Remy Metailler & 'Nrml Mtber' Get Techy in Sedona

Mar 18, 2023
by Rémy Métailler  

Words: Remy Metailler

Sebastian made me laugh daily for a good year, so we finally went on a ride together and I gave him a few pointers to up skills going uphill and downhill. Check out @nrml_mtber!

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 It’s good to see an accurate representation of a normal American male on a bike
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flag Bmxanddie (1 days ago) (Below Threshold)
 This is fantastic and mostly true - BUT you never know what people are going through. Truth be be told America is face fucking us with big macs to our delight.
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 Lol no one is making me eat Big Macs
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 Man I wish I looked like that, idea male form
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 It's funny that he rides a Specialized Enduro of all bikes - a frame that is infamously known for cracking even for normal size riders. He probably needs a new frame every week.
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 @Muscovir: or they don't really snap as often as people bullshit about, other than a few people who say they do online? and he is proof they don't.

Even if they sponsored him, if he was snapping frames at his size and weight, the dude would be in hospital all the time. He isn't. Because they don't.
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 @WkDayWarrior: They dont snap but they do crack. Okay maybe not all but they certanly do. I myself managed to crack 2 in 9 Months. Both at the Headtube (also cracked a 3 but I dont count that since it was hit by a rock flying up from the frontwheel).
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 @WkDayWarrior: These frames do crack though. On a German forum there's a thread with dozens upon dozens of pictures of cracked current-gen Enduro frames. And that's just one thread from one forum. Even Specialized themselvs sort of acknowledged that the Enduro is flawed.

The failure is pretty much the same every time. The upper headset bearing seat is a weakspot and will crack under heavy load:
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 Mr. Normal has done well for himself, stoked for him. He'd make a great personality for the PB team, make it happen!
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 Could you imagine Sebas and Bradshaw on a ride together? I'd watch that in a heartbeat.
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 Although his social media channels are full of self deprecation, dude actually rides well
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 Yeah, I'm pretty impressed. That uphill rock he clears after a few attempts!?! I'm not sure I could make it. Add a 30lbs fanny pack around my waist and I definitely couldn't.
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 This is what peak male performance looks like The other guy is Remy Metailler
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 I’ve seen Mr. Normal ride at Boise Bike Park. Dude has ample skills
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 Did I hear size 17 shoes US? Like what the eff? Surprised he doesn't hit his shoes on his front wheel!
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 Wow , one on one coaching from Remy in a magnificent setting, good vibes!
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 Can we get a Leo Smith AKA Lando Steezy and NRML edit?
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 Awesome video that place looks pretty fun !!
Would definitely watch more stuff like this. Probably one of those things where you’re not sure how it’s gonna go prior to getting there,and you end up having one of the best days you could possibly imagine.
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 Guy moves so well, terrific body awareness. See how casually he lifts his bike with one hand? Huge strength. Thanks for staring it’s inspiring to see.
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 camera settings are dialed on this one I love how the water reflects off the rocks
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 Whatever wheels that dude is running must be seriously tough lol
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 He's got a bike check on his Youtube which is super interesting, dude runs cushcore with 55psi front and 60psi rear!
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 So rad seeing NRML MTBER on here, more please!
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 For real though. NRML who's wheels do you ride?
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 Will never watch this clickbait, but will read the comments
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 Props to the dude. I can't imagine how tough it is to keep equipment in working order weighing over 300lbs.
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 The amazing part is bikes aren’t designed for his weight; yet, he is still able to jam on some techy trails in Sedona.
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 @jdendy: that's what I'm saying. I'm 170 and break hubs or wheels a couple of times a year. He is 2x. Props olto him for getting after it!
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 Love to see it! NRML and Remy in the same vid?! Doesn't get much better than that.
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 Can we get Reggie Miller on one of these? Dude also shreds
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 Strong feller that one
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 C bass is an awesome dude! Hella funny, super humble and a sick rider! If you don’t follow on IG you 100% should!
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 Dude is seriously impressive regardless of his size!
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 Now we need to see Rmy Mtllr at wing night.
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 Marin !!!
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