Rejected Comic Ideas - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich

Aug 25, 2019
by Taj Mihelich  

I carry a little notebook around just in case I come up with an idea for a cartoon. Often these ideas strike me when I don’t have time to parse through them and decide if they are actually any good (most aren’t). Stopped at a traffic light, in the middle of a meeting, when I'm trying to sleep… I quickly scribble the thought before it escapes and hope that at the end of the week it still seems funny enough to draw. My current notebook has just a few pages left and is ready to be retired. For your entertainment here are a handful of the rejected cartoons ideas that fill its pages…


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 Always fun reading you taj!!
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 I love this.
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 Should do one with balls sending the brain off a jump.
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flag DRomy (Aug 25, 2019 at 8:20) (Below Threshold)
 Yep, because that’s what people want to see first thing on a Sunday morning — a cartoon drawing of some hairy balls.
The next week could be a cartoon of my taint after a 5-hour ride.
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 @DRomy: go back to bed mr grumpy
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 @DRomy: LMAOOO!!!!!! You're a grump! But also not wrong..... Wink
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 Egg podium is your best ever
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 Me - theser aren't so bad......
*horse sketch comes up.....
Me - your mind has been in some dark, cold places........
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 Yes, but now it is back... and it terrifies people. They did not dare to gaze into the void, yet now the void gazes at them from the eyes of those who have been there... you know that he knows that you know...
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 Taj, I'm glad there's a few you don't entirely dismiss. Also, for showing us how you enlighten the process...there's always more to the picture. #1,#2, & #8. - for me were a hit. Thanks, I look forward to your work every week bud.
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 For what it’s worth, your rejected comics made me laugh the most yet. Cheers.
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 The first one is so funny in a dad joke kinda way.
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 Great way to start a Sunday. Cheers!
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 When it comes to bikes, always let the heart steer. Ride what makes you happy!
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 That chicken or the egg one got me lol
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 I have hard gas.
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 The last one is classic.
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 Pinkbike! Please make a t-shirt or jersey from it.
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 Amazing stuff!
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 Great one
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 Ha! Crankworx....
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