Results: 4X World Championships 2014

Jun 14, 2014
by Pinkbike Staff  
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 Remember when 4x was the big show before DH? Bike companies were making really cool 80-100mm full suspension bikes made for DS/4X. Just sad!
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 Even more sad if thinking it's been replaced by xce ....
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 It would make some sense if 4X was placed on after the DH so the big names in DH could use the 4X as an almost 'fun event', that way we could possibly see the downhill guys racing 4X and DH again. Imagine Peaty, Ratboy, Both Masters, Hill etc mixing it with the 4X specialists. In a perfect world....
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 A lot of female riders racing both DH & 4X
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 The feild is too watered down these days.No Prokop,Lopes,Graves,Tschugg and now I hear Joost Wichman has retired after being DQ`d at the last world series event.Our provincial series had a 4X race at one time that I used to race.It is the roughest discipline of cycling bar none.
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 Ontario Cup 4x at Milton. I raced it also. Good times indeed.
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 Katy done it. Fantastic.
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 I can't believe this part of our sport seems to be really lacking in support. The guys and girls who race this are so talented and deserve respect and admiration for what they achieve. They train really hard and the skills they show are immense. I hope this starts getting the recognition and support it deserves.
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 Tomas Slavic WON!!! ....again.
Is he just gonna win every single race?
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 FINALLY, not again!!! Wink
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 Has anyone else realised how European 4x is?
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 With so few riders and coverage, I guess there's no gain in crossing the ocean to race... 4X is disappearing and it's sad.
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 At least they are keeping it alive, it's all but dead in the states. Sad.
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 There are 5 BMX tracks that are within 2 hours drive of my home. I believe there is one 4X track in the entire state of California (Fontana?). I would race 4X every weekend if there was even a single track in northern California to support a scene and a local series. I'm sure some of my fellow BMX cruisers and the riders you see at Sea Otter slalom every year would do the same, if the facility came together. No amateurs = very few pros.
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 I believe there are alot of BMX racers out there who would love to race 4x if there were proper tracks. A few of the younger BMX racers I spoke with at a recent XC race say they would love to ride their/race mountain bikes at a track.
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 There are 4x and DS tracks right next to the BMX park in Boise ID, they are over grown with weeds and nobody rides them. But the BMX course is busy all the time.
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 Sad to hear. Do not understand why 4x and DS cannot make a solid go at it in this country.
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 And you're lucky if fontana even does a 4x race!
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 where can I find a replay of the event?
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 nyomjad nekiiiiii!!!!
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 Ok .....
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 Is 4x disappearing because they are using 26in wheels?
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 That's laughable,
Is DJ disappearing cos they use 26inch wheels?
I wouldn't in any way say that 4X is dissappearing but, it is having a hard time due to lack of support,tracks but mostly NEW RIDERS!!
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