Replay: Red Bull Rampage 2018

Oct 26, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  


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 Dear rampage jurys´.. You put your damn GLASSES and score BRENDOG as he should be scored ! Thats ridiculous what you´ve done there ! Top 5 easy !
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 #Freerideisdead #Longliveslopestyle
A monent of silence out of respect to Freeride
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flag holdandhope (Oct 27, 2018 at 11:05) (Below Threshold)
 Put your glasses on, brendog's features were small compared to the other riders.... Doesn't matter how unique the features are if there half the size of others and your doing no tricks....
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 Dude have you seen his run_ Exposure, steepness, style, extension on that backflip, Canyon gap, The Rock*, I mean... What else is Rampage all about ? For super tricks we have slopestyle
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flag holdandhope (Oct 27, 2018 at 14:47) (Below Threshold)
 Rampage is about going BIG...
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 Brendog deserved a much higher score. That was FREERIDE. He had his own line, used natural features and with all that he threw a massive backflip. I don't care what anyone else says, you were robbed.
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 True so true - It's all slopestyle - just down the mountain. New Event - all raw - the Josh Bender Invitational - you just go down and survive your lines. The DH guys are use to going down and landing in rough shit.
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 Brendog did a great job of keeping his composure after they announced his score. Hats off to him and finger up to the event.
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 Aggy and Zink had no place in this years rampage as they are still healing. Could barely get down compared to the others. And they knew it too. They are just big names that took up the spots from the up-and-comers. Reece was robbed of a spot plain and dirty. Adolf went f*ckin huge and barely scored!? Brendog!? The RAMPAGE controversy may never end...
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 Zink didn't even compete...
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 @peterepp99: Exactly...He knew there would be little chance for him to compete with his shoulder. But still decided to take the spot anyways. Aggy barely rode and the commentators gave him praise for riding smart and safe because of his scapula. Smart and safe at Rampage? Don't even show up. They let Aggy just show up and cruiser it down? What a waste. Probably only showed up to fulfill contract terms even knowing he would not be able to compete at the podium level. Not healed enough to ride at Rampage level, and knew it, but still took the spots. Big names taking spots from the up-and-comers.
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 Brean comes and sends the gnarliest lines down the mountain every year and the just does fuck him over because he can't throw a no hander with his back flip or pull a 360, I feel like you could see the disappointment in his eyes this year. What a joke, people's champ!
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 Norbs threw 2 360s and still got robbed.
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 Brendan Fairclough line uses natutal elements. Other lines mostly look like skatepark/slopestyle and they are so polished.
In my opinion he had one of best and most interesting lines.
Real freeride, as this competition should be?!?!
Maybe not first place, but not last for shure!
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 Semenuks line is like a perfect smooth tarmac trail,just like his videos.
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 yo kid ask your mom to buy you some goggles
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 Silva got robbed. Plus his top part in first run was the most crazy sustainned moment of the event.
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 runs at 49:27 and 3:13:00 and yes, robbbed
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 Lol Brendog got jipped on his score that's ridiculous...
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 It's hard to ask for a better group of judges:
-Nico Vink
-Kyle Jameson
-KC Deane
-Josh Bender
-Gregg Watts

Who would you substitute?
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 @the-lorax: sorry to say but perhaps a new head judge. Present one is a carry over from years past, maybe explains why the big mountain natural element always gets overlooked. The top runs were the top runs tho
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 @rad8: I actually don't know which one is the head judge. I just know that's the list of judges this year. Love Nico Vink and Kyle Jameson, but they are pretty slopestyle heavy riders though. The other three are very big mountain oriented.
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 That guy Silva was robbed 100%. He was floating. What the hell.
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 Amongst all the judging critiques (though I also would've like to see Brendan higher), I actually think the very top guys were pretty accurate. TVS and Rheeders flat drop flips were both bonkers. Would have been interesting to see what Semenuk had in store, along with Carson... no one else sent a 360 as big as his today. Godziek deserves some praise too, his 360 drop was pretty massive - to think that in his rampage prep video he was practicing 3 drops on his DH bike off a 10ft cliff!
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 Love the praise for Godziek but what about Silva? not even top ten for biggest send of the day, certainly fastest down the mountain, and people's choice?
Great event, but I'm flabbergasted by scoring Brendog and Silva so low.
Also wish we got to see a complete run from Semenuk.

What I really want to see are edits from film sessions over the next week, with riders staying to nail everything as they envision...

And ditch the big heli, just use drones next year.
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 if silva completed his first run... DAMN
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 You can clearly see a “name factor” in judging after not finished run.
Godziek’s first run with nice drop, fu$£%ng backflip over 2 features almost (almost died on that miscalculation) and than even fromtfliping Jump got him lesser score than Semunuk’s cork crash on top and than doing nothing....
Same with Silva.
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 I think Godziek gets scored too low in every event he is in. The dude has sick style and he doesnt get enough credit.
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 Make one more day of practise!
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 BRENDOG! The man! Also, so many years of experience and still haven't sort out the camera angles.
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 Fairclough´s line was the most creative and underscored.
Silva has been touched by the gnarliest wand.
Rheeder is a massive proffesional.
Lacondegui really had that "want to win" aptitude I missed in other riders.
Remi should stick to Hard line kind of competitions.
Bas massive back flip keept the cam zink spirit.
Carson's round was impressive, a shame he couldn't nail it.
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 Is judging rampage impossible? It's certainly awkward. I think going to a jam format like the fest series would be the ticket. Let the riders push themselves for each other & the crowd, not some arbitrary scores that cheapen what they just did.
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 Those little kids were annoying af!!!
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 Why do they give the riders those tiny ass bottles of water when they get to the bottom? Like that's the worst possible thing they could do environmentally speaking, and that's not enough water for any of those riders at that point.
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 I think if a rider crashes, they shouldn't wreck the whole run. Go to a jam style format, have guys like semenuk get a bunch of tries. He had some crazy shit, but had to pull it in one run. I don't really know how to fix the problem, but I feel like there is a big hole in the way that they run and score the event. Also, whoever was switching cameras was smoking crack. The helicopter camera view sucked. Cool event and the people who won deserved it.
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 How is nobody talking about Godziek finishing his first run with his helmet unbuckled?? After it had fallen off, clearly not strapped properly.
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 At least the top 2 was right. But Brendog and TVS should have ended higher!
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 Silva's round was a mix of great bike riding and base jump, so freaking gnarly.
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 Those little water bottles really grind my gears
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 i need the blu ray to this, can we order?
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 I think Carson's run would have been the winner if he had finished
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 Randy got robbed. He would have won this thing in his sleep. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.
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 Randy got robbed from his run...
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 Randy got robbed from his run!
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 Jordie is my hero
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 Great job kacking it on the last two runs redbull
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 What about Sorges second run ?

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