Rémy Métailler's Best of 2017 - Video

Dec 29, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  
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Rémy had quite a year, and he's compiled the highlights into one greatest hits video. It's not all bike park laps, either; there's some skiing and moto riding thrown in for good measure.

MENTIONS: @remymetailler


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 Good job Remy, you are one of my favorite riders!! That being said, 100% POV videos don't do justice to capture all the style of your riding. All your other edits in Whistler are my all time favs tho
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 Because Cube make ugly bikes!
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 @jimmythehat: Still faster than you.
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 I don't know, as POV goes, the single crown stuff and urban DH stuff was absolutely nuts!
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 The warp speed urban dh is complete mind blower
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 I felt like a kid in the window.
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 Well, sure makes my year look like poo.....
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 Very happy/proud that you show canadian's rap some love! Big Grin

Je pense que ca serait cool un vidéo avec du Jedi Mind Tricks, Vinnie Paz, La Coka Nostra, etc. Pas le meme genre que DL mais le style agressif fitterait bien je crois! Razz Sinon je sais pas si ca irait bien avec des vidéos de bike mais du bon vieux rap francais genre la FF, I Am, etc. ca serait malade!! lol
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 Seven ou Gorillas de Army Of The Pharaohs (AOTP), Nineteen Ninety Three de Vinnie Paz sont des exemples qui me viennent en tête vite comme ca.. Si tu n'aimes pas, pas grave, je te fais confiance tu as tjs de bons choix musicaux! Smile
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 Great video!!!! Always full Gas!!!
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 I loved his ski footage he was posting to his stories last season (and probably this season too).
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 Yeah he looks pretty handy on the planks! Dropping pillows like a boss!
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 I've watched this 4 times now, and still am amazed at his skills. Watching a talented rider, in my mind seems to be the whole point for watching it, not if you like or dislike the music.
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 The urban downhill still makes my jaw drop
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 That was some of the gnarliest POV footage I've ever seen
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 Good health and good shred to you in 2018 Remy! Also unobstructed border crossings!
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 Remy is such a beast!!!
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 I’m stoked for Yoann’s edit next.
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 anyone notice the regular dual crown fork at 2:00 instead of the inverted DVO fork.
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 Nice vid...but I´m missing ome passages....like the bottle flip landing video
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 Gimbal level = Jedi Master
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 Yeah Remy! Some of the urban footage was insane
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 Totally enjoy watching you ride Remy...great vid!
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 Your my hero Remy!
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 Sure beats e-biking any day...
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flag DDoc (Dec 28, 2017 at 18:50) (Below Threshold)
 How do you think he got to the top of the whistler smart guy?
an electric lift. Anyone riding a ski lift is essentially ebiking, so bugger off.
I'm getting tired of the ebike hating.
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 @DDoc: don’t have an ebike but said it before, we mtb’ers love any and all kinda toys not sure why all the hating on just another toy, I guess if you can’t afford one (like me) and THAT guy can and is going faster with less effort it would make some people jealous.
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 @Monstertruckermotherfuker: I knew i would take a hit for that comment. this is not the thread to get into it but lets be clear. Anyone using a chair lift, a car, or a helicopter are not riding on their own power to the top, they are all being assisted. I believe its hypocritical to be fine with using mechanical assistance in one form but not another. Imo ebikes should be looked up upon more favorably than other forms of assistance by the "purists" because you are peddling to the top. I agree DH is more fun than ebikes, why? no pedaling uphill!!
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 @DDoc: You can have your ebikes just keep the gaper riders and their 100lb bikes off my trails.

I see e-tards climbing up trails that are largely DH, only to walk down somewhere else because they have the bike skill of a 8yr kid with Down syndrome
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 Dude at 2:04 is checking if Remy is still back there. LOL.
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 Good job bud, really enjoyed watching this one Smile
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 Took about 2 seconds to hit the mute button and that was about 2 seconds too long.
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 Great vid, but that music...
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flag Scooter-Hinson (Dec 29, 2017 at 16:20) (Below Threshold)
 Wow, way to be a hater Chris! You must not have any taste for good music. You probably got jealous over his riding skill, but couldn't find any holes in his riding to make fun of, so you had to run your mouth about Remy's musical preferences. Better luck next year, bud. Maybe if you ride your ass off in 2018 you might be able to make a vid thats 1/10th as nice as this one... but odds are you're still just gonna be another crumb from new jersey. Just another face in the crowd that wishes he had legit riding skill HAHAAAAA!!!!!
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 I don't think it's terrible music but I never feel like hip hop goes well with mtb videos. It might be because I'm from ny and grew up on it, and the last thing I think of when hearing it is beautiful remote locations in the woods.
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 You're crushing it Remy. Je te souhaite une bonne année 2018.
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 scary fast.
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 where is the ocean song?
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 What a boring year Monsieur !
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 that last guy he was following had some legit moves
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 maybe that was Remy.
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 the last guy remy followed was slavik, and the last rider in view of the follow cam was remy
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