Results: 4X World Championships Val di Sole 2015

Aug 21, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  
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 UCI!! Bring back 4X to the WC Circuit!
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 Fk the uci
4X is better without em

You think JBC wall ride, marossi's overtake would be allowed under the uci???
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 what an idiot!!
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 Care to explain?
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 He probably means that this famous JBC race was still ran under the UCI (yop, they are still there! all the judges and so on. It isn't the official world cup, but still UCI C1 race) Wink
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 Uci make 4x dead ;/ Still remember super fun old times where almost all top dh riders were racing both disciplines.
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 why did they do that? I'd love to see the big names on a 4x track
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 the big names were on the 4x track! they just arent the big names from dh or duro
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 sorry, meant to echo @AdamOdh regarding top dh riders
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 Adam you might be thinking of dual slalom back in the day. When dual was dropped in favour of 4X that's when the DHers stopped racing because they were more likely to be injured/crash before their main event. The likelihood of crashing into another rider in dual is very low, in 4X, very high.
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 @iamamodel Not true, there were more crashes in dual slalom than in 4X, the tracks were much more narrow so the riders would likely crash into each other on the turns and the lack of berms meant they also crash into spectators too.
Most downhill riders carryed on riding 4X as it sat side by side with the downhill world cup, it was just the thing to do.
Still had people like the Athertons, Steve Peat, Cedric Gracia etc. riding 4X for many years.
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 The top Downhillers stopped racing 4X when the tracks started turning into downhill BMX tracks...
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 Nice one Cryer!!
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 I'm guessing there's a typo on the women's final standings since Oetjen has a faster time than Beerten but finished 2nd??
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 No that is qualification times. Beerten won
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 I don't think so, if you look at the top of each page it say's they're the qualification times, not the times they did during the final/race run Smile
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 Just realised Obeh must have posted just before me
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 She posted on her insta that she won
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 Ah, didn't look at that column and just.............assumed. Smile
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 Luke Cryer! You mega lad! Can't wait to see a vid of that race!
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 Umm.... wow no pics leading up to this... or did I miss them somewhere?...
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 It's just not endurbro.
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