Final Registration for the 'Revelstoke 3 Day' Helicopter-Supported Enduro Adventure Open

Mar 2, 2018
by Ted Morton  

PRESS RELEASE: REVELSTOKE 3-DAY, Canada's Heli-Supported Enduro Adventure

Returning for its second year July 20-22nd, the first and only helicopter supported enduro in North-America, is ready to accept its willing victims. Are you prepared for more than 20,000ft of descending (8,000ft of ups via pedals), 75km of pedalling, 18 kegs of beer, and all in just three days? The event is centered around a ridiculously good time, with the culminating task of three blind stages on the last day, accessed via helicopter. There's no pre-riding, no course release and definitely no whining. So here's a little about what to expect:

What's in store for 2018:
- 3-Days of riding. Two days of pedalling, one day of heli-biking.
- More than $20,000 given back to the trails.
- Expansive alpine views.
- Super long stages, big-days, even bigger mountains - on raw, loamy, technical, singletrack.
- *New* Beachside finish on day three.
- *New* Massive apres on day two - axe throwing, music, beer and tattoos!?
- The event is taking a break in 2019, so register now!
The Revelstoke 3-Day is not your typical multi-day enduro, this ain't no "Pro-Only", shock millimetre comparing, pyjama-race-suit, style race. This event is an invitation to riders to explore what life would be like if you lived without commitments, wandered through the forest on relentless singletrack descents every day, ate food crafted by friends, drank beer from your hydration pack and actually said "hi" to strangers on the street. Ultimately, this event is about experiencing the authentic mountain town culture of Revelstoke, BC the way a local would want you to see it. Through the lens of a goggle.

The Revelstoke 3-Day Heli Enduro, is an all-out singletrack adventure experience. It's thinly disguised as a race, so that you have an excuse to consume as much food and beer without any regret. Live life Revelstoked!

bigquotesSell your soul, get a divorce, do whatever, just come ride Revelstoke.Anonymous German


Watch as Nate Hills and #FollowCamFriday, make the 13km descent on the final day.

Luke Humphrey, from Washington USA took a few pieces of Canada home with him, rumour has it he may be returning in 2018.


This year we switched up the registration process a little bit, since last year we sold out in 12 hours, so here goes:

• July 20-22nd - July 23rd is the alternate heli-day.
• Event capped at 110 participants
• Mandatory attendance on day two evening - this is the heli-briefing and dinner!
• No lottery - simply fill out your registration application, pay and you're ready to go!
• First-Aid | All riders should have attended a first-aid course in the past 5 years - don't worry we have a full first-response team and a long-line team on standby for when things get real.
Insurance | Riders must provide proof of emergency medical/travel/evacuation insurance that includes mountain biking. This is done after registration.
• Tiered pricing for entries | Want to pay less, register and pay in-full. Are you indecisive? Register and pay the security deposit, you will have two options on when your full-payment is due.
• Pricing starts at $1200CAD//$964USD - Yes, there was a price increase, this is to help create more capacity for managing/improving the trails used in the event, we're hoping to reach $35,000 between all partners!
• Full-faces strongly recommended for Day 2 and 3
• Minimum age is 16
• We DO NOT provide accommodation.
This event is NOT for beginners, you must be comfortable on black diamond terrain, steeps, off-camber and exposure.


• Pricing at $1500 CAD// $1205 USD is OPEN NOW
• May 25th - Waitlist Notified of available openings (The waitlist is first-come, first served).
• April 20th - Locked and loaded!

Steep, loose, fast. Riders from over seven countries all agreed. This is what hand-built singletrack should be like!

Day 2 of the Revelstoke 3-Day Enduro. Photography by Sam Egan for more visit cedarlinecreative.com.
See that peak way in the distance on the right? Yup, you'll be riding down that!


We're lucky that there are a very small group of people all over the world, building, managing, advocating, developing, and working hard so that you can smile as you ride down that brown, wiggly worm of singletrack.

My team and I are committed to being a fully tenured operator and steward for the trails used in the event. We recognize that donations are only one way of helping out with trails, as a result, for this event we created a pre-event/baseline report (cataloging more than 40 POIs), a post-race report, and completed year one of a two-year work plan we coordinated. All of this all goes towards minimizing the impacts of the event, but also helps to improve the trail in the long-run and lower the impacts of all users on this unique 13km alpine to valley floor descent.

Thanks to the riders of the event, as their entries allowed us to coordinate just under 500hrs of trail work (admin time excluded) through contributing more than $25,000 ($15,000 from an event, $10,000 from our awesome partners) towards this unique project. We also gave $2500 to the local cycling club - Revelstoke Cycling Association - to put back into the trails on Boulder mountain.

If you'd like to learn more about how we give-back, check our website and consider becoming a member of the Revelstoke Cycling Association.

One of the Dodds Brothers, a true pack of wild animals from somewhere south of the Canadian border, they belong in Canada.

I met Ali Glover in NZ last year, she was 'Frothing' at the idea of the event when I mentioned it to her, I love bringing riding friends from all over the world together.

I thought about quoting some Robert Frost here, but heck, just come ride your bike!

Mau made the trip up from Mexico, rumour has it he may be returning, and he's taking Raicilla orders...

The views are horrible, keep your eyes on the trail!

16 year-old Jeremy Helly, was pumped to meet Chris Birch (world famous moto rider), but I think he was more pumped to end his summer by ticking off a helicopter ride!

Ladies pro podium; Megan Rose, Leonie Picton, Amy Morrison

40+ men podium; Mike Day (the real one), Zach White, Dave Hutton

Pro Podium; A lot of pro riders applied, I turned a bunch of them away to keep a chilled vibe, I met Marco in Mexico last year, he was a very last minute entry, and I mainly took him because of his salsa dancing skills and his love for the apres. Chris Johnston and Will Cadham round out the Pro field, and both are true gentlemen.

Open men podium; this is where the action was at, Chris Birch, Jonathan Helly (14 years old), Fred Maxwell

Ladies Open podium; Emma Dunn, Sarah Rawley, Calindy Ramsden.


Valley Retreat Lodge
Tourism Revelstoke
Arrow Helicopters
Aero Designs
Glacier House Resort
Wandering Wheels
Revelstoke Cycling Association

Henning was a solid member of the team, earning him a special plaque, he completed the pre-post race assessment on the trail, so big thanks!

Marty was our incident commander, thankful we didn't need him, but he was integral to the planning and prep, keeping everyone on point and being the last rider down every day.

We had over 45 people on our team, with 23 first responders on the heli-day, this crew gave it everything to keep riders stoked, so thanks guys, seriously!

Need something? More information?

• All other inquiries: ted@bcenduro.com (Event Director)


Canada s Helicopter Enduro Revelstoke Three-Day


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 If you're looking to volunteer, head over to the website and apply there.
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 Hoping that I get picked to volunteer.
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 What exactly are they enduring? Heli assisted? Gtfo climb that mountains with your dinner plate size gears! enduro is just a gimmick made up by bike industry to sell bikes at ridiculous prices!
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 LOL yeahhh you should look into the details of this race. Its not easy by any means.
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 @scott-townes: lol if there are 14 year olds finishing it’s not difficult come on. I’m sure it’s a ton of fun but let’s not pretend it’s super arduous.
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 @poozank: 6,000ft. of climbing on the second day.... yup sounds like a cruise in the park to me.
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 @scott-townes: Without knowing the terrain or milage that means little. My point is if a 14 year old is finishing its not a big deal.
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 @poozank: 6,000 ft. vert of climbing is a ton to do in a single day regardless of how its presented. The fact you're relying on a rider's age to justify your position shows how absurd your logic is. In 2016, 3 riders under 19 finished the Leadville 100. The youngest to finish was 14 so I guess its not a big deal and an easy race according to you.........
  • + 3
 @scott-townes: got a source for that? Also did they ride the same course as the pros? Age is absolutely a factor. You aren’t fully developed until 24 as it is. Most 14 year olds are barely grown and don’t have the aerobic capacity for much. It stands to reason if a undeveloped 14 year can do it so can a decently in shape person in their physical prime. My logic is sound.
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 @poozank: Hit up the organizers for the Leadville if you want a source.

"lol if there are 14 year olds finishing it’s not difficult come on"

Put your money with your mouth is and actually do the race. Come on now, don't pussy out now. A 3 day race where you do 6k in vert in a day? Psht walk in the park! Come on Lance Armstrong, prove us wrong.
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 @scott-townes: you claim something and have no source to back it up I’ll put your opinion over here in the trash for safekeeping. I’ve done 3k in 4 miles that was killer and done 5k in 15 that wasn’t too hard. Its all about the terrain. Sponsor me and I will gladly go. I can represent team keyboard warrior.
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 "You claim something and have no source" If you want a source email the organizers as I mentioned. That's your source but I understand if its easier to blindly deny it than to look like an idiot. Its OK.

That's cool you've done a long climb! Now do it in a multi-day, multi-stage race. If your excuse is its too much money, go do one of the Big Mountain Enduro races starting with Santa Fe stop where you do a similar amount of vert in climbing but in only 1 day of racing.


Here ya go, I made it easy for you and its only $125!

Talk is cheap and we can see through your BS.
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 This is bullshit, Helicopters produce 3-5 times the emissions of cars, why do we support these tours with climate change being an extreme issue for our environment? I thought mountain bikers were stewards of the land?
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 I'll just need to do 3 fillings and a crown to afford this.
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 Very cool event. Would love to do this. But I have already sold my soul to Trans Bc. Sorry teddy bear
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 @pchappy you can do both...save up some doll hairs and have the month of your life with back to back enduros
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 Right here!

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