Replay: Slopestyle - Crankworx Cairns 2023

May 19, 2023
by Pinkbike Staff  

Check out all the action from the Cairns Slopestyle.

Click on the video above to see what time the broadcast will start in your hometown.

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 Of corse judges just had to give highest score to Emil… This is so bs, missing few tricks while Godziek making everything count . Love this sport at the same time hate how it is scored based on names not runs.
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 Agree. Sorry but how ever tech that run was Emil didn’t deserve top spot
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 Most of all it's how he wins only doing 3's. Sure they're way more tech but surely a winning run should have at least one 7/frontflip imo
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 You are 100% right!
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 Obviously- he was best
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 Idk man, how many of the other riders were doing opposite tricks? Try doing some opposite stuff and see how “dialed” you can make it look. I think that’s the big deal with Emil, he has his tricks down to where they look boring and slow.
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 @abueno: they might be difficult, albeit even that is ourely subjective, but the tricks Emil is doing are far lower risk and less spectacular, also repeating the same trick twice in different directions is still the same trick at the end of the day, it makes the runs look samey and less spectacular. Godziak and some of the other boys are killing it only to lose to Emils runs with bars, 3's and whips all the way down, even a standard table top trick on one feature.
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 The interesting thing about slopestyle is that its not really a money maker other than view count based advertising or in person ticket sales. Nobody is really buying these bikes in masse, and very very few people are actually doing any of these tricks that these guys are throwing off stuff that big and spending money on equipment to do so. I dunno, but its like it almost doesn't matter who wins, because the goal is really just to put on a show.
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 @ctd07: Bro what are you talking about emils runs are much high risk than most other riders. If you didn't notice most riders jumped over the box doing a flip or a front which is much lower risk than doing a 360 over that feature. while most riders were flipping it he quad-trucked it. I don't think you understand the technicality of doing a quad truck over an on-off box. Im sorry but emil deserved the run for sure
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 @Rafmiller: lol so cash rolls and frontys are lower risk than 360's, where you can see your spin progression and pull the bail trigger at any time without landing on your head... I'll be sure to make a mental note of that
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 @ctd07: let me explain ben t did a fronty tuck over the on off box while emil did a quad truck over it. Emil will automatically get more points because it a more technical combo. quad truck is a quintuple combo while fronty tuck is only a combo. a fronty tuck also only has one axis because it's a front flip but a quad truck has two axis's. so yeah it's more risky
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 Anyone else find the camera work / angles terrible?
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 Terrible would be an improvement!
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 The commentator dude even said he thought Emil did a quadruple bar but he wasn't sure because the camera changed!
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 @barp: he did do a quad truck over the first
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 @Rafmiller: Yup, but it wasn't clear when watching the live feed because they switched cameras while he was mid-air.
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 Every single camera seemed badly placed. Every big jump was split into two cameras, so that we never kept the flow of a single trick. Crazy!
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 Commentator: That was not the most solid start
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 Oof, I hope Nicholi isn't hurt too badly. You don't usually see a rider run away from a crash like that.
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 @barp it’s like when your a kid and you hurt yourself in the park and you run home… he’s probably still running now
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 @enduroNZ: According to his Insta, he ran all the way to the hospital with a badly broken arm :-(
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 in before some old geezers start talking about not understanding why tailwhips are difficult and why oppo tricks score higher
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 ur bike is sooo clean
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 I don't care which way the nimbly bimbly kiddo spins. The more time he spins the more I cheer.
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 He should do a somersault.
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 Ah, but you see the geezers have been around long enough to have personal experience of entire fields of human endeavor, as diverse as BMX flatland and String Theory, disappearing up their own intellectual backsides. At best the public loses interest and at worst, say urban planning, it actively damages civilization. This is the danger of giving high scores to things the public can't see. At very least it places a burden on the event to have the cameras and commentators set up to be able to clearly explain what is going on. I think we can say this event had fine commentary and not great camera angles.
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 @ilike01: dude it isssss
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 Rob Warner commentating!!!
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 McCaul destroyed his leg Frown
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 I like Rob and in dh his commentating is awesome but he hasn’t got a clue when it comes to slopestyle. He says some pretty naive things
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 @enduroNZ: I can't be too upset about it; he's filling in for Cam McCaul who broke his leg at a particularly bad time.
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 @enduroNZ: I thought Rob provided a fine platform for Allan Cooke, who is a proper expert, to do his part well. This was the best slopestyle commentary since Matt Jones at District Ride.
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 I really enjoyed his commentary, hard gig to be thrown into with Cam being injured, counting bar spins while spinning hectically in the air knowing if rotations are opposite or natural takes years to refine.
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 @Number29: I really liked Rob's commentary. He has that excitement of someone that isn't used to what he is seeing. He was genuinely blown away by Bringer's double flip.
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 @barp: ah I didn’t release that, fair enough
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 It was definitely the best part! It softened the blow of Emil beating Brandon’s win numbers.
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 Love the energy Rogatkin brings every event.
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 They should have got Isted to do a bike check with his 300 quid ebay frame Big Grin
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 Tim Bringer was so under scored
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 This course seems slow, is it too flat or just ill conceived? I don't get the back and forth action, seem tough for the riders to keep up flow
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 The lower dirt bowl section seems hard yo keep speed, Tom Isted was detailing it in his course preview youtube video
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 First rider dropping in at 45:00
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 Slopestyle just got introduced to "LOOK AT THE HEEEEIGHT!" Big Grin
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 I was hoping to see some runs through the stepdowns at the bottom of the course. The feature that came to my mind when thinking of slopestyle was step-downs. I would like to see them return to the new course designs.
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 Those stepdowns lined up even worse for the last jump than the already questionable sharkfins, no wonder no one bothered to use them
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 The course and camera work does not make for easy viewing at all.
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 I got motion sickness just from the camera work.
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 Emil dosen' t even deserves a third place and won once again... So boring. I don' t even watch the second runs... And I can't understand how a rider with the class of Emil Johansson can celebrate like crazy (alone) after that run...
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 Is that a rider with a can of Monster in his hand Big Grin
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 What were those white shoes that most of them were wearing?
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 David Lieb for the win!
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