Results: Downhill and XC - Oceania Cycling Championships

Apr 10, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  
Kona s newest recruit Jakson Frew boosting himself into a solid top 10 finish.

The XC and downhill Oceania champions were decided for 2019 last night and Jackson Frew, Sian A'Hern, Anton Cooper and Rebecca McConnell came out on top.

Cross Country

Cooper got out in the lead on the final laps and never looked back.

Elite Men Cross-country

1st. Anton Cooper (New Zealand) 1:26.14
2nd. Ben Oliver (New Zealand) 1:27.02
3rd. Cameron Ivory (Australia) 1:27.40
Elite Women Cross-country

1st. Rebecca McConnell (Australia) 1:43.28
2nd. Holly Harris (Australia) 1:47.16
3rd. Josie Wilcox (New Zealand) 1:48.00

Full results here.


Elite Men Downhill

1st. Jackson Frew (Australia) 3:27.155
2nd. Connor Fearon (Australia) 3:28.104
3rd. Ben Zwar (Australia) 3:29.104
Elite Women Downhill

1st. Sian A'Hern (Australia) 4:05.136
2nd. Tegan Molloy (Australia) 4:30.436

Full results here.


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 Junior winner had the fastest time of the day by almost 2 sec, impressive!!
  • + 5
 Yes he is a really fast rider and a nice guy too Wink
  • + 4
 The junior winner smashed the entire elite field and that's not even mentioned in the article?! Should be the bloody headline! Shoddy reporting there.
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 Conner be racing any and every race.Podiums too.
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 This rivalry could be a great catalyst, pinned young guns banter with each other which helps left the team morale... and soon the results come.
Best example ever was that MadCatz Ironhorse team of 03/04. Roll call:

Nathan Rennie - 2003 WC Champ
Sam Hill - 2003 Junior Word Champion (with a crash), time was still good for a podium in elite
Bryn Atkinson - top WC and Norba results
Jared Graves - destroying WC and Norba 4X and downhill

All young Aussie pinners, dominating WC’s and Norba. Rennie soon moved to the Syndicate and graves went to yeti, but the legacy still lived on through Sam Hill and that Ironhorse Sunday.
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 How come picture #2 is from a previous Sea Otter Classic?
  • + 3
 and the first pic is from the DH track at Skyline Rotorua! Guess nobody got a photo from the race so they're just using what they have of that person
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 Did Sam Gaze race? Full results don’t seem to be loading for me.
  • + 1
 It appears Sam Gaze did not race, he was not listed in the results at all. It loaded for me.
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 @Offrhodes: loads of names missing from this, in XC and DH both. 20 competitors in the elite men's DH from Oceania seems thin...anyone know why?
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 Gaze suffered a concussion during the Absa Cape Epic. Prolly still recovering.
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 @coney: most of the top dogs don't need the UCI points from the Oceania's, NZ to Australia is a fairly expensive flight which their team may not pick up and after the Australian Nationals many riders would have been happy to sit it out over risking injury before the WC season.
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 @coney: results are only for the finishers. If you look at the numbers (particularly in XCO) there's a few gaps. And I know of a couple of starters that were dnf due to mechanicals and they are not listed...
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 @casey79: true that - cheers for explaining. never been a racer, so have no idea why something that sounds like top billing on the face of it would be redundant for many of the top tier.
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 @silentbutdeadly: weird. "Full Results......but not really"
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 Same distance for both men and women? Really long times in the womens race.
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 Only 4 Elite DHI women competitors with 2 DNS...ouch!

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