Results: Albstadt World Cup XCC

May 18, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  
Elite Men

1. VAN DER POEL Mathieu 25:00
2. GAZE Samuel 25:03 +3
3. FLUECKIGER Mathias 25:03 +3
4. MAROTTE Maxime 25:04 +4
5. FORSTER Lars 25:05 +5
6. VOGEL Florian 25:05 +5
7. FLUECKIGER Lukas 25:06 +6
8. FONTANA Marco Aurelio 25:07 +7
9. INDERGAND Reto 25:08 +8
10. SARROU Jordan 25:08 +8

*Nino Schurter DNF'ed with a mechanical early on, which will put him behind in the UCI standings, and he will not be in the front two lines at the start of the XC on Sunday.

Elite Women

1st. LANGVAD Annika 23:56
2nd. NEFF Jolanda 23:58 +2
3rd. INDERGAND Linda 23:58 +2
4th. KELLER Alessandra 24:02 +6
5th. BENKO Barbara 24:02 +6
6th. COURTNEY Kate 24:02 +6
7th. DAHLE FLESJAA Gunn-Rita 24:08 +12
8th. WLOSZCZOWSKA Maja 24:09 +13
9th. WOODRUFF Chloe 24:10 +14
10th. TAUBER Anne 24:10 +14

Full results here.


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 Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see MVDP take it all but it'll be interested to see how Nino adapts to starting further back in the pack. Rather than controlling the front of the race right off the bat and playing tactics, he get's to go all out and simply make as many passes as possible. This should be a good one.
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 starting from 3rd row I'm guessing at the end of the start streight he'll be in top 5 Wink
All it takes is a few more powerfull crank spins
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 It's mind blowing how good these guys are at moving up through fields of that caliber
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 @ictus: True enough, but there is more potential to get entangled in all sorts of carnage at the gun the further back you are. It should be an interesting one all the same.
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 NorCal Kate right up there in first year in Elites.
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 Heck yea! Super pumped to see this one in person.
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 she says she drinks Red Bull when she trains. Maybe thats it.
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Did you see the Rob Warner interview / Yoga lesson with Kate on

They also ride together in Santa Cruz
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 @endlessblockades: no, what about it?
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 @mm732: Red Bull sponsored rider on gonna say she drinks Red Bull. Plus I wanted to get that link out there if someone's at work and wants to waste 13 minutes with Ol' Rob Warner and Kate. It's not the worst video I've ever seen and if your a Merican following Kate at all, it's ite.
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 Van der Poel's CX roots will shine on the XCC courses. #braaap
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 MVdP ... rippin it. Looks like it's going to be another massacre on the UCI CX circuit this fall.
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 The new marketig “innovation” is XCC or something?
“XCC bikes” is a thing?
The current tracks besides some the addition of bike park smooth obstacles and man made rock gardens are overall easier and safer than coursers from 10-20 years ago. Everything is so sterilized. Like DH.
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 Too bad Nino couldn't finish his race. Should make for some exciting racing between the two this year. Hopefully no more mechanicals!
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 Nino is so ahead of the fields that he had an electronic.
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 MVDP is riding with a broken wrist, not sure how he'll go in the XCO, but I wish him luck
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 I don't know what to make of this new seeding for the xco, I want to judge the shit out of it. I feel like this maybe was a move to make it more spectator friendly and draw out the racing?
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 That's exactly what it was for...increase spectatorship on WC stops where XC and DH aren't together. The use of the event for seeding Top 16 is what they came up with to get everyone to participate (otherwise the top guys would sit out and save their energy for main event).

The big problem is the event is not televised and held on a work day. How's that increasing spectatorship? D'oh!
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 [QUOTE]*Nino Schurter DNF'ed with a mechanical early on, which will put him behind in the UCI standings, and he will not be in the front two lines at the start of the XC on Sunday[/QUOTE]
Ever watch Secretariat?
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 Those results are going to equate to a really entertaining race on Sunday. It's any body's race... MVdP, Schuter, Gaze...
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 With those conditions all three of those could have a mechanical. Going to be a gongshow.
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 It's dried up since practice yesterday. In photos from XCC it looks pretty dry now.
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 Not surprised to see MVDP win a muddy short track race. Interested to see how Gaze does in the mud this weekend!
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 What is all this XCC and XCO we have here? I thought there was just one race per weekend. How many points up for grabs in the tomorrows race?
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 Check out our Essential Guide for an explanation of how the points work:

There are 125 points for the winner of the XCC and 250 for the winner of the XCO. The XCC determines who will be seeded in the first two rows of the XCO.
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 Kate Courtney is going to put USA pack on the podium, and soon!
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 I want to watch the footage replay? Where is it?
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 That makes two of us...
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 the race wasn't broadcast?
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 What was Nino's mechanical issue?
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 hang nail
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 another Eagle eTap fail I'm guessing
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 Shifter wifi went down
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 Lol wireless!
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 Shifter fail. I love how he tries to downplay exactly what it was.
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 Time for a protected rider rule. Top 5 in the overall and the Top 5 from the short track start on the front row. Obviously there will be plenty of overlaps, so it won't have much real effect, but he shouldn't be punished twice (losing out on points today plus a 3rd row start). That said, I'm looking forward to watching him work through the field. I don't remember there being much room at the start; it wouldn't be a big deal at Nove, but it could be at Albstadt.
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 Agreed. Do to XC what they did to DH.
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 FINALLY not a Nino Schurter directly at the front for a boring race.
Now we'll see some good action from all of the contenders without a swiss doped (check out the famous "authorization" Schurter had with prohibited products, like some guys on the road) at the front right at the start. Looking forward to this season.
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 Don't necessarily agree that Schurter makes for boring races. The last XCO race certainly wasn't.

Though I'm curious why he doesn't get more attention for his TUE usage?
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 Ah lads, they are all at it. It's XC cycling. You are deluding yourselves if you think any of these guys could compete at this level without some level of doping.
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 @TCR-NZ: Don't know why. There is a form of "admiration" for Schurter in the MTB industry and the public.
In some ways, he reminds me a bit Chris Froome : a very technical, precise and special approach to racing. Nothing really exciting.
I really prefer to watch a Maxime Marotte, a Manual Fumic, a Sam Gaze or even a MVDP.
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 @RoadRunner13: He is methodical and the other riders you listed def seem more human but I still live watching Schuter race, plus he actually does throw the most flair. Those others are at their absolute limit trying to keep up. It’s closer now though as Gaze has proven, I can’t get into rooting for that guy quite yet though
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 Go Fontana, kick some ass
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 Cables >
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 Flueckiger bros. In top ten hellz yea!
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 Nino. Eish!
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 DAMN MVDP ripping

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