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Remy Morton Loosefest Injury Update

Aug 2, 2017
by AJ Barlas  
Aussie Junior Remy Morton and his Dad have been touring around in this do-it-yourself van. Not a bad way for father and son to spend some quality time together.

Australian ripper, Remy Morton, first burst onto the scene as a junior on the Polygon UR team a number of years ago. He quickly became a photographer’s favourite thanks to his chill demeanor and abilities on the bike, but he’s had to work hard to make a go of it. His European World Cup tour for 2017 looks to have been a blast if you follow him along on social media, with him hitting the World Cup races, Crankworx, and events like Loosefest.

Remy Morton
  At Whip-Off Worlds, Crankworx Whistler during his Junior season with Polygon UR.

Over the past couple of years, Remy has begun to establish himself among the modern day freeriders. He is a part of the CP Gang, and when he isn’t racing he enjoys pushing his limits on large jumps, the bigger the better. His casual style on such hits has seen him receive recognition from folks like Nico Vink and the Fest Series, with invites to events like Loosefest becoming more regular.

Remy Morton cruising over one of the larger jumps toward the top of the Loosefest 2017 course.
  Remy cruising through the upper line of the Loosefest course two weeks ago.

Unfortunately, while riding the Loosefest line a couple of weeks ago Remy overshot the final jump, a large hip that had a number of the worlds top Fest Series riders nervous. Remy hit the earth hard, busting up his bike and himself pretty badly. Initial reports from people on the scene say that Remy was in good spirits when he came to (he was unconscious for a few minutes), but was air-lifted to a local hospital in Liege, Belgium.

Remy Morton s bike after the accident.
   Remy's bike after the accident.

Current reports are that Remy sustained broken ribs, punctured both of his lungs, broke a collarbone, dislocated a hip, and there’s a small crack in his neck. Doctors are most concerned with the lungs and he has tubes draining fluid out of them in an effort to stave off infection. He was heavily sedated but plans were to bring him out of the fog over this past weekend.

Remy does have support in the way of sponsors—modest brands in Australia like Lusty Industries—but their resources are limited. He works hard while trying to make time to train throughout the off-season, so that he can chase the dream all over the globe. While Remy does have insurance that's covering a large amount of the current costs, he does have a long road to recovery ahead of him. His friends are rallying around him to try and help him out and have set up a Go Fund Me campaign for anyone that wishes to show their support in that way.

Remy Morton.
  Remy back home early this season.

We hope to see Remy back in action sooner than later (we need more #fakiefriday’s in our lives).

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 Good luck Remdog. Chip in if you can
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 Injuries s*ck, big injures s*ck big time. I hope he heals up quickly.

Although he may have wished that "He was heavily seduced but ..." I suspect he was probably "...heavily sedated...".

Edit: it looks like PB already caught and fixed this.
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 I'm hoping he was sedated rather than being seduced??? Get well soon Remy, you need to be back ripping up Skyline in Q'town again this summer...
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 Glad he is alive. On a lighter note, is that going to be the Rockshox righty?
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 How did they get the broken stanchion off?
  • 2 0
 @UserNumberTwo: They didn't, it snapped whilst fully compressed inside the fork..so when they came back up it was just the spring and the stanchion got stuck down inside. If you zoom in on the picture you can see the jagged edge just poking out
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 Bad year to be called Remy(i)- two of the worst bike crashes I've ever seen
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 Both overshoots btw
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 I unfortunately saw the video of the crash before it was taken down. One of the most sickening crashes I've seen. Honestly I was surprised the damage wasn't worse. Wishing you all the best with the recovery Remy!
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flag kind0fimportant (Aug 2, 2017 at 18:32) (Below Threshold)
 I need a link
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 @kind0fimportant: No, you don't.
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 Why did they take it down?
  • 12 0
 @Willhegedus: As far as I'm aware it was never posted on any sites like Pinkbike, Vital etc. It was only ever through people's personal pages and maybe YouTube. Look at it this way, at the time the videos I knew of people posting, no one really knew the extent of Remy's injuries and having been there and witnessed it, those injuries could have been anything, from life threatening to life changing. So to post a video of someone crashing, before knowing their condition...just isn't cool. As I said in a below post, if Remy is OK with the video being posted and shared..that should be his decision, but until then I think it should stay offline. If nothing else, imagine being a family member or friend...I'm sure a lot of them log onto sites like this or have connections to people that if posted they'd see, I'm sure the last thing they want is to have that video shoved in their faces. It really comes down to respect and decency. That's it.
The whole situation regarding videos/photos of this has left a bitter taste for me and I know for a lot of the other riders that were there too, mainly due to the fact there were people trying to force their way through with their GoPro's and cameras to get pictures whilst Remy was still on the ground being treated and looked after.
People should be able to look past the 'entertainment' side of things in a situation where someone is seriously injured.
Rant over.
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 @TombPhoto: I think we should embrace the fact that inside all of us sits a disgusting and cruel monster and some of us control it to a better or worse degree. Many if not most are not aware of it at all because it is being supressed by social norms for all the good and rather practical reasons. Some say that nobody wants to see anyone die, well maybe not consciously, but sadistic tendencies are written into our minds, otherwise we would not be here. This "game" is about doing something defying death and coming out alive. That's what most of us are after here: a manifestation of human being conquering the universe. But some do want to see blood and gore. Undertsandable yet REQUIRING rebutal. Hortible and terryfying yet REQUIRING recognition. DENYING it is doing a disservice to humanity.

I hope he gets well, I personally can't look at Rampage or Fest. I don't want to see anyone get mangled, and when people crash on stuff of this magnitude it gets catastrophical. Let people do what they want but don't get surprised when things waking up so vivid emitions, wake up monsters. Don't be surprised that if it get so popular, then by the law of statistics you will attract perverts. I get infuriated everytime someone enthusiastically mentions Rogatkins fall on Rampage, then standing up and riding to the finish. It makes me cringe. I don't ride for Paul, I don't find this kind of MTB doing much good, at least I don't get anything out of watching it at this stage of my life. But Well, let people do what they want.

But maybe those onsite watchers have just never seen a thing like that? And that will teach them how to react? There is a light at the end of the tunnel and that's why CONTEMPT is always a mistake. I witnessed stuff on DH comps, people athering around a crashed racer. They are getting into a trance like state, watching a 15yr old kid shake and piss himself. Some just stand, some take photos, some shout for help, and some kids laugh: he pissed himself hyhyhy. I was like that myself once when a dude hit a tree at high speed, right next to me, sound of a bag of potatoes hitting the floor. Later I learned that, He broke his arm, shoulder, some ribs and pelvis. He didn't go unconscious, grounting horribly, gasping for air. And I was standing there asking him like my 5 year old daughter asks her little brother - does it hurt? A girl stopped next to me, pushed me aside started asking him questions, another dude stopped, then rode down to get help. And I just rode down after him. I "woke up" 5 minutes later' like bell ringin - you fkng idiot!!! Why didn't you do anything?! What the Fk. I was devastated with myself. Few years later when that kid crashed I run to the medic with two other guys to get help


The last thing we need is contempt and condemnation. Because that is yet another form of disgusting entertainment. We can be monsters and we can be angels. Condemnation takes away the opportunity for goid transformation
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 I love the fest series as much as the rest, insanely big jumps, and when done with tricks, some of the most impressive things we'll ever see. Unfortunately when crashes like Remi's happen, it brings it home just how bloody dangerous it it is. Heal up soon mate, and long may the Fest series continue;
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 The penalties are so hardcore with this huge stuff, like Rampage.
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 I was at MSA last year with the wife and we were just below the super fast speed trap section when we see Remy walking his bike down with a flat rear tire. Some youths offered him a beer and he seemed pretty psyched to have a little refreshment and hydration for the hike down. Seemed like a cool guy with a decent perspective on the trials and tribulations of pro DH racing. Best of luck getting squared up and healed up Remy!
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 That's a heavy hit. Heal up quick and stay strong!
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 Thank god he has no bleeding liver or lost any other organs. The lung should be fine again in a few weeks. You got this Remy. Stay strong!
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 Nice one pb
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 thanks PB, i have donated. Exchanged few PMs with Remy thru the years and he is super friendly and down to earth guy. Hope he heal up soon!
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 With the shape of that bike I can only imagine how bad it was... get well soon.
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 Bike companies make a lot of money....the athletes dont. Sick of hearing about athletes getting hurt who need GoFundMe. Why bust your hump if you dont even have coverage.
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 They don't do this for the money. Freeriders and DH'ers have been hucking their meat for over two decades now...camera or no camera...money or no money.
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 Remy is the nicest guy I've met on a bike. So humble and an absolute pinner. Looking forward to him getting back on the bike
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 Prayers and healing vibes Remi
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 Heal up Remdawg, one of my favourite riders blurring the lines between freerider and racer
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 such a nice guy whenever you see him on the hill, heal up soon mate
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 Sending healing vibes, buddy! Taking a big slam is brutal. All the best
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 Remy is a legend get well soon champ...
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 Remy you are a legend get well soon champ.
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 Is there a video of this terrible incident? Heal up champ!
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 What a f*cking weird sentence ( the first one ).
  • 2 4
 Enough playing with death, you might like jumping 30meters jump but damn.... if God give Remy a second chance, he should stop riding such things, ride "normal" and feel happy to be alive . Hope he recovers.
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 the video is still up, terrible one... hope he will get well soon
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 Where is it up?
  • 5 1
 I don't think the video is still up..
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 Heal up Remy!!
  • 1 0
 Heal up soon!
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 ~healing vibez Remy!~
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 Double post..
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 Heal well man.
  • 1 0
 F**k get well soon
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