Replay: Downhill - Crankworx Innsbruck 2020

Oct 4, 2020
by Pinkbike Staff  

The final event of Crankworx Innsbruck 2020 is here as riders take to a revised course for some flat out downhill action.


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 And once again, they manage to get the shittiest most boring shots they can - gate - road and wood bridges and the end. Is there any DH in between?
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 Don't forget about the advert signs in the way of what trail there was!
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 Anybody else notice a slight sound/ video sync issue? maybe 4 seconds... It's fine, I'm FINE, EVERYTHING IS FINE
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 follow cam footage was awesome!
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 Great riding, really stoked to see some DH racing this year. Kinda irked by the announcers though, during the action I really felt like they were mostly just talking as if they were on a podcast - context, personal relation and experience, etc., but very little commentating or excitement from these guys. Riders would literally crash, find a new line, or break into first, and the announcers would be talking about something else! Like, I get a full on play by play might not be necessary, but the announcers should be complementary to the action on screen, not supplementary.
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 I agree. I love both these guys, but maybe they would benefit from a few tips from an experienced commentator.
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 The podcast analogy works quite well - also in the sense that the commentators' discussion was quite interesting at times, contentwise, just out of place. Maybe they should start an additional, behind the scenes type podcast, while fully focussing on the race when it's on.
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 lets go brook!!
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 I don't care what he does. I just don't want him to crash.
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 @neimbc: Same. Hate to sound like a Dad, but I am. I just hope he finds a safe pace for his amazing return to the scene.
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 Didn't realize how emotional it would be to see Brook racing again. Perhaps the best moment of the year!
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 Vali Höll. HELL YEAH!!!!!
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 She’s so exciting to watch!!!
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 One might think that they could have made much better use of the dh possibilites that Innsbruck hast to offer...Weird track.
But maybe that's just because they only show the boring parts of the track :o
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 VVVVAAAAALLLLLLIIIIII .... So excited for her, love how she flows down the trail and has such an awesome attitude
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 How could they not have a few more splits, in particular in the women's race? Not very thrilling if you don't know how they compare until the finish line.
And the commentary didn't up the suspense, either - hardly any relation to the action. How is that possible? Were they too bored?
Then the huge gap at the more interesting top of the run, with almost two minutes missing...

Really looking forward to worldcup-level coverage.
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 There must be a wormhole up at the top of the course, minute and a half missing from each run...
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 Great Eddie! I feel like Adrien Daily could have shorten his time a bit by pedaling the last meters. Anyhow, great ridden on a Enduro bike.
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 pretty cool seeing how Vali and Tracey were visibly quicker than everyone else. congrats to Vali but more importantly HELL YEAH BROOK!!
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 Can somebody at RedBull click the 'Start Broadcast' button, please??
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 How do you turn off the slow motion?
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 They call the non-downhill bikes: trailbikes. Makes sense! So, XC/ trail/ downhill .. sorted
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 I miss Rob Warner's commentating
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 Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!
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 Huge. Gauntlet has been thrown down.
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 damn 8 out of the top 10 are from the british iles hell yeah
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 Why no Finm?
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 Great drone footage!

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