. It must be so hard when people are saying things and you don’t quite understand what they talking about.
No, your mother is boring. I’d get her to explain only unlike you, she has manners and knows not to talk with her mouth full. Now shut the hell up and turn your frowny face into smilie face.
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 While I appreciate you're extrapolation, I'll bet my mistakes in this sentence will drive your Grammar Police personality mad.
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flag oskimtb (Nov 18, 2020 at 10:26) (Below Threshold)
 @Samuel-L-Jackson: my mum is a very nice bloke, and probably could help you with your mental issues and lack of confidence..but she has no manners at all..unlike you, who seems to have all of them along with a superior intelligence by the looks of it..and you probably never gonna be able to fill her mouth, even when you grow up kid, I´ve seen what she can take.
then, I do understand you, believe me, and for that reason you are officially invited to get in touch privately to meet my mum again (I´ll pay for this one) and shut me up big boy...
if not, you proved enough yourself as a bad ass mofo in this forum doing mum jokes with an alias can go back to the literacy forum
big kiss
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 @chubby5000: look what you did, you made two poms fight. Usually ends up with something like, "put your fists up old boy" "tally ho" or some other nonsense like that.
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 @oskimtb: you sound like a right bellend. Step away from the Internet ........
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 On hearing he was resigned with trek Reece went for a session but eventually had to stop to go for a slash, just the remedy to get back to his session
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 After that he'll surely want some Fuel
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 @T4THH: You lot need to work on the quality of your puns in order to get ‘em up to the top level, the Procaliber...
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That's the Ticket
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 He must've used tons of Diesel on his journey to Worlds
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 @Shiny-side-up: The reference age and obscurity of that pun was of Supercaliber. Bravo.
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 .....and that was his Waterloo
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 @cougar797: I was going to come back with a derogatory reply to your comment but then I thought, “Y-Foil it for everyone else?”
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 Just don’t drag my EX into this.... she was such a pre-Madone
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 Glad to see the timing worked out so nicely for him. DH riders are way underpayed, glad to see one of the upcoming riders getting (assumingly) a good deal.
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 that cushcore video of him on a slash at innerleithen was sick
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 Is he the first guy to ride for both Trek and Giant at the same time?
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 Am I missing something here? He rides for Trek no?
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 @Jaib06: People keep mistaking him for Reece Wallace
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 @Jaib06: There were some postings on social media after Reece Wilson won worlds where he was accidentally tagged as Reece Wallce.
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 @leon-forfar: oh lolllllllll
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 I glance read the headline as resigns! I was like, waaaaat!
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 I saw that too. Intentionally perhaps for suspense?
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 Super stock for Reece, well deserved!! Does this means Loris will stay with SC??
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 Keep on Trekking
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 Looks like he is on a Session
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 Re-signing is better than resigning, in this case anyway Smile
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 Imagine if AG re-signed With Trek... Wink
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 Disappointing new bike though... could have done something far nicer than just white with a rainbow collar...
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