Trans-Cascadia Enduro - Registration Now Open

Jun 18, 2015
by Kyle von Hoetzendorff  
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Would you like to race your mountain bike in the deep loam and backcountry of Oregon? Do you enjoy great food, beer and wine? Are you a fan of camping out under the stars? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you won’t want to miss the inaugural Trans-Cascadia this September 24-27th! Spend four days racing your way through Oregon’s best trails, near Oakridge and each night you camp, where your only job is to feast upon a healthy dose of gourmet food and drink before falling asleep to dreams of loamy trails. Trans-Cascadia takes the multi-day race/ride format pioneered and proven by the world renowned Trans-Provence and applies it to Oregon’s rugged, wooded, and down right wonderful terrain. The only Trans-style Race in the USA in 2015. We're focused on culture, camaraderie and creating a great riding experience.

Over four days riders will be treated to roughly 32,000 feet of descending on trails scattered throughout the Oakridge area. Our route is a mix of this mountain bike mecca's fan favorites and some little known gems that are sure to leave you with wide dusty grin! The racing will be a blind racing format,Trans-Cascadia will not have any practice runs, and maps of the race courses will not be published ahead of time. Riding will be accessed by a mix of uplift service and pedal powered climbing. While the race is focused on descending, in this kind of back-country terrain climbing unavoidable, so come prepared to ride. Participation is limited to 100 riders, ensuring maximum riding pleasure while limiting impact on these beautiful trails.

Once the day’s riding is done, participants will return to camp where all you need to do is rest and recharge before feasting in preparation for the next day’s ride. Chris King Gourmet Century chef Chris DiMinno has created a daily gourmet menu that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner that seeks to highlight the farm-to-table taste that has made Pacific Northwest cuisine famous. He has taken steps to make sure that each meal has the right balance of flavor and nutrients to keep shredding day after day.

All proceeds from the Trans-Cascadia will go to supporting trail development in the Oakridge area. Proceeds will specifically help fund the necessary environmental studies that need to be completed before any new trail can be developed. This is an important primary step for trail organizations and one that is critical for the development of new trails.

You can register online by visiting the race website. Note, registration is limited to 100 riders. Please be sure to register early to secure your place in the race.

Riders will be divided into four different categories:
- Elite Men
- Elite Women
- Amateur Men
- Amateur Women

Elite Men and Women will be vying for over $16,000 dollars in cash prizes!
- $5,000 for 1st place Man and Woman
- $2,000 for 2nd place Man and Woman
- $1,000 for 3rd place Man and Woman

Shimano, PRO, Chris King, Pearl Izumi, SMITH, Travel Oregon, Modus Sport Group, Clif Bar, Stiegl, Clif Family Winery, Defender, One-Left.com,The U.S. Forest Service, OBRA, KickStand Coffee & Kitchen, and Oregon Adventures.

Modus Sport Group - Modus Sport Group understands that mountain biking is not just a sport, it's a way to grow an appreciation for the world that we live in, we feel that this is critically important and we understand that it takes effort and work to insure this experience for the generations of riders to come. As Trails Stewards we hope our work will open up new areas of riding and contribute to maintaining current trials in order to create lasting and sustainable riding areas that will be ridden and enjoyed for years to come. For more information on the Modus Sport Group visit www.modussportgroup.com

For more information or further questions please email transcascadiamtb@gmail.com or visit the website.

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 I am signed up and I paid the full price tag! this one is not just about the race or the gourmet food but everything, where you're at who you're with, chance of a lifetime! I can't wait for September 23rd to get here!
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 Sick Bill. I'm contemplating this.
  • + 8
 props for equal pay/ prizes for men and women!
  • + 3
 The people who don't have a problem paying $1000 for a fun extended weekend are the type of people that generally like high end food as well. If I were a race promoter, and there were only 100 spots, I'd totally go for the high end client.

If the race expenses are $700/person including food, it is better to charge $1000/person with $300 of every entry going towards trails than a race with expenses of $450/person including cheap food and a $500 price tag with $50 going towards trails.

That being said, I have very, very little desire to go eat 99 other people's dust for 4 days. I'll go after it rains and I can van camp.
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 Indeed. As a Midwest boy, I was amazed at how wet the springs in Hood River were, and how bone dry the summers were. Same in Bend, Oakridge, etc. all the way down the state. That faucet gets turned off each May.
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 would love to see more races like this without the unnecessary amenities. i would happily pay in the ballpark of $500+ for the chance to race plus the ability to have a cache of supplies transported to each stop. this is mountain biking, i don't need farm-to-table cuisine and wine and cheese platters, and honestly after a long day racing i doubt id even be able to stomach gourmet food. plus Id love to see more money going towards the trails and the Oakridge community instead of paying a professional chef and purchasing and transporting top dollar food products and a portable kitchen into the field. I've been looking forward to this race since I heard rumors early this year but was hoping for more of a rugged backcountry enduro than a catered bike tour.
  • - 2
 @jmrbauer I agree. Wish it was more focused on the racing and not the unnecessary amenities - so bummed and really hope this changes in the future!!! Otherwise, stoked to see who shows and how it goes...
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 Not to mention they say the money is going towards environmental impact studies. I work in that field so I already know that the majority of it will be wasted. And "Chris King Gourmet Century Chef" makes me want to toss the overpriced, overbuilt headset on my AM bike into the trash.
  • + 7
 I'm guessing Chris King is providing the chef as their part of the sponsorship. I've had the CK chef treatment and it's delicious and those guys rock. CK really supports the local scene. After a long day of riding, a great tasting, healthy meal is amazing. Those who attend will not be disappointed. 100 entries x 1000$ =100,000. 16,000 is prizes. That leaves 84000 for race organization + donation. Even if half of that goes to race organization/logistics, a 40,000 donation to oakridge is still MASSIVE.

I can't argue the wasted environmental studies money, however, that is the current political process. Until that changes, mountain bikers will have to play by the rules to develop and establish new riding opportunities.
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 thom is correct in that it is a killer setup, but I think the question is affordability for riders who are paying their own way to race events and for parts etc. Happy to support and play the necessary games to get trails built, maintained permitted etc. but I think the challenge here is how can we make great events like this available to a less well-funded segment of the riding community?
  • - 3
 I think the harsh reality is that this will sell out. If it sells out, law of supply/demand means that the pricing structure is good. Riding/racing is expensive and it takes a lot to organize something like this. If people are willing to pay the fee, more power to the organizers. I know I'm not willing to undertake an endeavor like organizing this!
  • + 2
 @thom: yeah, I'm probably being a little harsh. I grew up in Portland and I can't help but get irrationally angry when i hear "farm to table" or "locavore" or any other number of bs buzzwords. CK does do a lot to support the local riding scene.
  • + 2
 of course it will sell out, 1k is a drop in the bucket for a factory team or a member of the "i buy ENVE's at full retail" crowd. and there are way more than a 100 of those out there.

on the bright side, no need to worry about any home trail advantage as there isn't a soul in Oakridge that could afford that entry fee.
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 Sweet! If they ride Bunchgrass Trail (I think that's what its called, starts near the top of Alpine Trail) it will surely be an adventure, especially with no preview or practice rides. Bunchgrass is 30+ miles with no bailouts, but sick!
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 Sounds very appealing.. the 1000 dollar race price tag however is making me timid
  • + 4
 $1000 is actually really, really cheap for this sort of event. The amount of effort and planning that it takes to put something like this on is mind-boggling. Not to mention the proceeds are going to the trails, so it's for a good cause.
  • + 2
 Think about what a 4 day vacation would cost. The price is actually really reasonable when you break it down. $250 a day for race fees, great trails, & amazing food is pretty damn good.
  • + 1
 @thom True. It's about the same rate as BC Bike Race at $1649 for 7 days ($235/day).
  • + 1
 But I already purchased my Kamikaze Bike Games tickets! Who will be the lucky 100?
  • + 2
 Wish it wasn't overlapping kamikaze. Bummer.
  • + 1
 If people think it's too expensive get off your ass and put on your own event.
  • + 1
 The title misspelled Oregon with "Oregan".
  • + 1
 I'm wondering how they plan to encounter both dust and loam in Oakridge...
  • + 1
 They'll have to pray and hope for some Sept rain because it's already dry and dusty all over from the coast range to the Cascades.
  • + 2
 Driest I have ever seen on the west side.
  • - 1
 Sounds amazing and hope to participate in this another year, if you can't afford it..? Tough s**t. Work harder and stop complaining. There are other events for you.
  • - 1
 Shouldn't a "sustainable event" that "gives back to the community" be, like, free or something?
  • + 4
 ...but the $ is going to fund scientifical downhill pumptrack studies. 100 entrants x $1000= $100,000 could easily fund a study for at least a 1/2 mile of aggregate IMBA flow trail full of grade reversals and tight switchbacks, WEEE! Go ride the new Dead Mountain trail and tell me what you think. Wink

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