Results: DH - Sea Otter Classic 2015

Apr 19, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  


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 Aaron Gwin 1st, no shit
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 The rumor has it, that PB crew took Protour into the trunk when they were driving from BC to Sea Otter, and he helped Aaron and Jason Chamberlain to redesign Demo, hence such result. Expect press release on 2016 Demo with Protour linkage soon!
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 WAKI, that was perfect.
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 Sounds like a "Demo tour"
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 can someone explain that joke to a noob like me Smile ?
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First comment thread:

There's been at least 10 other occasions when the epic troll battle took place, either under interview with Aaron Gwin or any article related to Specialized Demo or just Specialized bikes.You should not read everything, it may honestly damage you, but it can be summed up to:

Specialized is an evil company that ruined careers of Sam Hill and Aaron Gwin by delibaretly made terrible linkage design creating rearward axle path and due to too short chainstay. Then Aaron Gwin is religious, thanks God for various stuff and apparently religion is the work of satan while science is good, because it saves us from satan. Finaly everyone who is against that theory is highly likely to not believe in Global Warming.

Hope that makes sense
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 The season isn't over yet. Sam Hill won one race on the demo. Gwin has one win from 15 races, compared with 9/14 on the Session.
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 Jaame - I still haven't worked out how come each PB engineer, part time physicist, free from religious delusion is not riding Zerode with DVO suspension. Those bikes have it all: rearward axle path, long stays and gearbox while MX proven, upside down superior fork design shaves off tens of seconds. Ahh and it has factual 150mm rear hub spacing as well as 26" wheels that make scrubs, insane whips and backflips a breeze for the most average Joe, not mentioning superior turning radius with all stability in the world at the same time. They are not a major company, so they are not biased and very ethical, they don't pay for winning Pinkbike product of the year awards. Is it because Zerode is not keeping up with demand, or is reach too short?
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 One could argue the whys and wherefores ad infinitum. Fact is fact. I wouldn't buy a Demo if I was racing world cups and paying for my own kit. I'd buy a v10, even though it is made of plastic in China. You can't argue with the stats. Clearly there are better bikes than the Demo!
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 That is a nice theory but the reality is that If you were racing World Cups you would be on some form of sponsorship. Even if you'd only get the frame and fork to race on and sell afterwards, you'd take it over paying 3k $ for a used bike yourself... "Average" top 10 dude in national series, even outside UK (where field is stacked with Top10 WC contenders) gets his gear in some form of sponsorship, I am sure that there are no more than 10 privateers who qualify into a World Cup final, who chose which bike to ride. That is true for all disciplines of MTB. Now purely speculating: no sponsorship but high skills equalls you ride a lot more than you work and study: equalls you buy second hand stuff until you get sponsored.

So sorry, but effectively, stats are for people who are far away even for being able to race in qualis in a World Cup, because to be on the start list you need national points and those don't grow on CRC tree.
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 Its Bas van steenbergen not steenbezgen
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 In my opinion, the demise of Gwin and Hill cannot be entirely separated from the Demo. Who knows, maybe it's the company putting too much pressure on the riders rather than the bike. To me it seems obvious that a rearward axle path will be better at absorbing bumps when you're moving forwards, but hey I'm not an engineer. It adds fuel to the argument when you compare how Sam Hill performed on the state-of-the-art carbon Demo one year with how he performed on the straight metal tubed, shop owned single pivot bike the next year or two. I'm not a Specialized hater per se. I know the Sam Hill and Aaron Gwin falls from grace could be unrelated to the bike just as well as I know the Demo is not an automatically good bike just because it's a Specialized. Put it this way, I wouldn't buy one for DH racing and I'm sure quite a few other people feel the same. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful bike. Especially that new one which I have tried. I don't believe it's the best design out there that's all, not even close!
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 sam hill did win the '09 WC on the demo ... and he was crushing in maribor '10, only 5s off 1st with a crash which is said to have cost nearly 10s... next WC, practice super fast, crash, shoulder injury, later torn ACL, again knee, shoulder and so on. Never fully recovered while on specialized.
gwin started his injury problems at the end of the '12 season while on trek. as i remember he also had knee problems in the offseason before the '13 season. then injuries '13 and '14. also never fully recovered until this offseason.

yes probably specilized is applying pressure to get them back on the bike as fast as possible - which leads to shtty recoverys.

but no, its not the axlepath, and not the main pivot. that are minor changes - probably giving an disadvantage in one area - but also advantages in others ... but nothing that keeps you +10s against your competition. when you are looking for those reasons you should discuss about sport psychology and sports medicine.
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 Guys for fks sake, let's leave that discussion in the thread I posted, there's enough of this speculative crap going on Big Grin
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 Bike aside, pretty much anyone of the top twenty is capable of pulling of a win. They are racing demigods and I am sure the could beat me down a hill on a Raleigh striker
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 Bas is 21 only? I thought he's like 31.
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 Protour has problems with yoga positions too. haha
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 Great finish for our local North Van gal Micayla Gatto. Hopefully she can find a team sponsor while at Sea Otter. And she did beat Emelie Sigenthaler who replaced her on the Pivot Team for 2015.
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 Good on both of them! I'm sure she'll find something by the time she's ready to race.
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 obviously gwin got first. Did you see his bike check with tippie?
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flag endurocat (Apr 19, 2015 at 12:49) (Below Threshold)
 What bike he was using?
Demo or Enduro 29er?
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 I heard it was an e-bike
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 2012 26" Rumor Comp
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 Wasn't my Tetrahedron, I will tell you that much.
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 Gwinninator, ou'll be back.
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 Nice Gwin...but props also to the Bingelli man for 2nd!
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 Good work Dan Atherton
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 Charlie Sponsel throwing it down.
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 he felt good on this track
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 Mega thumbs up for Strait participating in the DH race as well!!!! I would love a DH race showdown between all super skilled non-DH-professional freeriders and slope stylers.
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 It's gonna be a great year for the USA.
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 yea i heard Nigeria has oil!
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 then Nigeria will get a lot of democracy
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 You will take my democracy and like it!
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 And freedom
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 CG!!! Still in the mix only 8 secs back.
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 Big cheers to Micayla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Girl!!!
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 congrats to Anneke, 2 seconds and a first
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 teamrobot only 4 seconds back
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 Mike Day!
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 So awesome to see him ahead of some big names! I know it's not a world cup level dh track but still sweet
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 yes!!, 4th here and i think 5th in dual slalom, not seeing enough props in the articles for this stellar-ness.
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 Gwin may have been the fastest but the dude that did the huge backflip won the day! Right after that Kyle Straight did a no hander over the big jump to manual over the second table. What a awesome race.
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 A lot of DNFs with big names... I wonder what happened.
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 Congrats Jill for 1st in dual slalom and DH! Great to see our local shredder taking the top spot.
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 yes! much props to jill!
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 ONE MAIN REASON GWIN IS FASTER. No exaggerated body movement, keeps it clean and simple, remains glued and in line with the bike; so there is not much need for pumping or readjusting his position after Flaring maneuvers. This keeps up the bikes Inertia. This may seem like it doesn't require that much talent or skill, like pumping and all that ,but rather it is very difficult to ride with that type of precision!

Gwin's run at Lourdes-World Cup #1
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 thank you!!!!! lets not ever have the Sea Otter the same as a WC again! this is what we missed out on, the fastest riders in the world all in the same place!
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 Bas Van SteenbeZgen? Wtf?
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 @Fiodor2six yeah and mike day lives in Thousand "Aoks"
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 Yeah Gwinny!! 2 for 2 to start the season. Great job man!
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 what happened to Bryce and minaar?
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 Nice Aaron
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 Does anyone know if micayla gatto is racing word cups, didn't see her at Lourdes?
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 nope. big crash last year put her out.
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 Also not having a team,or a sponsor kinda does that
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 She still rides a pivot
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 Yup, but not sponsored or on their factory team.
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flag taskmgr (Apr 19, 2015 at 12:52) (Below Threshold)
 But still faster than @dragan-the-dragon
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 I prefer the ladies in front of me. Better view.
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 But still not sponsored
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 gwinner is gwinning
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 always stoked to see kovarik racing, miss seeing him race WC. he has the nastiest style ever!
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 Mike Day bro , nice one
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 Great job to luke Carroll, Flow Cup Racing.. Huge group of competition in the Pro class, next stop NW Cup..
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 i wondered for a moment who is daniel atherton
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 Mike Day seems to have the big rig under control.
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 Was there a live stream anywhere for this?
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 Get your Gwins up !!
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 What about Mitch doing awesome in 3 events!!!
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 Who else was at the epic campsite J huck fest last night?!
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 Fuck your app I need to download asshole
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 Don't see llanrhaedr YM on many U.S. Result sheets
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 oooh men If martin maes had won this Big Grin
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