Replay: Crankworx Whistler - SRAM Canadian Open Enduro Presented by Specialized

Aug 10, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  


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 That moment when you realize it was you that crashed on the Top of the World track preview in front of thousands of viewers Frown
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 That moment when you realise that no one would have known it was you until you opened your mouth and told the thousands of viewers Frown
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 I got no comeback for that one buddy haha
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 What time was this at?
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 Really good coverage compared to last year.
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 Jokin right?

Really good coverage if you like men in a booth, a fire road dash or a 100 metre tech descent. I'm pumped bro.

Ews coverage last year was brilliant in comparison, it's not just this round, they've all been very badly covered for whatever reason.
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 Great coverage and camera work. Either some sweet rigs or drones. Thank you Crankworx.
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 Well to bad there wasn't more live footage of the riders. As a swede it felt a little sad that we didn't get to se Wallners last run and like some one here in sweden put it:
"Double facepalm when Brad J & Keene asked them selves who that mystic Wallner-guy was who was in the hot seat with only the top riders left..

"Who is this Robin Wallner guy?" - Brad J
"I think he's a Norwegian rider who left downhilling to try his hands at enduro." – Keene

A hint to Keene would be to tip up his re-bull cap and look 44 places above him in the EWS total...
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 He doesn't have to know who Wallner is, I have never heard of him up until now and by inferring that Keene had no respect for him is kinda wrong, he simply cannot know who each and every racer is, where they come from and their previous racing history.
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 worst broadcasting in mtb. They just talk talk talk talk... no sound from the actual race, no people cheering... ordbajseri i 2h
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 Gotta say this is really boring to watch. I think its a truly great part of the sport but watching some of the Missy stuff from the early 90's this looks almost the same. Just long fire road shots on the tamest parts of the course. shame they cant get in the good stuff to show how good these guys really are :/
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 seriously! watched the dan atherton POV of this track and was amazed at how gnarly it was
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 Not only is the coverage horrible, but they don't tell you what's really going on. For example, what were the times on stage 5? Who won the stage? How much advantage or disadvantage did each competitor have at the top of stage 5? (Rude won the stage, Graves was second. The competitive stage times were in the 13 minute range). Horrible coverage. Does not help the image of Enduro.
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 Atta boy Ruben Guibert! 15 years old and gets 7th in under 21! Pemberton BC represent
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 That guys voice is seriously awful
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 The best mountain bike venue in the world, 50 mins of epic DH trails to choose from and this is the best you can do. Piss poor effort pinkbike.
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 Richie! Huge wins for the American boys this weekend!! Great races by all the riders.
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 Someone explain Enduro races to me, I watched the last part to see Richie Rude come down since he seems to be the clear spectacle here, but it looked like a bunch of fire roads and switchbacks. How are these races set up ? I'm so used to watching downhill I don't get this stuff
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flag mudmandhbrazil (Aug 10, 2015 at 10:49) (Below Threshold)
 Enduro is nice cause it is Mountain Biking but this Enduro hype is boring. Im a downhill racer and dont like Enduro races its boring, tons of places for"smart" riders to cut the track... Im happy this Enduro shit is almost over...
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 The coverage never shows you anything. Essentially, racing on DH trails on trail bikes with the addition thousands of feet of climbing. Add in some short climbs in the timed stages and you have a proper enduro race. Pretty much the most mentally and physically demanding gravity racing out there. Definitely here to stay, unfortunately the TV coverage blows.
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^watch Atherton's pov, it should answer your question.

TL;DR: the coverage is awful, the tracks are gnarly. Stage 5 in whistler was basically a 15 minute DH track, unreal.
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 That video is so boring that I'm unable to watch it.
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 Great ride by YoHann. Twats.
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 @yoannbarelli CONGRATULATIONS !!!!
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 I'love this SRAM cap!
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 Rude for the win!!!
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Richie kicked all their A's. Long live King Richard!

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