Results: Dual Slalom - Crankworx Innsbruck 2020

Oct 1, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  


Pro Men

1st. Adrien Loron
2nd. Luke Meier Smith
3rd. Bernard Kerr
4th. Matthew Sterling

Pro Women

1st. Morgane Charre
2nd. Mathilde Bernard
3rd. Luana Chereches
4th. Angelika Hohenwarter

Full results:



Live Updates

Men Round of 16
Luke Meier Smith beats Kaos Seagrave (+0.71)
Nils Heiniger beats Erik Emmrich (+8.83)
Adrien Dailly beats Tomas Slavik (+0.80)
Matthew Sterling beats Gilles Franck (+0.71)
Hannes Slavik beats Charlie Murray (+6.39)
Adrien Loron beats Joe Breeden (+1.09)
Niels Bensink beats George Brannigan (+1.57)
Bernard Kerr beats Fabien Cousinie (+0.74)

Women Round of 8
Morgane Charre beats Anita Gehrig (+2.63)
Angelika Hohenwarter beats Becky Cook (+2.42)
Mathilde Bernard beats Ella Connolly (+0.84)
Luana Chereches beats Martha Gill (+0.50)

Men Round of 8
Luke Meier Smith beats Nils Heiniger (+0.76)
Matthew Sterling beats Adrien Dailly (+1.22)
Adrien Loron beats Hannes Slavik (+0.25)
Bernard Kerr beats Niels Bensink (+8.99)

Angie Hohenwarter slides out on the flat turns despite having an advantage over Morgane Charre in the second heat.

Women Round of 4
Morgane Charre beats Angelika Hohenwarter (+8.29)
Mathilde Bernard beats Luana Chereches (+0.38 )

Dead heat!
Luke Meier Smith and Matthew Sterling finish on a dead heat after two runs but Smith advances after the timing team go down to the thousandths.

Men Round of 4
Luke Meier Smith beats Matthew Sterling (+0.00)
Adrien Loron beats Bernard Kerr (+0.19)

Another big crash from Angie Hohenwarter who flies over the top of one of the berms and nearly hits Luana Chereches in the first run of the women's Small Final.

Dead heat!
Now Morgane Charre and Mathilde Bernard go down to a dead heat after 2 runs in the women's Grand Final. The race is under review...

Judges Deliberation
It looks like one of Mathilde Bernard's gates is under review as well but from what I can see she gets both wheels round and knocks it with a pedal, which is legal.

The judges can't split Charre or Bernard so the two women are heading back up to the top for a re-run of the second heat.

Men's Finals
Grand Final

Adrien Loron beats Luke Meier Smith (+0.53)
Small Final

Bernard Kerr beats Matthew Sterling (+0.61)

The pressure has got to Morgane Charre and she crashes out in the re-run of the second run. There's drama though as it looks like Bernard might have missed a gate after Charre's crash...

The decision
It's confirmed. Morgane Charre crashed but Mathilde missed a gate despite just having to roll to a finish. She gets a 1 minute penalty and Charre takes the gold medal by crossing the line after getting back on her bike.

Women's Finals
Grand Final
Run 1: Morgane Charre ties with Mathilde Bernard

Re-reun: Morgane Charre beats Mathilde Bernard (+1:00.49)
Small final
Luana Chereches beats Angelika Hohenwarter(+1.73 )


  • 42 7
 Bernard Kerr didn’t win so he’s throwing his toys out of the pram and quitting Crankworx coz he thinks it sucks
  • 5 4
 Wait, are we hating Bernard because he saw people cheating and said he didn't like ews tracks now?
  • 13 0
 Wow, Morganne wins EWS on sunday and the DS on thursday! Way to go, girl! Smile
  • 8 0
 Hey, commentators! Please learn how to pronounce Luana's name right! It's KEH-REH-CASH! You can also call her Turtle, as she's the quickest one that's ever been out there. Oh, and also a multiple snowboarding cross champ, who races in Canada quite a lot. Actually, she's registered with a snowboarding club from Whistler. Cheers!
  • 2 0
 Was considering all morning it’s probably a hard ‘ch’ sound (like Italian) great to have Romania representing and thanks for the useful insight Smile
  • 1 0
 @Molesdigmyjumps: Exactly! Cheers, buddy!
  • 4 1
 Two Bernards on the podium!
  • 3 0
  • 2 0
 love how beats is in italics
  • 1 0
 Morgane Charre proves time after time that flat pedals can win medals by a woman as well
  • 1 1
 A little confusion here with all the Bernard's. Or is it Barnard?

Regardless great slalom action!
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 Bummer about the tie break @Matthew Sterling. Save it for the DH!
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