Race Report: Canadian National Enduro Champs

Jun 19, 2018
by Ted Morton  

Race Recap: MEC Canadian National Enduro Championship presented by Intense Cycles

This weekend we hosted the first ever true championship, a one-day event to determine who is the fastest enduro rider in Canada. No one was faster than Emily Slaco and Remi Gauvin!

Panorama Resort brought the ruckus with more than 3700m of descending! This race was a true mix of terrain that tested riders at every turn, sidehill and steep section. Every stage was unique; riders raced down fresh-cut loam trails, before embarking from the alpine down an 8km high-speed single-track, then off to stage three which was the gnarliest section of the course, utilizing terrain that is often left out in DH races due to its steep and continuous nature. They were then brought outside of the ski area to a new trail built by a local racer Jose, this long sidehill track challenged riders mental strength. This is the toughest mountain bike course at Panorama Mountain Resort.

Your 2018 MEC Canadian National Enduro Champions in their custom printed "Canadiana" Kazoom Jerseys.

A 7-stage race is no easy day on the bike, and it's not very easy on your bike either! The crew at the MEC Mechanic Tent serviced more than 200 bikes throughout Saturday and Sunday!

Needless to say, this event will become a highlight of the summer and if you've never ridden at Panorama Resort, you need to make it out here this summer. They have some of the longest descents, best dirt and an absolutely stoked trail crew, that is solidifying them as a world-class riding destination.

This year we are switching our race recaps up a bit, we'll be posting a brief recap after the event, so stay tuned midweek for our new video series chronicling the local communities that we visit, in partnership with Mountain Biking BC.


This event was unique in that we were at a resort, typically people think that bike parks are all smooth, green, flow-trails. Well, the Panorama Trail Crew truly believe in keeping the adventurous spirit of the Columbia Valley alive. Their crew works hard to build hand-cut lines that take you away from the monotony of the current bike-park scene. Have you ever ridden a hand-built loam trail in a resort? Yeah, Panorama has that!

What's even more unique, is that for this event we linked trails at the resort with one just outside, where a team of locals worked tirelessly over the last 8 weeks to put the finishing touches on a few very important bridges. Shout out to Simon, Darcy and Jose for their dedication and expertise. Also a massive thanks to Owen, Jason, Jeremy and the whole trial team at Panorama! Special mention to the Admin team at Pano, they're hardcore/dedicated riders, so cheers to Amy, Clarissa, Jason, Pat, Andrew, Maryse etc, for bringing together an event that helped bring the most amount of riders to Panorama since 2013!

For this weekend, we donated $1950 to the trails at Panorama, our gracious partners at MEC kicked in another $1950 to the trail club in Invermere, the Columbia Valley Cycling Society, and finally, we kept the stoke alive with another $1200 towards the lower NWJ trail!

A special thanks to Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association!

Invermere Panorama Tourism | Panorama Resort | Red Collar Brewing | Mountain Biking BC | Jose Letelier | Kicking Horse Coffee | RSTBC

These guys! Over 200 bikes repaired in two days, from full rebuilds, to flat tires and bike wash, these guys are quick!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

This guy! Jose has been helping the series for almost 4 years now. His dedication to "Good Times" is legit. He's the main reason we came to Panorama, as he's been telling me for 3 years about the quality of trails and the friendliness of the people. While he may never respond to an email, this guy totally knows what a good course looks like!

The Course

Liked the course? Wanna ride it? Check out the Panorama Mountain Resort and Invermere websies.

Race day was father's day, and we partnered up with Kicking Horse Coffee to provide the majority of Dad's that raced with some beans, they needed the jolt that's for sure!

Stu Dickson was stoked on his number plate, what's your take on the 69 plate? Lucky or unlucky? Or trying to get lucky!?

Remi posted on Instagram that he hasn't won a National Championship since his DH days 8 years ago, fitting that was at Panorama Mountain Resort as well. We're elated to see this gentleman represent as top Canuck!


No Bad days!

Flat Pedals, win medals!

The Columbia Valley is a true meeting of two giants, the Purcells and the Rockies, a true Colosseum, fitting backdrop for North America's preeminent enduro series.

Riders descended more than 3700m's, with more than 30 minutes of timed racing.

Sidehill was the name of the game, how much are you willing to risk and how much do you trust your tires!

Emily Slaco is an MTB Guide/Instructor, trail builder, studying paramedic and an absolute badass. She doesn't race too much, but when she does, she usually obliterates the field. Poised and aggressive on the descents, we dare you to try to keep up. She is the fastest in Canada.


At every event, we pick a stage, and come up with a creative way for someone to win $100, for this race, we gave the award to the SLOWEST male and female on Stage 2!

Not going that fast? Let the photographers hit you with the pan shot! Or speed up your go-pro!

Wonder what she'll buy with her $100?!

Justin had a plagued day on stage 2, with flats, a broken bike and a ton of crashes. It took him more than an hour to get down the stage, pretty sweet consolation prize to walk away with $100.00

Livin' the Dream!

These events are more than just racing, it's about having an adventure with your crew and in some cases, winning some sweet, sweet, prizing!

Lots of riders were breaking the 50kmh mark on course, how fast dare you go!

Making XC great again, Evan Guthrie popping his way into third place. I should note that he also podiumed at XC Nationals, and yup, he wore baggies!!

Fred is a true gentleman, he's always smiling and I recently learned that he's the fastest tire changer ever. Completing a tire swap in less than 35s. That won him a well-deserved pair of We Are One rims.

Don't you want one?


We had an error on stage three, when two riders in the pro category (on separate occasions), crashed into the timing controller, as such, we went ahead and dropped the third stage for the Pro Men and Pro Women.

You can find the full results here.

If you're looking for photos, we had the pleasure of having James Cattanach on the mirrors, you can view their photos here on Pinkbike, or use Roots and Rain to purchase even more photos.

U15 // Johnny Helly, Haydyn Wynter, Jack Linnell
U21 // Evan Wall, Jacob Tooke, Carter Krasny

21-29 Men // Jacob Larouche, Spencer Skerget, Kip Shortreed
30-39 Men // Charles Diamond, Nate Briggs, Michael Smith

40+ Men // Shane Jensen, Jeffrey Beeston, Ryan Hayes
U21 Women // Lucy Schick, Ainhoa Ijurko, Julia Long

Open Women // Deb Mackillop, Angeline McKirdy, Kirsty Stormer
Pro Women // Emily Slaco, Jennifer McHugh, Laura Battista

Pro Men // Remi Gauvin, McKay Vezina, Evan Guthrie
The champ! We offered up an increased Pro Prize purse of $500, $200, $100 to help support Canada's fastest men and women, so let's cheer on Emily and Remi as they take on the world!


If you're keen to volunteer, register here as a volunteer

Thanks to all our volunteers, you are the backbone of the racing community!

The Canadian National Enduro Series is supported by:

A massive thank-you to this year's series sponsors and supporters and anyone who Volunteered with us and anyone who helped with a shuttle, a beer or a spare tube!

Need something? More information?

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• Athlete Inquires & Volunteer Information | Will Cadham admin@bcenduro.com
• All other inquiries | ted@bcenduro.com (Event Director)

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 That was one for the record books. Thanks to Ted and the CNES team for bringing a high degree of professionalism and integrity to the event. Also a big shout out to Dan Bruce and Alex Grierson from the Pano Trail Crew. Their efforts cannot be overstated. Best of Luck with the rest of the season and a major congratulations to everyone that hauled themselves around this massive circuit.
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 Thanks for an amazing weekend Ted, the volunteers, the trail builders, and Panorama resort!
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 That was a great weekend. Loads of awesome riding. Thanks Ted and Pano for organizing it. I'm stoked to win the We Are One rims!
  • 2 0
 Thanks for the hard work Ted, trail crew and Panorama Resort. Sick race and venue! Thanks guys. Next year my vote is to upgrade the timing system though.
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 Cheers for the feedback Cody, we'd love to have had the fly-by system, but with the lack of cell service and the massive increase in cost for the new system, it just didn't make any sense for this event, unless we increased the cost of entry. Next year we'll have it for sure at this event! Churrr,
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 Wicked trails and event. Thanks to everyone involved and the MEC techs for keeping our bikes working!
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 Great Event thanks again Ted
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 Killer weekend as always, insane trails and a savage race day! Thanks to all for the good times!
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 Good times for sure, thanks Pano and Ted for hosting!
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 40+...Thats old.

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