Renthal Push-On Grip - Review

Oct 6, 2015
by Paul Aston  
The Push-On Grip from Renthal was their first mountain bike product. Not a hard task to bring these to market as they are basically their classic moto grips but with an extra 15mm of block patterned rubber at the outer end to increase durability. There are four models available - Hard, Medium, Soft, and these Kevlar versions, which are the most durable and the softest of the range. The grips contain millions of randomly aligned Kevlar particles, of which more and more are exposed as the grip wears. The small particles resist wear but let the grip keep its soft and tacky feel. Features include a knurled grip section, a block pattern on the outer edge and two grooves for grip wire. There's also a medium-sized flange and a 135mm length, and they come with a set of robust bar plugs for the bargain price of $15.95 USD. Renthal / @renthalcycling

Renthal Push On Kevlar Grips - Review

Downsides of the push-on grips are that they need to be glued and wired for optimal results, and even then tend to slowly work their way inboard (some people use an old lock-on collar inside of the flange to prevent this) Gluing can be a little messy, but a tube of Renthal's $7.95 grip glue should last three or four installations. I found some good gardening wire at a hardware store for just a few dollars, which is enough for twelve lifetimes of grips for a family of four. Adherence to a shot-peened handlebar is better than a smooth paint finish or carbon, and I found I rarely take them on and off as most handlebar controls now can be removed leaving grips in place. One thing to note is that the standard glue takes eight hours to dry, so no chucking them on the bike the morning of a ride, although now Renthal have a quick drying glue that should take around three minutes to set.

Renthal Push On Kevlar Grips - Review
The bar plugs seemed to take all manner of beatings.
Renthal Push On Kevlar Grips - Review
So thin they're almost see-through, but still keep on going.
Renthal Push On Kevlar Grips - Review
That hole was a result of lazy van packing but it never seems to get any larger.
Renthal Push On Kevlar Grips - Review
Wiring is a cinch after a few attempts. Just make sure the twists are faced away from your skin and sunk into the grips.

Pinkbike’s Take:
bigquotesSo these guys look old and battered? Well, that's because they are four years old! In which time they have completed two seasons of enduro racing and general riding before they were relegated to my BMX, which has been ridden, thrown, and taken the brunt of bad bike packing in my van. The only downsides of these grips I have found are the slightly increased installation time and that they always look dirty and never match any other bike parts. Okay, maybe gumwall tires are the exception.

Why are these my favorite grips? They are super thin, offer better vibration absorption than a lock-on grip, are sticky to the touch and work well with sweaty bare hands on summer evenings at the jumps. They last forever, come with tough bar plugs and are super cheap at $15.95. No, they're not as convenient as a set of lock-on grips, but the pluses outweigh the minuses in my mind.
- Paul Aston


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 4 year review.. pinkbike you went above and beyond this time.
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 Next week is the review on the 2011 trek session.
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 Think Renthal was hoping for an earlier review. Could have sold a lot more grips over the past 3 years
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 Likely Trek Session review comment:

Huh. Looks like a Kona.
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 Probably the best way to present a new product. Kudos to Marketing team.
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 Since those grips are still available and Renthal hasn't change them, then maybe such review is very helpful for a potential buyer looking for a lasting product: you know, this very, veeery rare type of Pinkbike dude who whines about stuff getting outdated every year.
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 I like to read reviews of products used for a long time. It is the only way to know if they are good. Most reviews are from 2, 3 rides, 1 month old, 1 month riding and so on.

Reading reviews of a bike or product tested in a weeend or even a month are a bit nonsense. But, on the other hand, the industry spits so much stuff daily that you never take the most out of a product or get to know if it is really reliable over the time, most of them are sold 2 hand nearly new.

Also, I see a lot of people complaining this or that sucks when it is the time to service it. Most products after a service become new as the day they came out of the factory. I also have an MTB buying addiction but these days things are completely out of control :-D
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 Yes. Indeed it looks like a used condom now
  • 50 1 not glue and wire on condom for 4 years....
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 Kids these days... do not wire even a new condom as it will compromise blood flow, you do not want that. Ziptie your balls instead, it will make you last longer - every World Cup mechanic knows that.
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 These grips were famous before Gangnam Style...
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flag thenotoriousmic (Oct 7, 2015 at 10:36) (Below Threshold)
 Worst grips I have ever owned... Avoid at all costs.
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 @thenotoriousmic thank you for your insightful and in depth observation backed up with detailed case studies and riding style. I will avoid avoid these grips because you say so
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 Likely to be sold out soon!
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 @blackthorn they tear far to easily and take forever to bed in but by then it's to late there allready full off holes. When you get a hole in them the grip starts to twist and bulge out so its not like you can just take the I'll just ride them til they die ether attitude but there really cheep so you might as well give them a go and see for yourself.
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 I was just now trying to figure out how exactly one would get the zip tie off his scrote afterwards...
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 I read this late at night and thought I was dreaming...
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 I have been using hairspray for ages... Works well as lubricant when wet, sticky enough when dry. You have to work fast tough...
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 Ditto, 20+ years and my grips never slipped. Using lockons now which are nice for taking on and off though - I've definitely cut off sprayed grips before when I did not have access to a compressor to blow them off.
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 Hair spray is just a myth real riders use spray paint.
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 Hair spray works. Spray paint means cutting your grips off when they are done. I have an old can of carpet adhesive lying about so use that if my grips are stretched to the point that they slip with nothing sticking them down. This also usually means cutting them off when I replace them.
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 The only reason you'd have to take your grips of would be to put some new ones on so why would it matter you have to cut them off?
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 Compressed air..
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 @thenotoriousmic - bar changes (or new levers, shifters...). I know most levers/shifters/etc use split clamps now but "back in my day" they were practically nonexistent so being able to pop grips off is very useful, particularly if you are in a shop.
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 Or if you need to put new brakes or shifters on.
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 Yeah but if you buy new bars it would simply rude not to buy some new grips as well and you can take your brakes and shifter off these days without having to take the grips off.
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 @IcehawkOS: I'm a year late, but I remove them by lifting grip at edge, pushing in zip ties or similar and spraying more hairspray in, and then work it down twisting. Smile
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 The slip on revolution will not be televised. I have been rocking DMR sect slip ons on all my bikes for a couple of years and can't see myself going back to lock ons. It is like a small amount of effort once to have better, more comfortable rides forever. I might pick up a set of these, love the look and the durability is awesome. Thanks for the long term review PB.
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 Just buy Renthal Dual compound Kevlar half waffle ATV. Its the same bar diameter so it fits perfect. Probably the best grip ive ever used, and i used all of renthals mtb grips and sensus grips to odi grips. The dual compound makes it super nice on the hands and just a hair thicker than Renthal mtb push on. Plus if you put the half waffle forward you get superb grip Buy it people and end your addiction to lock ons
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 +1 bud. I recently cut a circle out of the end, and installed ODI aluminium bar end plugs, to add longevity. I have the half waffle in the conventional position, and I agree after using a wide assortment of other grips, this is my fave.

For anyone interested diameter is about 30mm, and I wear XL gloves, I think larger grips are somewhat over-rated if you suffer arm pump, and it's more important to avoid the hard plastic inner sleeve that lock-ons have, and have a good hold rather than stretching your fingers.

Couple of photos in my profile of them on the Norco, no wire, installed with window cleaner, no probs.
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 Sensus, ftw
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 I've been rocking OURY slip on grips for all my bikes for the last 5 years... DH, XC, whatever... slip on grips are the best. I've have lock on grips separate from the inner plastic tube before, and the clamps are always junk. i dunno why people like them so much.

helpful tip: use 3M Spray Mount Glue from the Arts and Crafts store or Staples to spray into the grips and slide them on. it creates a wet layer, making sliding on easier, then dries up SUPER tacky. i think i've still had the same can for like 10 years now.
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 Oury's are the best grips ever! I hate wearing gloves and find the Oury's are one of the best for no slip grip in all conditions and I love how fat they are. You can use moto wire ties to make sure they never move too, the blocks are so tall the wire tie can nest down between so you'll never feel it, even with no gloves.
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 honest question - If the grips are $16, the glue is 8 bucks, you need to buy & use some wire and wait for the glue to cure, what would I choose this over the myriad of lock-ons available in the $20-30 price range?

I love tinkering with my bike as much as the next guy, but there's lots to dick around with before I spend an hour on the grips...
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 Because they literally transform the way your bike feels compared to lock ons. I would be running slip ons if they were twice the cost of lock ons and double the hassle they already are. They are that much better (in my opinion, for my riding.) FWIW I don't use glue or wire, mine stay in place fine by just using a very clean bar and then some brake cleaner or other non residue solvent to slip the grip on.
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 They cut down high frequency vibrations alot, which helps with arm pump. The performance advantage is worth the hastle of glueing and wiring to get a thin grip with actual cushion.
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 push on grips are my shit. I have chromag wax's on my downhill bike, just tape the bars underneath the grips with some athletic fabric-y tape and get the grips over them, they never move. sensus is the only other company that makes a comfy grip like the wax that's actually a lock on, but the extra diameter sacrificed by a lock on, albeit tiny, is still too much for comfort for me. plus the wax grips are wide
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 I'm reading this review thinking: "I've been putting my grips on wrong this whole time?"
Then I realized that the grips I've been using don't slide because they don't had an open hole for a bar plug.
I have DMR sect grips and they are amazing on my dirt jumper except they suck going on and off and after enough times hitting the ends of my bars, the grip ends will wear down. Regardless, great review, I will certainly keep these in mind for next time.
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 Last year my hands were killing me, due to a combination of working in cold conditions, riding a lot, and bad grips. Switched to these bad boys now, and I couldn't be happier.
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 ESI Racer's Edge silicon grips... They come in colors that can match your bike, don't require stupid ass setup steps like gluing and wiring, have exceptional vibration damping, offer terrific grip, weigh only 50g, last what seems like forever, and only cost $15.99.
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 And as a bonus you can pretend you're riding a moto because that's how easily they spin on the bars.
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 How about foam grips from "wallmart"? They don`t tear like ESI grips, last at least 3 years (tested) and still look beter than those renthals, all that for a REAL bargain price of 3.99€
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 Only had ESI's move from getting dirt under them in crashes and stuff. And when you do, spay windex under them and they come off pretty easy. Just clean them up and windex the bars and slide em back on. I'm no death gripper tho, lose hands!
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 I haven't had them tear (even in crashes) or slip once installed. Pour some acetone in the grip and wipe on the bar, slide them on and adjust to where you want them... leave them overnight and done. Ran them for over two years on one bike and they were as good on day 800 as they were on day 1. Unless you're digging your grips into berms on every corner I can't see how you're tearing them. Still looked just like this when I sold the bike.
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 I dare anyone who thinks ESI grips spin on the bars to get them off or even move them with bare hands. I certainly can't, and neither can anyone I know. It takes either lubricant or a knife. No clamps =/= throttle grip; silicone is magic.
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 I think weather they move or not must depend on the finish of your bars or something. I've had a few sets in the past and still have a couple, but can't get a solid feel from them these days. I also used to repair them with silicon sealant when they got damaged during crashes. I do like them due to how the dampen vibrations but they just won't stop spinning on the bars.
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 It could also be how you're installing them. I've never done anything but the acetone install so I can't say for sure that every other method results in an equally secure grip. I had a buddy that would stuff them with zip ties and slide them on the bar and them use a wrench to grab the zip ties and pull them out from between the grip and and the bar and his were always solid as well. I know I've seen some people use soapy water and that always seemed like a bad idea to me since you'll inevitably have some soap residue left under the grip...
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 I've used window cleaner and acetone. I've tried to use silocan but even days later it just wouldn't cure under the grip. The thing that worked best was probably nothing. I had arrived to the conclusion that they are simply not for everybody but I'm now tempted to get some Renthal grip glue and try again through.
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 And to bluefire, I can get them on and off by hand with no extras. I've done it tons of times, I lay the bike on its side and put a foot on the top tube to get them off and on, its not that hard.
  • 1 0
 Are they and the bars super clean? Did the acetone break something down? What kind of bars?

Love my ESI's. I'd never ever think of anything else on a trail bike.
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 I run ESI on all bikes, love em, converted all my buddies and they love em....and if they turn on you then one you did not install them correctly ( with windex and put bar end in first then the grip over top of bar end) or dude you hold on way too tight and maybe you should work on body position, hands are for braking not riding! ! !
will try these in the future price is right and i love to experiment!!
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 Hello, would it be a good idea to lace this grips with zip ties (the thiner ones) instead wire?
  • 1 1
 No, not really. They may offer some additional leverage but the wire would work much better.
  • 2 0
 I like my lock on grips a lot. I have hand nothing but trouble with push on / slip on grips. They twist, they move, they rip, they can't be adjusted, it's a process to remove them if anything breaks. They make lock on grips in a variety of thickness and colors and I'll take them any day over other grips.

I don't understand the whole issue with the grip thickness either, are you eight years old and have teeny child hands? Are lock ons seriously too thick for people? Am I missing something? I have smaller sized hands and have never for a second felt they were too thick.
  • 1 0
 I use zap straps in lieu of tie wire on a different brand of slip ons and i'll be spanks silly but i've never needed glue. Easy to cut off plastic ties and replace tool free too. They're a bit of a pita to get on mind you. Probably try these ladies next though.
  • 4 0
 Wait... You do WHAT!
  • 40 0
 I just line the whole grip with zap straps and wrap them with an exclusive blend of camo gorilla, 2229 mastic and gaffer tape, then pour some malt liquor over it, let that sit for about one half an hour and then rub it down with cold cuts.
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 Just ask Danny Hart how good they are. The mediums are the ones I use. The Kevlar look shitty in my opinion, and the hard ones rip your hands up. I used them for over a year on my motorbike but my throttle hand got rubbed to shit. Started wearing gloves and the throttle hand grip got ripped to shit. Mediums are awesome though. Only problem for me though is the end cap, which while being robust, looks shit and marks up. It leaves a lot of little sharp edges which aren't too friendly. I wonder if they could do an integrated plug like the AG1 grip. I wou,d recommend them to anyone, despite the plug.
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 Tried these once on th DH bike. Now they are on all my bikes. No lock ons for me any more.
  • 3 1
 Best grips i ever had..thin,cheap and it in soft compound and can't be more happy.. No glue for me..just a strong hairspray and few hours drying..never had a sliding problem in more than a year..
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 The pic's of those grips make me want to puke. But that's what makes me believe their possibly good grips. They look like a fart caught in pillow case. I wired a set of grips to my DH bike and it was a great improvement in grip width, comfort and value . Wire and glued, the past is coming back around to offer more from our dirty grip's.
  • 3 0
 Looks like it's time to ditch the lock-ons! 4 years?! I'd be happy with 1 at this price!
  • 5 5
 I picked up a set of these last year(the tan colored ones, which are either the stickiest or next in line) as Jenson was out of the lock-on variety.
After 4-5 days of use, my right hand slid forward, OFF the fricken bars, right in the middle of a fuggin rock garden of all places.
Thanks to The Man above, I didn't crash.
I DID however, pulled the things off and shit-canned 'em.
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 Use hair spray for glue, works like a charm.
  • 2 0
 I'd like to see more reviews like this because it really shows us as the consumer what kind of product we are actually purchasing and how long it's actually going to last us.
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 renthal glue for 8 bux. back in my bmx days there was no such thing as lock on grips but erryone had a can of cheap hairspray (the blue can of aquanet) in their tool box . worx like a charm.
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 I turn my bike over and rest it on the saddle and grips at least twice a day to take the front wheel off.
So the end of the grip rests on the ground.
How durable are the ends of these for that use?
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 Sick! I want a pair of those!
  • 1 0
 I've always used petrol to stick grips down, put some down the inside and slide it on before it dries; it acts as a mild solvent and partially glues the grip on.
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 Arkadaşlar bıçak ve bıçakçılığın adresi daha fazlası bianchi bisikletler böle iyi böle kotu
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 i run these. Its legit, works wonders for hand fatigue. If you like thin grips these are simply awesome.
  • 3 1
 This review will stick in my head a while now.
  • 4 1
 Gripping review.
  • 4 1
 but does it blend
  • 1 0
 I think the real question is why are they made so thin?
  • 17 0
 extra thin for extra sensitivity and tons more pleasure.
  • 3 1
 not sure what ^ he is talking about haha
  • 4 2
 pizza, it was an extra thin slice of pizza Smile
  • 3 2
 If your grips looked like that, wouldn't you have changed them by now?
  • 9 0
 because BMX
  • 2 0
 My BMX has had one black Odi Longneck grip and one red Subrosa something or other grip on for about 2 years now. I'll change them when they are too worn to use. And a free replacement shows up. And I can be bothered. And I don't end up riding my BMX instead of changing them
  • 3 2
 who keeps grips more than a year that actually ride?
  • 1 0
 Kevlar(R) should be tradmarked.
  • 1 0
 @Ryanmid yours are way better
  • 1 0
 Ha f. ing cool! nuf said.
  • 4 3
 getting a little hard up for content PB?
  • 1 0
 Bougth ones last week! Big Grin
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