Replay: Slopestyle - Crankworx Innsbruck 2020

Oct 2, 2020
by Pinkbike Staff  

Riders are hitting the jumps in Innsbruck for one of the only Slopestyle competitions we will see in 2020.


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 wtf is the camera dude doing
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 not sure he has arms
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 those first two features every time. lmao.
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 paper arms camera man
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 Emil's first run was rated way too high. 94s are insane runs. His was, but he nearly crashed twice. I think they overdid it. A 90 sure. but 94 was way way too much for that run.
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 Yeah, i was gutted for Lemoine, his run was sooo clean. He didnt need to pedal once in these conditions which is just insane... No disrespect for Emil, he had the bigger tricks but that 80/20 case was just not pretty.
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 I guess the judges realized a run with two bobbles with zero pedal slips and filled with insane bangers on every feature beats a smooth run with comparatively way less technical tricks. Who would have guessed?
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 @scott-townes: they had the very opposite criteria in all previous contests. Emil is the best in the sport right now but his run was not the best.
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 @mistyk: How so? He didn't slip a pedal. If he did, his score wouldn't have been anywhere near as high.
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 I suggest this be postponed until everyone has a beer in their hand. Thanks.
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 Hell, I’m in bed. 1:30am here
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 Hello I'm not legal to drink
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 I guess that never stopped anyone thanks man
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 How did I miss this? Did they not bother telling anyone it was happening??
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 I was under the impression it was on Saturday.
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 @sidekicksjn: it got moved from sat to fri due to bad weather expected sat.
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 Sucks seeing the results before seeing competition?
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 You got to go watch Emil's run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even if just that, as was unbelievably good, if a bit sketch due to wind?
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 Sorry, I'm too busy just watching the Red Bull girl at the bottom checking out all the riders' asses after they finish a run.
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 Audio felt super delayed
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 Yea cuz they weren't there, they were watching it on a screen
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 Most people just snack on combos. Emil makes it the whole damn meal.
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 Is this blacked out in the US too? Player wont load anything and cant see it on Red Bull TV either.
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 Watching Friday Fails is even funnier after watching Crankworx Slopestyle. Talent. No talent.
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 That tacoed wheel at 2:24:00 was insane. He just laughed it off.
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 02:31:25 Somebody bring Cam a Redbull Big Grin Crankworks events would not be the same without him. Love this guy.
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 Rampage could seriously learn a thing about coverage from this event
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 Rampage is a much bigger venue with tougher logistics but I think we'll see drones start to do more coverage. I imagine crowds of people are still a big concern with fleets of drones in the air normally. I love watching these events but after this many crankworxs the cameras shouldn't be struggling to keep a complete run in frame.
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 Comparing a slope course at a ski resort to a freeride event in the middle of the desert.... now that's a fair comparison to make. Great job!
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