Must Watch: Remy Metailler Rides Past Free Soloist While Wingsuiter Passes Overhead

Nov 23, 2022
by Christie Fitzpatrick  

bigquotesWait till the end! Team effort for this one. Thanks @bradendean @nickmcnutt and @dylanwolsky ! Shot on my @gopro Max.Remy Metailler

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 I don't get the hype, that is a fairly typical day in Squamish!!!
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flag Steve101j (Nov 23, 2022 at 6:25) (Below Threshold)
 Down played day. Over hyped rider.
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 @Steve101j: Couldn't disagree more. The guy is a local legend!
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 @Steve101j: Learn to hype the community and build people up. There's nothing to be gained by doing the opposite. I'm sure your mother must have given you "if you don't have anything nice to say..." speech at one point? Basic social etiquette, my dude.
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 It would have been better if they'd had someone in short shorts doing Yoga selfies for the 'gram, and a Tesla charging port halfway down.
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Downvoted comment. Blowhard commenter.

See how easy it is to be anonymously superior in the PB comments section?
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 To each his own opinion the beauty of freedom. U don’t like his view keep moving on KooK@jayacheess:
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 @Durtwrx: The beauty of freedom is to be able to say whatever wrong-headed thing you want, but also for anyone else to call you out on it. Freedom of speech has never meant 'say whatever you want and everyone else has to silently listen'.
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 WOW Sorry buddy, I had NO idea you were climbing here... and now... WOW! Wingsuit! What a coincidence!
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 Absolute coincidence
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 For reference, this is the walk off descent of the apron. There isn’t a climbing route there. Was first ridden around 30 years ago.
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 Yeah the gopro is making this look much crazier than it actually is.
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 He does start right at the top of banana peel, a 5.7 climb. You can see where the obvious white streak where he joins the walk-off trail, but his first 20m are definitely not part of it, and probably not even walk-able. Not sure about calling the guy a free-soloist though haha
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 @hucklord: if it's at the bottom of the apron how did the wingsuit guy not die?
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 Disclaimer: It is steep and difficult, but nowhere near as difficult as some the other line I film around Squamish and elsewhere, and yes it was ridden a while back. This video was not about the Mountain Biking. A mistake though would turn very uggly. As far as safety with the climber and the wingsuiter, everything was obviously staged. I'll post the full video tomorrow.
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 Wasn't the climber on slab alley? Remy starts just left of the top of banna peel, crossed slab alley and then ends on the walk off.
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 @rstokes: yes it was. Slab Alley. Im surprised there isn’t more crossover between climbers and riders.
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 “Rides Pass Free Soloist”? Come on, copy editors!
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 Copy editors? This is basic literacy. Who did that?
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 "Free Soloist" lol dudes on his hands and knees crawling up a hill
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 We say this but it’s probably actually steep as f***
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 @ihsik: it’s not. People walk down it to get off the climbs.
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 @scallywagg: Yeah apparently I'm I free soloist now and I don't even climb. Dude was basically just scrambling.
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 @sefseffard: reading the comments, I still think 75% still don’t get it.
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 @brianpark who is in charge of this stuff?
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 Totally agree! Shouldn't be too hard to correctly write "Remy Metailler Rides Pass Free Soloist While Wingsuiter Pasts Overhead".
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 @mi-bike: or “rides PAST climber on either the descent trail or the edge of slab alley…”
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 @Jvisscher: dude
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 @mi-bike: or even better yet “rides past climber…. passed overhead”

Copy editor just copied Remy’s spelling. He speaks French better than I do and probably English too.
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 Yup - Remy is generally pushing out epic stuff, but this is a pure clickbait.
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 @phastlikedatnascar: Pinkbike editorialized the title. Nothing in Remy's post says anything about free soloists.

And regardless, it's just meant to be a fun video to illicit interest in mountain biking. There are lots of staged situations in Fabio Wibmer videos, and he's celebrated for it.
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 @jayacheess: sounds like we need a clickbait competition between wibmer and metailler. They are definitely leading the charge
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 @jayacheess: But, as Remy has said in a comment above, it was entirely staged.
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 To all the haters, you go ride it then....
It seems the stoke has been lost on PB due to the constant shutting people down or passively aggressively attacking them with "kindness".
If you're not stoked to ride ans see other people ride then just quit. We don't need or want you on the dirt.
Nice one remy as usual.
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flag rbeach (Nov 24, 2022 at 6:06) (Below Threshold)
 Things a gatekeeping simp would say.
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 Holy clickbait!
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 Who gets to decide whether the title may include "Must Watch"?
Up until now I thought this was reserved for exceptionally made video parts only.
Now, "Must Watch" basically means "A Video"
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 Or, “Cyclist rides down rock, you won’t believe what happens next”.
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 "It'll change your life!"
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 "Do this one weird trick to avoid other rad athletes."
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 Gopro making things look steeper than reality for once.

The "climber" is also not "free soloing", he's doing a straightforward scramble, calm down.
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flag valrock (Nov 23, 2022 at 14:21) (Below Threshold)
 GoPro Effect is actually the opposite... making stuff less steep and less scary than they are. This is 90 degrees tilted super wide view that does exactly the opposite of GoPro Effect. Same as sending dick pic with wide settings on your iPhone... you pipi looks 3 times longer - you are welcome
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 @valrock: That's why I said "for once". Read before replying Wink
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 @redrook: you are right... but still f*ck YOU Big Grin
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 If only Remi could get his brakes to stop squealing! Seems like most of his videos have this as the background music... Quite distracting from his excellent riding.
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 yeah, he should find an appropriate brake lubricant...

Seriously though, the sh*t Remy is riding is sooo steep. There's no way to keep your brakes from being noisy on that stuff.
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 Not sure that's possible at warp speed
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 @bocomtb: that's totally not true, discs and pads pick up contaminates from bike maintenance or from transit on vehicles etc, but it is possible to clean them and have them run silent even in the steepest and fastest sections.
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 @bocomtb: yep. If I ever happened to ride something that steep I would 100% be focused on if my brakes worked, not if they were making noise.
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 The world cup circuit very rarely sound like this unless it's a mudbath. Either it's not possible with Hayes brakes or they aren't bothered with people mentally blacklisting their products.
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 @mtmc99: why not both...
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 The one flaw I've found with Hayes Dominions is that they're extremely sensitive to all noise-causing factors. They must be ridden hard and brought up to temp frequently to stay quiet. As well as being kept clean and perfectly aligned.
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 Remy made a post when he began running these new brakes he was sponsored with. Something about how he likes hearing them because he knows they are working. It stuck me as an odd thing to post but ever since we have heard his brakes on his videos.
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 @Jvisscher: that sounds like a good PR excuse for brakes that they knew would be loud, when every other rider I can think of talks about wanting to be able to hear what their tyres are doing instead. But then I'm not the one hitting collosal drops and vertical slabs so what do I know!
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 @jpcars10s: I’ve never heard or seen this issue with the 4 pairs of dominions me and my friends have. The levers chrip like birds when you pull them though lol
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 Best Mountain Dew commercial I’ve seen in a while
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 Now if he could just work in some dude doing a parkour flip over him and one of those weird airplane obstacle races in the background, we'd have a Red Bull pentopoly.
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 The convergence of three extreme sports athletes almost colliding in one place and time... This could have caused a massive ripple in time/space and opened a gateway to late 90s Shaun Palmer emerging from the ether of mountain dew.
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 That's a pretty low angle slab.....Class4?
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 V -2
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 He said it's staged and to me that just makes it even more amazing to get the climber, bike and wingsuit co-ordinated within seconds.
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 I love a good casual wild sighting of the word “whilst”
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 Whomst wouldn’t?
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 It’s big in Canada.
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 While this one is pretty staged (still cool, but staged) Please go check out the video he posted 2 before this caption "No fall zone, epic sunset and location"..... that S is nuts.
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 It may look like I'm walking my bike up this technical section, but I'm actually free soloing that shit.
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 Where's the outun? What happens? Come on, brother.
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 The descent trail he is riding turns left and enters the forest.
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 I’m gonna do some serious free solo climbs this weekend.
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 Pretty insane all around! Genuine question, I'm not sure of the etiquette here - was that a close pass next to the climber, or is it just the camera angle?
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flag overconfident (Nov 23, 2022 at 6:53) (Below Threshold)
 I doubt there's an established etiquette for passing free soloists on a bike, but IMO that was totally out of order

At that speed, I'd try to give a walker more space than that, nevermind a f**king climber who could fall to their death
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 @overconfident: by the looks of the blurb I'm pretty sure it was all staged
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 IMBA rules say he totally should've yielded to the uphill rider/climber.
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 @overconfident: I have my doubts that it was just a random climber. I'm sure it was all set up for the video.
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 @cooke88: Ah, your right, I did not read that...

Of course I just went straight to the comments instead
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 I believe the recommended course of action is to yell "Strava" as you bunny hop over the climber
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 @jsnfschr: Downhill biker and wingsuiter should both yield to uphill traffic. People need to learn trail etiquette
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 @overconfident: good of ya to own it. Screen-name checks out. Razz
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 @overconfident: it's the way remy apologises for it. Seems genuine hahaha
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 @Quinn-39: if only I could apply my online overconfidence to hitting doubles
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 Remy " woooo" meanwhile riding a rock as steep as his head angle
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 So much going on in so little time
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 Dam you folks who live in BC are lucky.
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 Cool video. Would be better if he was riding a 26" bike.
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 I'm not your buddy, guy!
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 This video just gets more and more wild.
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 "Whoa sorry about it"
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 That was amazing.
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 the man who climbs without ropes scares me more than the bike going down
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 He's not climbing. It's not a climb.
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 Hiking down some of the technical trails I have ridden is much more dangerous than riding them. Mountain bikes are amazing tools.
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 Serious skills!.
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 Already seen it on u tube..and riding down grippy granite slabs is not that hard
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 Bolts did it better.
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 Bolts did a great line that was photogenic. But if Bolts missed his ramp he would stop. If Remy missed his exit left into the forest here… well… he would end up where it was possible to deploy the wing suit parachute.

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